How to Wash Hair Without a Shower or Sink

Do you have a hard time finding the time to wash your hair? Do you struggle with how to clean it when there’s no shower or sink insight? You’re not alone. Not everyone can afford an in-home or shared bathroom, and sometimes there’s just no time for a long hot shower every day. Luckily, some great alternatives will leave your locks feeling fresh and clean! 

Taking care of our hair is an integral part of living well and looking good, but sometimes we don’t have all the necessary tools for maintenance. In this blog post, We’ll tell you about how to wash hair without a shower or sink and some great products that will help make cleaning your hair easier!

How to Wash Hair Without a Shower or Sink

Summary: There are many ways to wash hair without a shower or sink! One way is to use a shampoo bottle. Fill the bottle with water and add your desired amount of shampoo. Swirl the bottle around in your hair until the shampoo is fully absorbed. Then rinse off with water. Another way is to use a cup or container to pour water into and then use your hands to massage the shampoo into your hair. Finally, rinse off with water.

Can You Wash Without a Shower or Sink?

If you don’t have access to water, this guide will show you how to wash your hair without a shower or sink. You may be experiencing water shortages or a lack of cleanliness at the moment. This is not specific to any one country or area.

This guide is meant to be a last resort, not a regular habit. You should always have access to a shower, sink, and soap. If you continue to find yourself in a position where you do not adequately clean your body or hair, this will be helpful for you.

10 Ways on How to Wash Hair Without a Shower or Sink

1. Wash Hair With a Wet Washcloth

Wet your hair with water, then wet the washcloth. Next, rub the washcloth in your hair, working the soap through your scalp and all over your head. Once it feels like you’ve worked up enough lather, rinse off. A second shower is unnecessary after shampooing because this method cleanses without soap.

2. Wash Hair With a Wet Sponge

Wet the sponge with water, then work it through your hair, moving over your scalp. Saturate your hair and scalp before working up suds at the roots. Rinse. After this method, a second shower is unnecessary because you are only cleansing, not shampooing or conditioning.

3. Use a Bucket of Water

Fill a bucket with warm water infused with lavender or rosemary. Dip the ends of your hair into the water, massaging each section to remove dirt and grime. Use shampoo if you are unable to make your soap at home. Rinse thoroughly under running water.

4. Pour Water on Your Hair

Fill a pitcher with water and pour it over your head, starting at the crown of your head, where dirt tends to accumulate. Continue running until the whole length of your hair has been cleansed. Dip in shampoo if you cannot make soap or conditioner at home. Rinse carefully under running water.

5. Wash Hair in a Sink

Place two small, clean pots next to each other and place a towel behind them to prevent splashing. Fill one jar with water and the other with shampoo or soap that you have made yourself.

Scrub your hair in circular motions with your fingertips, working your way from the crown of your head down to the ends of your hair. Rinse your hair with water from the first pot before pouring shampoo on your head for a second time.

6. Use Hose Water

Stand outside and turn on the hose. Hold your hair out of the way and point the water at your scalp, allowing it to wash through your hair. Keep shampoo and conditioner in a bucket near you so you can rinse afterward.

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Use Hose Water

7. Wash Hair Under the Sink

Turn on your bathtub or kitchen sink and remove your hair from the area. Wash your hair generally under running water, skipping shampooing if you are not using soap. Rinse with water before repeating this method. Towel-dry after rinsing thoroughly.

8. Use Your Shower Head

Attach a spray nozzle to your shower head and wash as you would normally. You can skip shampooing if you are not using soap because the water will rinse away the natural oil accumulated on your scalp over time. Towel-dry after rinsing thoroughly.

9. Wash Hair With a Wet Rag

Wet a clean rag with water and rub it on your scalp until you have worked up a lather or bubbles. Hold your hair out of the way to prevent getting soap in your eyes. Rinse thoroughly under running water before shampooing again if needed. This method is effective for those who cannot make their soap at home.

10. Wash Hair With a Wet T-Shirt

Wet a clean cotton t-shirt and rub it on your scalp until you have worked up a lather or bubbles. Be sure to work the suds through your hair to the ends before rinsing out any soap residue under running water. Towel-dry after applying conditioner if necessary.

Note: Always be careful when washing your hair outside of a sink. Keep shampoo and conditioner in a bucket near you to rinse with, and keep clean rags and sponges somewhere safe and dry (i.e., not next to the tub) for later use.

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Some Tips and Tricks

1. Make sure your hair is dry and free of any conditioner or detangler. Detangling first will do more harm than good, as it will tangle your hair even more once you put the shampoo in.

2. Fill a bottle with warm water and pour it on your head (if you have long hair, you may need to do it twice).

3. Squeeze out the extra water, so it’s only damp and not dripping wet.

Some Tips and Tricks:

4. Shake or brush your shampoo into your scalp (if you must). Massage it gently if necessary so the dirt comes off your scalp and your head.

5. Rinse the shampoo off of your scalp.

6. Tilt your head back gently, without making it touch anything (it would be ideal to do this in the shower).

7. Squeeze out all excess water from your hair with two hands and use paper towels only if you must.

8. Shake out one paper towel into your hand and run it over the top of your head, making sure not to touch any part of your face or ears with it (if you need more than one paper towel, that’s fine. If you want less, that’s fine too).

Things to Consider When Washing Hair Without a Shower or Sink

1. Washing hair frequently with shampoo is more of a modern concept, and it can be harmful to hair if done too often.

2. The best way to keep your scalp healthy while washing without a sink or shower is to use baking soda instead of shampoo. Baking soda cleans just as well but has no chemicals that damage or strip the hair.

3. Another ingredient that should be considered is apple cider vinegar, which has no chemicals that damage or strip hair. Apple cider vinegar can be added to baking soda to replace shampoo and conditioner because it balances the scalp’s pH to prevent dryness and flakes.

4. If you don’t have access to a sink with hot water, shampooing can be achieved by using cold water while still getting the benefits of baking soda.

5. Though it may seem silly, washing hair without a sink or shower isn’t difficult at all if you have done it before. Once you get used to not having the luxury of running water, it is actually very easy.

6. If you don’t have access to a sink or shower or are camping or backpacking for an extended period, washing hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar will be your best bet because it is cheap and effective. However, if you have access to a sink, shower, or bathtub, you’ll be better off with shampoo and conditioner.

7. Not having access to a sink or shower doesn’t mean your hygiene will suffer; it just means you’ll have to improvise and get creative every time.

When Can You Not Wash Your Hair?

Most people take washing their hair for granted.  They go to the bathroom, turn on the water, and dirty shampoo and conditioner bottles go down the drain.  After you are done, you turn off the water, brush through your clean, shiny hair, and put it in a ponytail or leave it down.  

When Can You Not Wash Your Hair

Unfortunately, what would you do if something were to happen and you could not wash your hair? You would be stuck with dirty greasy hair for a long time or even a week or more depending on the length of your hair.  


To conclude, we have given few tips on how to wash hair without a shower or sink. The first thing to do is find the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type curly versus straight, oily versus dry. Next, use two towels as makeshift curtains around the tub so that no water gets onto the floor while you’re washing up.

Wet one towel with warm water, then wiring it out before using it to clean off excess dirt from your body. This will make sure you don’t track any dirty footprints back into the house after finishing up! Finally, rinse out all of the suds by dunking your head in cold water and scrubbing vigorously with both hands before jumping out of the bathtub.

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