How to Tie a Sash Around Waist

Have you have worn a dress and suddenly feel like it is too plain for you to wear. You can wear all the jewelry and still feel like something is missing. How about you put on something on the dress? In this case, we will teach you how to tie a sash around waist!

Altering a dress is not always possible when you have already worn it, and you are running late for the function. To ornamented your clothing, you may think about wearing a belt. But luck may run around, and you may not find a suitable belt for the dress. That is when you can use the idea of a sash!

The sash is a piece of long cloth that you can wear around your body as a part of a dress. People are usually wearing a sash like a belt to compliment a dress. But if you have never worn a sash before, you may wonder how to tie a sash around waist. We are here to teach you the way.

Learn: How to Tie a Sash Around Waist

Tying a sash around your waist does not require rocket science. All you need to know is to create the perfect shape to make the belt look good on your dress. Let’s see how to do that-

The first thing about how to tie a sash around the waist is to find the perfect sash that matches your dress.

Now position your sash around the waist. You have to make sure that one end of the sash is slightly longer than the other. Suppose you keep the right side longer than the left side.

You need to take both of the strands in the front and cross the right over the top of the left, making an X sign.

Now take the right strand over the top and put it through the cross to make it like a knot. You have to make sure that the loose strands are straight to each other.

Take the bottom of the tail, which is the left one, and create a loop with it.

Now, this part may seem a little tricky so pay attention. You need to take the other tail and put it around the loop and put the seat through the loop. That is going to create two loops. Tighten up the circles, and you will have a bow shape with them.

Make sure all the things are straight, and place the bow where you want it to be. Make it as tight as you like. And you are done.

There is another way to tie a sash, and it is by creating a traditional knot. You can do it on the behind side as well.

Final Thoughts

That was all for how to tie a sash around waist. We hope our instruction is good enough for you to learn to tie the sash and make all of your dresses prettier than before. You can always rely on this tutorial for instructions.

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