How to Make American Girl Doll Furniture Out of Cardboard


So we’ve been collecting for footwear recently, and we sure piled up on the footwear packages! I won’t be throwing them out since I figured I would want to use them as quickly as I appear to have done. But I wanted to get innovative rather than sitting there for a task.

How to Make American Girl Doll Furniture Out of Cardboard

I’ve already created many designs, so I’ve got to take them a few at the moment, or none of them will be completed! There is no clip for this project, but my directions will eventually help you build it. When I can’t make anything obvious, feel free to ask queries in the section.

Components Require

  • Pack sneakers
  • Cloth 
  • Quilt padding (I replaced it with an older rag bowl. Do not fear, this was safe. Scratched, but nice).
  • Scrap Carton
  • Scissors 
  • Thread or Machine
  • Strong Adhesive gun with additional hot glue


  1. A useful bit of advice — if you’re not using those bins of shoes lying near you, you should go to a nearby shoe shop and look for something they have here in the front! I learned this technique because I wanted several Christmas Kid Service footwear cases. I seemed to have no issue with Payless offering me as much as I wanted!
  2. Turn on your cardboard box. The seat’s location should be this. Place the tossing or substitution on the chair and back. You may opt not to use anything other than the cardboard; I do not need to feel uneasy for my dolls! A bit of cushion is pleasant.
  3. Utilize your scrap waste to calculate how large you need your seat back towards being. Please ensure the rear is as long as the bench or a bit broader. You would not want to avoid it while you are connecting the arms. Choose your recycled packaging to calculate how massive your armrests are. 
  4. When you have accent seating, you may not need armchairs. When you weigh how large a backrest you like, add it up. When you have trimmed it out, you turn it over. Incorporate batting on backrest and chair away—lace and glue on armrests. Initially, I took every side, then operated my way.
tossing or substitution


  • Your home should be a safe place. This means that you shouldn’t have dangerous objects or items in an area where children can reach them without supervision. Keep the following materials away from kids: scissors, glue, and craft knives.
  • The cardboard needs to be cut into strips before it is folded over on itself for each step of construction–this will ensure that it holds its shape while being assembled and during use by your child’s American Girl doll!

Ensure all edges are smooth, so no one gets hurt when playing with this furniture set.

  • When constructing the sofa bed, make sure no sharp folds are sticking out anywhere around the frame; they may poke someone who sits on it accidentally or cause discomfort otherwise (depending on the material).

Which Cloth is Best For this Process? 

The best fabric to use is cotton muslin; this material will allow the doll furniture to be softer and more durable. However, you can also choose a different cloth if desired as long as it has not been treated with any chemicals or dyes.

The reason for choosing these fabrics is because they breathe better than others, so your dolls won’t overheat in their new home! You may want to cut out two pieces of cardboard that corresponded to the size rectangle needed for the chair seat. This step will ensure that you have enough material when sewing together.

Which Cardboard Is Best For This Process?

The cardboard you should use for most of this process is a heavy, corrugated type. It’s more durable and will resist bending as it gets folded up to create the furniture pieces that your American Girl doll needs! You can find corrugated cardboard at craft shops or in boxes delivered from other stores if they have ordered large quantities of them.

If not, check out retailers online like Amazon or Google what types are best suited to make the particular shapes you need. Make sure before you get started that the pieces come unfolded because folding these materials on their own leaves creases around every fold line, which could weaken the strength of each piece significantly after just one application.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, making these DIY doll pieces is really not that difficult. All you need is a few things: some paper sheets, glue, scissors, pencils or markers, and your imagination!

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