Does Bleach Dissolve Toilet Paper


Chlorine bleach is a common household product that most people have in their homes. It is used for cleaning and whitening a variety of surfaces. Bleach has many uses around the house, from removing stains on fabrics to disinfecting kitchens and bathrooms.

The active ingredient in bleach that allows it to clean so effectively is chlorine. Chlorine bleach can be purchased as either a powder or liquid concentrate. In this article, I will “does bleach dissolve toilet paper.” So let us get started.

Does Bleach Dissolve Toilet Paper

Detailed Discussion on Does Bleach Dissolve Toilet Paper:

Toilet Paper Facts:

Toilet paper was first introduced in 1857 as a part of an exhibit at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition. In 1942, The Scott Paper Company created the first 2-ply toilet paper, “Quilted Northern.” 

In 1944, St Andrew’s Paper Mill produced rolls of toilet paper to fit airplanes. Toilet paper is made out of wood pulp which has been bleached white.

Bowls are used for human waste, and various chemicals (bleach or chemical cleaners) are poured into them for cleaning purposes.

Is Bleach Safe to Use in the Toilet?

Bleach is made out of sodium hypochlorite and can be deadly when ingested by humans, especially children, who may confuse it with a clear liquid like water. Sodium hypochlorite degrades into salt (table salt), water, and energy (heat).

The amount of bleach that you would find in pool water is very high (~5%). Since the level found inside the toilet bowl is so low, it will probably only make the toilet water turn yellow.

Does Bleach Dissolve Toilet Paper? This is a question that has been hotly debated over the internet. We have done some independent research and found that it does not harm your bowl but only makes the paper dissolve faster into smaller pieces. This is because bleach is powerful and can cut through various physical objects given enough time.

Toilet paper consists of small wood fiber, covered in a thin layer of wax to keep sheets together as one roll.

Once exposed to sodium hypochlorite, chemical bonds are made with ridges on the wood fibers weakening their structural integrity until they break down from being exposed to oxygen or other chemicals around them. When broken down into tiny bits, it can be flushed down the toilet.

How to Dispose of Toilet Paper With Bleach?

How to Dispose of Toilet Paper With Bleach

The official recommendation from bleach manufacturers is to flush toilet paper with small amounts of bleach down the toilet.

This way, it can be properly treated at a wastewater plant. If this step is not taken, the tiny bits of wood pulp and wax will clog up your plumbing or end up in lakes or oceans where they cannot be decomposed by microorganisms, making them unable to break down chemical bonds easily.

Reasons Behind Toilet Paper Clogging Occurs:

Clogged Toilet Paper:

One of the common problems that people get in touch with is clogged toilet paper. It happens when a piece of tissue or a wad of toilet paper gets stuck in the pipeline somewhere in between and blocks out everything else to pass through smoothly.

Reduced Water Flow:

The other problem that plagues many people’s lives is reduced water flow. This can be caused due to multiple reasons such as – A broken flushing mechanism, something blocking the drainage opening, or even partial clogging from thick toilet papers or from baby wipes which are not meant for septic tanks.

Odors In Your Home:

The worst part about clogged toilets is not having them fixed at the earliest because you can always use your toilet. The problem comes when the blocked water forms a pool around the basin and starts smelling like anything but clean water.

Guide on How to Dissolve Toilet Paper In Sewer Line:

The first step in this regard is to analyze the reasons behind the clog. If it happens because of tissue paper, then a quick solution is to flush a bucket or two of cold water all at once so that the impact breaks the blockage and allows for a smooth flow of water.

In case you have been using baby wipes, use a plunger to push them down as much as possible from the opening. This will give enough space for other solid materials to pass through and help dissolve these wet wipes.

In case you have been using thick toilet papers, make sure they go only one way – out! Break it up into pieces that are thin enough to through smoothly and not create any obstruction.

Make use of an enzyme-based cleaner to help in the dissolving process. Use a bucket of water and add some sewer line cleaners that have enzymes in their compound to dissolve any solids present there. Let the solution remain there for twenty-four hours after stirring it well with a stick or something similar inserted into the pipe opening.

A toilet auger can also be used for this purpose. Make sure it reaches the opening of the drain line and searches for obstructions along the line. If you come across some clog, make use of a corkscrew motion to clear out space.

If still there is no sign of improvement, contact professional plumbers who can help dissolve any further production of solid materials that are present inside your lines.


Precautions for Toilet Paper With Bleach

You should always wear gloves when using bleach on TP. Bleach is a toxic substance and not intended for use on humans or household pets. You can even get some bleaches with reminders on the label about how corrosive they are, so you might want to take a look at this before you read further:

Germicidal detergents based on quaternary ammonium compounds (squats) also kill HIV. Still, their disinfectant action is unstable in the presence of organic matter such as blood, feces, vomit, or sputum from patients with infectious pulmonary tuberculosis.

In fact, impure laboratory preparations of quats have been implicated in several cases of human mycobacteriosis due to inadequately decontaminated tables used in tuberculosis clinics.

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How Long Does It Take Bleach to Dissolve Toilet Paper?

Toilet paper can be dissolved by bleach in about an hour, depending on how thick it is.  The thicker the paper, the longer it takes for it to break down. A regular toilet paper roll should be completely dissolved in an hour or less; however, specialty brands of toilet paper claim to be dissolvable in only 15 minutes with dish soap.

Can Aspirin Be Used to Dissolve Toilet Paper?

Many different methods exist for removing the buildup of mineral deposits and toilet paper from inside toilet tanks. One method that has started making the rounds on the Internet claims to use bleach and aspirin to dissolve tough toilet paper clogs in water tanks.

This method requires adding a significant amount of chlorine bleach and crushed aspirin tablets to a tank full of clean water to work properly. In addition, the user must not flush the tank until at least eight hours after adding the ingredients for this home remedy to take effect.

According to the method’s proponents, the aspirin breaks down into an acid that then dissolves the mineral deposits and toilet paper clogs. The chlorine kills harmful bacteria, while its residual effects also break down organic matter to improve a tank’s performance. Some consumers assert this method has worked for them to clear out their tanks’ blockages.

However, most people who have tried this method have experienced mixed results, with many reporting no success whatsoever.

In addition, many recommend against using this approach due to safety concerns involving potentially explosive chlorine gas and accidental ingestion of poisonous chemicals from the crushed aspirin tablets or poisonous chlorine gas that can result from mixing these ingredients in the confined quarters of a home bathroom.

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