How to Use Cone Thread on Sewing Machine


The prime difference between cone thread and the common thread is the spool’s size, and the sewing machines are designed to hold the standard thread spools. For this reason, today, we will discuss some processes on how to use cone thread on a sewing machine. This will be much beneficial for the people who are fond of using cone threads. The methods are discussed below.

How to Use Cone Thread on Sewing Machine


  • Method One

In our first method, you will need some specific instrument for using the cone threads in sewing machines. You have to start with a cup or a mug. We prefer something big in which you can easily fir the cone thread. You will need a pencil, and you will also need a sponge to keep the pencil firm. Then you will need a pair of scissors and some adhesives. Once you have managed all these, you can start working. At first, you have to place the mug and check whether the thread’s spool is easily accommodated in the cup.

Now you have to take the sponge, and then you have to start cutting the sponge according to the cup’s lower diameter. Here you have to use a pair of scissors. Once you have cut the total sponge into the cup’s shape, you have to use the scissor and make a hole in the middle of the sponge. You have to put some glue in that place, and then the pencil should be inserted in the hole. After a while, you have to adjust the pencil and make it perpendicular to the ground.

 You can also use a rod or stick instead of a pencil. Once the pencil gets settled, you can place it in the mug, and then you can set the spool in the cup. The pencil will be used to hold the cone thread while revolving, and you can easily connect the thread to the hook of the sewing machine. In this manner, you have to use the cone thread with bugger spools.

  • Method Two

In this method, you will need a hanger and a cutter. You can use a regular cutter that can be sued to cut the wires and bend the wire.  Now you have to cut the hanger from the below portion, and you have to keep some part on the other end. Then you have to bend the other end and make a hook. This will be sued to hold the cone thread.

After that, you can attach the hanger portion in a glass and then use glue to hold it. Now you have the stand for holding the cone thread. You have to place the cone thread in the frame and then pass the yarn through the artificial hook and then connect it to the sewing machine’s regular hook. In this way, you can use the thread this more oversized spool efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, we hope that the processes we have mentioned here will be viable for using cone threads in the sewing machine. The beginners can easily make use of these techniques. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day.

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