How to Unlock Garage Door Lock From Inside

A garage is a place where you keep your most valuable assets. Although you would not like to think about it, the possibility of somebody breaking into your house can never be denied. Garage door locks are designed for this very reason – so that nobody will be able to break into your garage without the help of the lock! Today I am going to discuss how to unlock garage door lock from inside. So let us get started.

How to Unlock Garage Door Lock From Inside

Step-wise Guide on How to Unlock Garage Door Lock From Insie

Step 1 :

Use a wooden stick to prop the door open and get access from underneath. Move it away once you’re able to pass your arm through easily.

Step 2 :

To open the safe, first locate the screws that hold down the lock on both side panels as well as the top and bottom parts of the locking system. There is five or six total in most cases. Remove them completely.

Step 3 :

Withdraw key from car ignition and remove key chain if they’re attached to it.

Step 4 :

Insert a thin object like a letter opener, etc., into one end of the hole where the padlock is kept at present and try turning it over 180 degrees counterclockwise until the lock opens.

Step 5 :

You can now lift the door and open it from within. Close it behind you once you’re inside your private premises.

Lift the Door and Open It from within

Step 6 :

Secure the door by fixing the screws in place and attaching the padlock back to its original position. Close the car door and, if possible, keep it locked until you safely get rid of the spare key. This will ensure that people with ill intentions can’t take advantage of this trick by finding out about this simple hack.

Step 7 :

Even after taking these precautions, try locking your vehicle from the outside first to make sure everything is working properly. That way, you won’t end up panicking later when you’re stuck inside the vehicle in the middle of nowhere.

Step 8 :

Keep a spare key hidden inside your home and out of reach of children. Talk to a locksmith to ensure that you get rid of all issues about broken or jammed garage door locks permanently.

Precautions While Learning How to Unlock Garage Door Lock From Inside

Don’t remove the chain or wire from the door for security purposes. You can open it by using lock pick Tools

Don't Remove the Chain

You are advised not to make a permanent alteration in your lock and keep your garage door opener keys safe; you might be at risk of theft. It is always suggested to call an expert in case you want to go for repair work.

I would suggest that only trained professionals should do this method because if someone gets injured while working on a garage door opener, there will be legal issues involved.

How to Unlock a Lock Without a Key ?

There are situations when you might have lost your keys or forgetting them somewhere else. The situation may be pretty frustrating but relax! It is still possible to open the lock without using a key. There are many ways how to do it and it all depends on the type of lock you need to open.

First, try shaking up and down or pushing the left and right sides of the door if it looks like those doors are unlocked by pulling the handle. Sometimes there’s an option for an emergency opening where you can use a special key to unlock the door from inside in case of fire.

Check for the existence of such an option by checking out if there’s a hole near your handle through which you can insert something, or in case that there’s no such thing, try placing an object such as paper between the lock and door and then pulling it.  A credit card may also work in some cases, but this method is not recommended because sometimes it causes more harm than good, so make sure you remove the card after unlocking.

Place long, thin objects such as nails, pens, or similar tools between the door and frame on both sides of the latch (where opposite parts of the door meet). Then pull up until you feel that the latch has been lifted high enough to open the door. In most cases, it works perfectly with the doors, which have small push/pull handles on their sides. In this case, you just need to pull out the door-locking mechanism from the surface of the door and then open it by pulling gently.   

Place Pin in Between

How to Secure a Garage Properly ?

Garages are of utmost importance for everyone. They are used not only for parking the vehicle but also as storage and workshop. Therefore, the requirement to secure it comes naturally, especially when you have valuable items inside like gas or tools. However, the first step is to make sure that your garage door locks work properly so that no one can break into your garage and steal anything of value from inside it. If there is any problem with the lock system, it needs immediate assistance from experts like us who could help you out with all kinds of garage door locks. If the key got stolen by some burglars while keeping the main gate open, then there will be chances of your belongings being stolen without your permission. This could be pretty ugly to see, and hence you should check your locks regularly to avoid such unexpected cases in advance.

If you experience any problem related to the garage door lock and find solutions for a broken garage door lock, it is better to get help immediately. We will provide services for repair or replacement and give recommendations that could ensure the long-lasting functionality of the system. Most importantly, we charge very affordable prices for all kinds of garage door services, including checking, repairing replace parts, etc.

There are many signs on which you can figure out whether there is an issue with your locks or not: If the lock cylinder doesn’t work smoothly, then it needs immediate expert services. Once you do it on one side through the garage door lock, the other side must also shut itself. If the locking system is jammed with rust and dirt, then you may have to clean it yourself, but if the key doesn’t turn smoothly, then hiring a professional locksmith will be a better option for repairing any broken garage door lock.

Many factors could cause malfunctioning in your garage door lock, like extreme weather conditions, especially when there is more exposure to rain or heat. In addition, moisture can seep inside the device, leading to short-circuiting and eventually failure of your locks. Sometimes, it occurs due to a lack of lubrication, making it difficult for you to safely open or close your home.

Malfunctioning in Your Garage Door Lock

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Garage Door Lock Called?

A garage door lock is a type of security system that helps protect your car and home from theft. It works by locking the garage door when you are not inside the house, preventing anyone from entering without your permission.

There are many different types of garage door locks available on the market, and each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Some of the most common types of garage door locks include:

1. Keypadlocks: These locks use a key to unlock the door. They are convenient because you do not have to carry a key around with you, but they are less secure than other types of locks because thieves can easily access them if they have the correct code.

2. Code-based locks: These locks use a code to unlock the door. This is the most secure type of lock because it requires someone who knows the code to get into your home.

3. Remote-controlled locks: These locks are operated from outside the house using a remote control. This type of lock is more expensive than other types of locks, but it is more secure because thieves cannot simply jimmy open the door without knowing the code.

Can You Put a Lock on a Garage Door?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the installation and use of a lock on a garage door depend on the specific needs and configuration of your garage door. However, some general tips that may be helpful include:

• Consult with a professional installer to determine which type of lock is best suited for your garage door and security needs.

• Make sure you have the correct key for your lock and keep it safe.

• Regularly check the condition of your garage door opener and any hardware or wiring related to it. If there are any signs of wear or damage, have the opener replaced as soon as possible.

• Always keep your keycard handy in case you need to open your garage door from a distance.

What Is a Garage Defender?

A Garage Defender is a device that helps protect your car from theft. It is usually installed in the garage and detects when someone tries to open the door from the outside. The system then sends an alarm to your phone or other devices to notify you of the attempted theft.

Are Sectional Garage Doors Secure?

Sectional garage doors are not as secure as regular garage doors. Sectional garage doors typically have a single section that swings open, which makes them less secure than a regular garage door.

Regular garage doors are made of heavy steel and can withstand a lot of weight. Sectional garage doors are usually made of plastic and may not be able to withstand a lot of weight or force.

Are Roller Garage Doors More Secure Than Up an

it depends on the specific type of roller garage door that you are considering? However, generally speaking, roller garage doors are more secure than up and down types of garage doors.

This is because a roller garage door is held in place by rollers rather than springs, which makes it much harder for someone to steal the door. Additionally, a security system for a roller garage door can be activated remotely, which makes it difficult for thieves to get inside.


Burglars are just waiting to strike the moment you are not looking. You can ensure the safety of your home by locking all the entrances properly and keeping your garage door lock working properly at any time. There is no denying that it would cost an arm and a leg sometimes if you decide for replacement instead of fixing or repairing it, so do make sure that you have done everything possible before taking any further actions. I hope this article has offered you all the necessary information about how to unlock garage door lock from inside. Thank you and have a nice day!

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