How to Straighten American Girl Doll Hair

The American Girl Dolls are a sweetheart to many people. The dolls are not only for one to play housing, but it tells some background stories as well. Each of the dolls has their unique styles. From their dressing to their hair, everything has their looks. There will be a time when you would want to bring some changes to your dolls’ styling.

How to Straighten American Girl Doll Hair

Whether it is the dress or the hairstyle, you should bring it on. So, if you own a doll with long puffy hair but are tired of seeing the same look on them, maybe you are thinking of giving them straight hair do not know how to straighten American girl doll hair. We will tell you how to straighten American Girl doll hair using the right method.

DIY: How to Straighten American Girl Doll Hair

To complete the project, you are only going to need a few things. The materials you need are-

  • Your American Girl Doll
  • Flat iron
  • Hairbrush
  • Some bobby pins

Steps to Follow

Now that you have the materials at your hand, you can begin with the steps to learn the whole process.

The first thing you have to do is brush through the hair of your doll. Brush them properly so that there will be no knots, and you can work with them efficiently.

brush through the hair of your doll

After brushing them, you need to get the flat iron ready. Before anything else, you need to make sure that the iron is set at the right temperature. You have to use the lowest temperature to straighten the hair.

Take a few strands of hair from the middle of the head and test the iron with them.

When you are sure of the temperature, section the hair in a few parts, it will help you work with them efficiently.

Take a little section of one part of the hair and start straightening them. Do not keep the iron in one place for too long as it can burn the hair.

 Do Not Keep the Iron in One Place Can Burn the Hair.

Once you are done straightening one part, take them separately with some bobby pins to not get into the way of straightening the other parts.

The final step for how to straighten American Girl doll hair is to style them; however, you want. Feel the silky straight hair by brushing them through and style it in different ways. As the hair is silky and straightened out, it will be easy to manage them now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use a Straightener on American Girl Doll Hair?

You can use a straightener on American Girl doll hair, but you will need to be careful. If you are not careful, the heat from the straightener could damage your doll’s hair and cause it to frizz or become damaged.

What Do You Do if Your American Girl Doll’s Hair Is Frizzy?

If your American Girl doll’s hair is frizzy, then there are many things that you can do to fix it. You can use a comb or brush to smooth the curls and put a little bit of hair gel on top of the curls, so they stay in place.

Can You Flat Iron Our Generation Doll Hair?

Yes, you can use a flat iron to straighten the hair of your Our Generation doll. This is because this doll’s hair is not made from real human hair, and it does not have an internal heat source like other dolls.

It should be noted that there are many different types of flat irons, and all irons will work on your Our Generation doll’s hair as long as they have a temperature setting between 250°F and 450°F.

What Is American Girl Doll Hair Made of?

American Girl doll hair is made of a blend of nylon, polyester, and wool. It is not a popular topic to talk about, but it is worth mentioning that American Girl dolls are made up of a lot more than just the doll itself.

A huge part of their cost goes into the materials used in making them. The most expensive material in the world is the wigs which range from $500 to $3,000 depending on what style you choose for your little girl’s new best friend.

Can You Use Conditioner on American Girl Hair?

Yes, conditioner can be used on American Girl hair. Conditioner helps to keep the hair healthy and adds shine. This is because it moisturizes the hair and leaves it soft and manageable.

When applying conditioner, make sure that you apply it evenly throughout the hair by brushing or combing through it so that you get an even coating.

Final Thoughts

That was all from how to straighten American girl doll hair. Although many people may disagree on straightening the hair as the hair plays a big part in the story. But if you want to give a new look to your doll, then you should follow what your heart wants. You can also try curling the hair using the flat iron once you are done enjoying the straight hair. As long as you love your doll and do not ruin it, you are good to go.

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