How to Glue Two Pieces of Paper Together Perfectly

We all have experienced the disappointment of a paper coming unstuck from another sheet of paper. The frustration is felt when you are trying to glue two pieces of paper together, and they don’t line up correctly, or worse yet, one piece of paper falls off before it can be glued on. Don’t worry! This blog post will teach you how to glue two pieces of paper together perfectly and ensure that your papers stay attached with ease every time!

How to Glue Two Pieces of Paper Together Perfectly

Materials Needed:

1. PVA Glue

2. Two pieces of paper that you wish to glue together

3. A Bone Folder

4. Scissors or Xacto Knife

5. Glue Brush

Instructions: How to Glue Two Pieces of Paper Together Perfectly

Step 1: Cut Both Papers to the Same Length and Width

The first step in gluing two pieces of paper together is to cut both papers to be identical in length and width. To do this, you will need your scissors or Exacto knife (I prefer an X-Acto Knife with a razor blade, it makes the cleanest cuts). The length and width of your papers will depend on the glue you will use to adhere to your paper.

You can use many adhesives for your paper project, depending on the materials you are working with. A strong white glue like PVA works well with most paper types and can be found at many hobby and craft stores. Another option is to use Mod Podge or another household glue. It’s not important what kind of paper you use, as long as both sheets are the same size!

Step 2: Apply a Thick Layer of PVA Glue to One Piece of Paper

Before applying the glue to your papers, ensure they are clean and dry. It is essential that the surface you are gluing be dry and free from any debris. Also, ensure that your glue is not too thin or provides a strong enough adhesive bond.

The best glue for paper projects is PVA Glue because it dries clear, strengthens paper over time, and adheres well to both paper and wood. Follow the manufacturer’s directions when applying the PVA glue to your papers, and make sure to apply a thick layer! Recycled paper is weaker than regular paper, so more glue will be needed.

I like to use an old craft brush or just my fingers to apply the glue evenly over both sides of the pages. Let the glue dry for a few minutes, and apply a second layer.

Step 3: Press the Papers Together

Once both sides are covered with glue, you can now press your two pieces of paper together. This is where the bone folder comes in. The basic idea behind how to glue two sheets of paper together perfectly involves using the bone folder as a guide to ensure perfect alignment. Hold the bone folder at a 90-degree angle and use it to rub both edges of the paper together.

You will feel if your papers are lined up correctly as you press them because they won’t begin ticking until they are perfectly aligned. Once the two pieces of paper have been lined up, start pressing the bone folder over the entire surface of the sheets to ensure the entire paper has adhered together.

Step 4: Use Your Glue Brush to Apply a Second Layer of PVA Glue

After you have pressed your papers together with your bone folder, you must apply the second layer of glue using your brush or a roller if using Mod Podge. The second layer of glue is meant to add additional strength to your adhesive bond and ensure that your papers stay attached for years to come. Let the glue dry overnight before touching or using it, and this will ensure a nice strong bond between the sheets.

 Use Pva Glue

Step 5: Trim Away Any Overhanging Glue

Once your glue has dried, you can trim away any excess brush that may have gotten onto the edges of the page. Then, using your scissors, cut away any excess hanging paper or glue on the edges, but be careful not to cut into any itself! If you use PVA Glue, it will dry clear and be nearly invisible.

Step 6: Use Your Perfectly Bound Sheets of Paper

Once you’ve completed this lesson, you will have successfully bound two pieces of paper together using PVA Glue, and now you can start working on your project! If you use the paper to decorate a box or anything else where it will be visible, you should apply another coat of PVA Glue over your project once it has dried. This will ensure that your pages stay firmly attached and don’t fall off!

5 Tips to Glue Two Pieces of Paper Together:

Here are some tips to help you glue two pieces of paper together:

1. Paper Selection

Clean the surface of both papers before gluing them together. If there are any dust particles or residues on one piece of paper, they will go onto another when glued and spoil the look of your work, so it is best to get these out of the way first.

 Use Acrylic-based Glue

2. Glue Selection

If you can, select a glue that is appropriate for both papers. For example, if one paper has a gloss finish and the other has a matt finish, it would be best to use acrylic-based glue to avoid interfering with the different textures caused by the different finishes on each paper.

3. Glue the End First

Apply a small amount of glue to one end of the paper and leave it to dry slightly before sticking them together. Doing this reduces the possibility of bubbles forming when they are stuck together, as these would most likely be at the end of the paper, where they will expand when air gets trapped.

4. Apply the Glue Evenly

Apply the glue in a thin and consistent layer. This will make it easier for you to pick up the two pieces of paper with your fingers to place them correctly when overlapping each other. If there is too much glue, this means that you won’t be able to pick them up at all!

5. Pick Up the Paper Carefully

To pick up the paper pieces with your fingers, raise them over your work surface and hold one end of the paper close to it but not touching. Then use a finger from your other hand (the one holding onto the free end) to touch down on the area where you will lift the paper off. This will help reduce air bubbles as this is where they will naturally rise to and therefore stop you from trapping any in your work when you move them into position on the other piece of paper.


The most common mistakes people make when gluing two pieces of paper together are using too much glue and not enough water. To avoid this, be sure to only put a thin layer of glue on the side of one piece of paper where it will touch the other sheet, then apply pressure for about 30 seconds before adding more adhesive.

If you find your project is still coming undone after following these instructions, try using a different type or brand of glue; some work better than others! We hope this article on how to glue two pieces of paper together perfectly is helpful to you. If you like it, please share it with your friends or leave a comment below!

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