How to Transport Box Spring

Picking up a new box spring can be a daunting task. It’s big, heavy, and doesn’t always fit in the trunk of your car. Here are some tips on how to transport box springs safely and efficiently. You’re in luck if you have a truck; the box spring will easily fit in the back.

how to transport box spring

You can still get the job done if you don’t have a truck. In most cases, it will fit in the backseat of a sedan if you fold down the rear seats. You may also be able to fit it in the cargo area of an SUV or minivan. Just be sure to measure before you buy! Read on to know more!

What You’ll Need:

  1. A box spring
  2. A large vehicle with plenty of storage space
  3. Moving blankets and rope
  4. A can of compressed air
  5. WD-40 or other lubricants

Step by Step Process: How to Transport Box Spring

Step 1: Remove Everything from Box Spring

Remove everything from your box spring, such as bedding and mattress pad covers. If you can remove the headboard, do so. If not, make sure you have enough blankets to protect the box spring from getting dirty or scratched. Next, cover it with a bedsheet and secure the sheet with rope or moving straps. Follow these steps to properly wrap your mattress. Take the mattress pad off the mattress and set it aside. Wrap the mattress in a bedsheet, then secure it with rope or moving straps. Add another layer of protection by covering the mattress with a furniture pad or blanket.

Step 2: Create a Place to Work

Create an ample space in the back of your truck by folding down the seats. This is where you will place your box spring. If you don’t have access to an SUV or minivan, look for a flat spot just wide enough for the box spring that’s both clean and dry. You can also lay the box spring across a couple of sawhorses if you don’t have access to a vehicle. Position the box spring upside down in the back of your truck.

You may want to lay down some plywood or cardboard to keep the box spring from getting dirty. If you are transporting your box spring inside your car, make sure you have enough room for two people to stand in front of the backseat or cargo area.

 You Will Place Your Box Spring

Step 3: Check for Vibrations

Before securing your box spring with rope or straps, check to see if it is vibrating. Use your hand to feel for vibrations, and shake the box spring along each seam. If it is vibrating, you will need to add more weight to the bottom of the box spring or find a way to secure that section, so it doesn’t move around in transit. Once your box spring is secure, seal the edges of the cardboard with packing tape. This will keep the box spring from shifting inside the packaging. Use a minimum of four small strips of packing tape along each edge.

Step 4: Slide Mattress Bag Over Mattress

Slide a mattress bag or cover over the top of your mattress. If you can’t find one that fits, use a sheet or blanket to protect the mattress against dirt and scratches. Make sure you tuck the material into the corners of the box spring, so it doesn’t slip off while you are carrying or driving your box spring to its new home. Fold your mattress bag or cover into a rectangle that will fit in the box spring. Tuck the sides of the cover under the mattress. If you don’t have a cover, use a sheet to protect the mattress from dirt and scratches.

Step 5: Add Other Items to Bottom

Add everything bulky, heavy, sharp, dirty, or otherwise unusable to the bottom of your box spring. This will help equalize the weight. You can also add pillows or other beddings if you want to protect your mattress from dirt and scratches while transporting it. Next, you need to cover your mattress completely. You can use a furniture pad or wrapping paper. Start from the top and work your way down, making sure that there are no gaps in coverage.

Step 6: Secure Box Spring with Rope or Straps

Secure the box spring in place using rope, straps, bungee cords, or suitable for securing large, heavy objects. The tighter your box spring is secured to the vehicle’s floor or bed, the less it will move around while you are driving. Avoid tying knots in your rope or straps; this can damage your car and injure you if something happens during transport.

Step 7: Secure Bag with Tape

Use tape to secure the mattress bag or sheet over your mattress. Again, make sure you leave no loose ends hanging out that can catch on something and rip. Either fold the ends of the mattress bag over the top of your box spring or cut them off with scissors, so they do not pose any potential problems during transport.

Use the Car for Transport

Step 8: Place Box Spring in Vehicle

Place the box spring in your vehicle. If you are placing it on top of other items, make sure the item is secure so that it won’t fall off when you move the box spring. If you are placing it on your vehicle’s floor, pad it with items that will protect the bottom of the box spring from getting scratched.

Tips and Warnings

1. Before opening any doors on your vehicle, check for dirt or mud that might scratch the inside of your car.

2. If you are transporting the box spring inside the trunk of your car (without folding down the seats), make sure you can close the trunk completely without hitting or scratching any part of the box spring.

3. Have someone stand next to either side of the box spring while observing traffic conditions before beginning to drive away. This will allow you to see if anything obstructs traffic (such as low-hanging tree branches) before pulling out into traffic yourself.

4. When moving a box spring upstairs, pick it up from the short (or low) side and go slowly to maintain control of the box spring and avoid damage.

5. To reduce the risk of injury or aggravation, use caution when using tools such as axes or hammers while trying to break down a box spring.

6. When transporting a box spring on its side, always have someone near you to watch for traffic conditions or obstacles that may get in the way of your vehicle or otherwise cause injury or damage.

Use a Mattress Cover


Find out how to transport a box spring and what you need for the job. For example, it may be necessary to rent a truck if your vehicle is not large enough or have an extra person help with the heavy lifting. Once you’ve read this blog post on how to transport box springs, we hope that transporting a mattress will seem less daunting! 

To get started on transporting your new bed, you’ll first want to make sure there’s room in your car for both the furniture and any other items being transported simultaneously. If space isn’t available in one of your vehicles, renting a larger truck might be needed. You should also start by gathering all of the tools required beforehand so that everything can be assembled once it arrives at its

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