How to Stop Weeds Growing Between Concrete Slabs


Weeds are unwanted plants growing in your grass or garden. The problem with weeds is that they grow so fast, the roots go deep into the ground, and they don’t take much to kill them off. So once you have weeds, it can be hard to get rid of them.

How to Stop Weeds Growing Between Concrete Slabs

In addition, a weed is often only considered a weed when out of place. Weeds are also not always physically harmful to humans or their pets but are usually considered an eyesore. In this article, I will discuss how to stop weeds growing between concrete slabs. So let us get started.

What Causes Weeds to Grow Between Concrete Slabs?

If your path is made from concrete slabs, there may be little room for dirt between the cracks for seeds to grow in. But if you water the area enough, then some seeds will still find a way to germinate. Once the weeds are large enough, they will push the slabs up slightly. If you do nothing, over time, this could create a void in between the cracks that are large enough for grass to grow in.

If your path is made from concrete slabs, there may be little room for dirt between the cracks for seeds to grow in.

Maintaining Your Concrete Slab Weeds can be hard to kill. Soaking them in water will only work temporarily because when the ground dries out again, any remaining weed plant roots will continue to live in moist soil below the surface of your path.

To stop weeds growing between concrete slabs, you need to remove weed seeds from your garden or make sure they don’t start growing in the first place by treating them with preventative treatments such as herbicides and mulches.

A Detailed Discussion on How to Stop Weeds Growing Between Concrete Slabs:

Weeds often grow in between concrete slabs, which can be a real problem. Weed growth between slabs is not only ugly but also costly and difficult to solve. It’s no exaggeration to say that most professional gardeners will find this job one of the most frustrating parts of their careers. There are two issues here: how to stop weeds from growing between slabs and how — if it has already started — to remove them from between slabs.

To remove them from between slabs.

To prevent weeds from growing in your slabs, you need to make sure they don’t have a chance to take root in the first place. A weed barrier cloth is recommended for stopping weeds in their tracks before they can become established in your slab. The weed barrier cloth will prevent all weeds from getting a foothold in your concrete slab and is very easy to use.

It also allows water through the fabric, so if you live in an area where it rains or snows a lot, you can leave it down year-round, permanently installed between the slabs. And best of all – when you are ready to plant your beds with flowers or vegetables, just cut an opening in the fabric for each bed and lay down mulch.

It’s essential to install this weed barrier cloth at least six weeks before planting anything else in your flowerbeds so that any weeds have died before they get planted over with veggies or flowers. Also, remember to install it on top of landscape fabric, under your patio bricks, or other garden stone. If you install it on top of the soil, it will easily be lifted by roots.

This stuff is usually also called weed barrier fabric because that’s precisely what it does – prevent weeds from growing through your slabs, thus cutting down on hours of weeding time. But make sure you buy a name-brand product if possible.

Generic weed barrier cloth can stretch and tear after only a few months of exposure to sun, rain, snow, and ice, not protecting your slab at all. If you are planting flowers in the bed first, be sure to cut an opening where your flower bed is planned before installing the fabric for the best results. Also, remember that once installed underneath flagstones or brick pavers.

Installing the fabric for the best results concrete slabs

To remove weeds from between your slabs once established, you’re going to need a little patience and determination. First, you’ll need a sharp flat shovel or spade to cut down the roots beneath the length of the weed at least an inch below where it emerges from between your slabs.

Then you can pull out the weed by hand, root and all. If you don’t get all of this root up with your first try, make sure you go back and dig down again – most likely, there will be only one major taproot making the weed so much more difficult to remove than those pesky dandelions that grow in lawns.

Once you have removed as many weeds as possible by digging them out, you can buy a “Weed ‘n Feed” product to help with the final removal. Weed ‘n Feed concentrates nitrogen, iron, phosphorus, and potassium in pellet form. It kills whatever weed you spray it on but makes whatever plant is spread healthier than before by adding good nutrients into the soil.

Precautions While Preventing Weeds From Growin Between Concrete Slabs:

Firstly, be sure that the weed barrier is not exposed to sunlight. If it is, you will need to cover it with a plastic sheet or spray it with water daily. This will prevent heat from penetrating through the material and stop weeds from growing under them.

This will prevent heat from penetrating through the material and stop weeds from growing under them.

Secondly, if the area has previously been landscaped, be aware that some landscaping materials provide ideal conditions for weed growth, such as not removing all of their roots at the time of transplanting. Also, consider using landscaping cloth instead of black plastic because landscaping cloth allows air and moisture to percolate through it, whereas black plastic prevents this from happening. This will help to prevent weed growth under the weed barrier.

Thirdly, suppose you are landscaping an area where others trample all over, such as a footpath or driveway. In that case, it is advisable to place down landscape cloth and overlay the top with gravel instead of using black plastic because this will make steps and walking traffic more comfortable on people’s feet. Black plastic makes walking uncomfortable, especially when hot weather strikes because it tends to increase heat.


I hope you have obtained all the necessary information on how to stop weeds growing between concrete slabs. Ensure all the precautions are correct. Thank you and have a nice day

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