How to Wrap an Arrowhead with String


Making an arrowhead necklace or bracelet is quite a fashion nowadays. We have seen youngsters always wearing such cool things. But when you are planning to make homemade arrowheads, then there is some specific procedure that you need to follow. This will help you to make the best arrowhead ornament.

How to Wrap an Arrowhead with String

For this reason, today, we will discuss an easy technique in how to wrap an arrowhead string. This is much important because it is a significant part of the entire process. The steps involved in this process are discussed below.


For this process, you will need some necessary equipment. At first, you will need the string, you can choose any desired gauge, but you have to check the allowable space between the arrowheads. The string must pass through the arrow. Then you will need a plier. This will be needed for tying the string knots. Then you will need a string cutter for trimming the excess portion. Once you have managed all these equipment, you are good to go.

First, you have to take the copper string of the desired gauge and make a small circle out of it. For this, you have to wrap the string around a nail and then tie a knot, and then you have to cut the excess amount of string from the knot and tale the pin out. Then you will get a ring that will be used to insert the thread.

 Then You Will Get a Ring That  Will Be Used to Insert the Thread

Now you have to take the string ad then put it through the first vacant space of the arrowhead, and then you have to settle the ring in the middle of the arrowhead and pass the string through the other blank end and wrap it around with a plier. You can also tie a knot in it. Then you have detached the arrowhead from the string with a cutter.


In conclusion, we would like to state that the technique we have shared here is efficient for wrapping the arrowhead string. You will be delighted while performing the task because it will not be much tedious. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!

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