How Does a Genie Lamp Work


A genie lamp is a  small decorative container used to hold a captive spirit. Some lamps provide the holder with wishes while others intended to be sold, and then the seller kept all of the profit. Either way works as long as you have an open-minded genie! Genies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, too. Sometimes they are shaped like people; others look like animals or even objects. In this article, I will discuss how does a genie lamp work. So let us get started.

how does a genie lamp work

Benefits of Using a Genie Lamp

Camping has been an activity that is enjoyed by many people all over the world. In this article, you will learn about a unique lamp called a genie lamp and what benefits it offers.

A replica of Aladdin’s magic lamp or simply Genie Lamp, these lamps are used for camping purposes. The genie lamplight uses a small kerosene burning stove with a cover on top. The light is generated from inside the lamp through reflectors hitting polished aluminum interior sides of the shell.

The fuel needed to operate this type of lamp can be found at virtually any store that sells camping supplies or equipment, as well as oil-burning stoves and lanterns. Using specially made kerosene, the genie lamp is distributed by Vipro. The fuel is derived from a mixture of kerosene and natural gas, and it provides fire to the lamps for a longer period without having to refuel them as often.

The design of these lamps makes them easily transportable. They are small, lightweight devices that can be placed inside backpacks or bags and other camping supplies. The main benefit that this type of lamp offers is convenience.

You do not have to scout around for an electrical plug to use it, and you need to find yourself some kerosene fuel instead, which can be easily acquired at any store. Another great feature of this lamp is that it makes no noise while operating, so nobody will be bothered while you use it. Finally, a genie lamp is a great option for those who enjoy spending time outdoors.

How Does a Genie Lamp Work?

The lamp contains a 10-foot (3 m) length of coiled wire wrapped around an axle attached to the base. The coil has 220 volts AC fed into it, so both ends are live and spin at about 2000 rpm when the lamp is switched on. The spinning coil creates a field inside the glass container holding three small fluorescent tubes (or neon bulbs), glowing brightly.

When one pulls the chain to turn the lamp off or on, this action switches up to 1000 amps of current through the light bulb for a short period of time; this heats the filament in an instant, causing it to glow brightly even though it may have been glowing beforehand.

The Model 10 was very popular among children who wanted their own toy genie. When the lamp is turned on, the rotating light bulb creates an illusion of a transparent object (such as a bottle) filled with liquid from above. Still, the smoke-like stream evaporates when pulled and released, revealing that it is actually rising from below.

The company recommends bulbs last about 10 hours before they need to be replaced. The springs are also expected to last for years. A spare set of replacement parts comes free with every lamp bought. Because the real coiled wire is used in place of thin copper threads, this item does not require batteries or electricity to operate; it does not even have a switch on the cord end plug (the switch for this device is located inside its base).

The Rotating Light Bulb Creates  an Illusion of a Transparent

Precautions While Using a Genie Lamp

  • Do not shake the lamp or place it in a position where it can fall over, as this could damage the lamp and cause injury to anyone nearby while it is open.
  • Genie lamps work by compressing air under high pressure, so do not lubricate them with oil or other substances that will reduce airflow through their valves (especially if they are made of plastic). Treat your genie lamp like you would any other hand-operated valve, and pay attention to warning labels on the box since these can vary depending on how much-closed space there is inside the lamp.
  • Although genie lamps are fairly durable and easy to maintain when used correctly, oil from skin contact may affect their performance – either reducing the flow of air or otherwise negatively affecting the way they operate.
  • Avoid using a genie lamp over its recommended pressure rating, as this may cause it to malfunction and could even be dangerous.

How to Make a Genie Lamp?

Step 1:

The first step is to take a glass tube, and it has to be rounded on one end and flat on the other with a cap or cork in the center. The size of this tube should be almost equal to that of a baseball bat or slightly larger. Next, put the lamp in boiling water for about sixty minutes until it’s completely transparent or translucent. 

Step 2:

Then have an electric wire coming out of one side (the flat side) for at least two feet while leaving several inches of space between each coil. Next, have the wire powered by a high-voltage battery placed inside a metal container that can also conduct electricity from one end to another without allowing any leakage through the sides and provide protection behind the power source.

The wire coils can be made in various ways, including using simple rods and wrapping them around each other or using wires with metal-covered cylindrical bullets placed at the center; make sure that one end is connected to an empty battery. In contrast, the other end ends up directly touching the top of another bullet.

Step 3:

Now place this glass tube inside the container where the high voltage electricity is being produced by connecting it to a large enough battery that will have a strong flow of electric current running through this wire coil which is wrapped around both sides (the longer side) but make sure there are no gaps between these two sides to avoid leakage.

The Breaking Down of Air  Molecules Inside the Tube

It is important to note that each coil must have approximately ten yards, while the gap between them must not be more than one inch. It is important to note that a high-quality wire conductor should be used to prevent it from melting from the heat generated due to the breaking down of air molecules inside the tube.

Step 4:

Now place a person’s hand on top of this glass tube while it is still in boiling water for about two minutes and then take it out before letting an assistant twist both ends (another end of battery and end attached directly to cap or cork) clockwise with his hand which will generate large amounts of electricity running through the wires and thus making them glow. This electrical current will effectively break down air molecules in front of the bulb, hence generating light inside, creating an illusion of a genie coming out from the lamp.


I hope you have obtained all the relevant information on how does a genie lamp work. Thank you, and have a great day!

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