How to Use Clear Stamps Without Acrylic Block


Using stamps to design papers and making wish cards is a widespread phenomenon, and the people take much joy preparing these. The use of acrylic blocks is quite an essential part of this task, and for some reason id these blocks are not available, then it becomes impossible for some to continue the process. We are going to suggest some techniques on how to use clear stamps without acrylic block, which will be quite helpful.

How to Use Clear Stamps Without Acrylic Block


You will require some essential elements to make this process work, among them at first, and you will need the clear stamp composed of synthetic rubber materials that can easily be attached to any surface and can be taken off, you will need the ink box. You will require an unused DVD case which will act as a principal element, and you will need sticky grid paper and the regular paper in which you want to place the stamp.


Two ways can be used to make good use of clear stamps without an acrylic block, and for this case, you need to have all the necessary elements that we have already mentioned. So let us jump to the description of both processes.

Ink Box Technique

In this process, you will not need any acrylic blocks for the stamp. At first, you have to take the patch that you want to use and then clean the surface of the stamp using a soft cloth, and this is essential because any debris attached to the surface will place an immediate effect on the paper. After you have finished cleaning the stamp you can place is for drying. Next, you have to find an alternative to the blocks.

Use Clear Stamps

The acrylic blocks were used to provide firmness to the stamps, and they were used as the support that will easily let the user put a good mark of the stamp. Thus we have to find such an alternative to these blocks, and you can easily use the head of the ink box, they are usually geometrical in shape, and it is much applied to hold the stamp. So we take the lid of the ink box and clean it properly.

Next, we have to take stamp ant to attach it on the lid, and this will be our artificial acrylic block, now you have to check the rigidity of the stamp and then press it against then ink box to get the ink on them. You can quickly press the seal against the paper, and you will find that the stamp has put an exact mark on the paper, and it is working correctly. Thus you can easily use clear stamps without acrylic block.

DVD Case Method

In this method, you have to take an unused DVD case and clean it properly. The primary function of this case is to provide a stamping platform for the users. Now, you have to measure the inner dimension of the situation and cut foams accordingly to the size of the inner dimension. You will have to cut two notches on both ends of the foam so that they comfortably accommodated inside the DVD Case.

In the next step, you have to be much careful, you need to have a sticky grid paper, this grid paper can be much helpful for the entire process, but before that, you have to clean the paper properly and make it free of all debris, now you have to cut the paper according to the size of the inner dimension and then attach it above the foam, it is better to keep quarter inches gap at both the ends because it will help you to take off the paper while replacing.

Next, you have to take a piece of paper that you want to design and attach it to the middle of the grid, so now you have a complete setup, next, you will take the stamp and then place it on the paper in which you want to design, after pacing the paper properly you close the box. The seal will get attached to the other half of the case.

Use Clear Stamps Without Acrylic Block 2

Now put the ink on the stamp and then again close the lid and press it tightly. Once you have pressed the seal, you will open the case, and you can observe that the paper has a clear mark of the stamp. Thus you can place seals on the paper without using any blocks, and this will become much essential and beneficial for beginners.


Lastly, we hope that the techniques that we have mentioned here will be beneficial for the beginners to learn quickly, and this will act as a clear alternative for the acrylic blocks. Have a beautiful day! Thanks for your patience!!

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