How to Adjust Bed Frame From Queen to King

If you’ve just moved into a new home with a king-size bed, but your old queen bed frame is still in good condition, you may be wondering if it’s possible to make the switch. In most cases, the answer is yes! Here are a few tips on how to adjust bed frame from queen to king.

How to Adjust Bed Frame From Queen to King

Like most people, you probably didn’t know that bed frames could be adjusted to fit different sizes. Many people are surprised when they find out that a bed frame can be easily converted from a queen size to a king size. If you’re in the market for a new bed frame and want to make sure it will fit both a queen and king mattress, then read on for instructions on how to adjust your bed frame. It’s actually a lot easier than you might think.

What Are the Difference Between King And Queen Size Bed Frames?

When it comes to bed frames, two sizes are commonly used. These are king and queen-size bed frames. However, there is a difference between the two sizes, which is important to take into account when choosing a frame for your bed.

King-size bed frames are more comprehensive than queen-size bed frames. This is because king-size beds are wider than queen-size beds. King-size bed frames need to be able to support the extra width of a king-size bed.

Queen-size bed frames can be used for both king and queen-size beds, but they will not be as sturdy as a king-size bed frame. Queen-size bed frames are also shorter than king-size bed frames. This is because queen-size beds are shorter than king-size beds. Queen-size bed frames need to be able to support the extra height of a queen-size bed.

Find the Right  Size Bed Frame 

Step by Step Process on How to Adjust Bed Frame From Queen to King:

Step 1. Find the Right Size Bed Frame 

The first step is to find the right size bed frame. You need to make sure that the frame is wide enough to support a king-size bed. If you are using a queen-size bed frame, you will need to use two of them side by side. You also need to make sure that the frame is tall enough to support a king-size bed.

Step 2. Assemble the Bed Frame 

Once you have found the right size bed frame, you need to assemble it. If you are using a queen-size bed frame, you will need to use 4x4s to create the frame. If you are using a king-size bed frame, you will need to use 6x6s. Bed frames are easy to assemble, and you should be able to do it in an hour or so.

Step 3. Place the Mattress on the Frame 

Once the frame is assembled, you can place the mattress on top of it. Make sure that the mattress is centered on the frame and that it is level. If the mattress is not level, you may need to adjust the frame. Use a level to check that the frame is level, and make any necessary adjustments.

Step 4. Attach the Headboard 

Once the mattress is in place, you can attach the headboard to the frame. Most headboards will have brackets that slide onto the bed frame and then get secured with screws. If your headboard didn’t come with brackets, you could buy them at a hardware store. Attach the brackets to the headboard and then screw them into the bed frame.

Step 5. Attach the Footboard 

The last step is to attach the footboard to the frame. This is similar to attaching the headboard, but you’ll need to use longer bolts or screws to accommodate the larger size. Again, start by attaching the brackets to the footboard, then line up the holes with the frame and screw everything in place. Once the footboard is attached, your bed frame is complete!

Attach the Footboard 

Step 6.  Add the Bedding 

Now that the frame is complete, you can add the bedding. Start by adding a fitted sheet to the mattress. First, make sure that the sheet is tight and does not have any wrinkles. Then, add a comforter or duvet. Finally, add a top sheet. Once the bedding is complete, you can make any final adjustments to the frame.

Tips and Warnings on How to Adjust Bed Frame From Queen to King:


1. It is important to measure the bed frame and mattress before you make any adjustments. You don’t want the adjustment to be too big or small.

2. If you are unsure about how to make the adjustment, it is best to consult with a professional.

3. Make sure that all of the bolts and screws are tight before using the bed.


  1. Be careful when making adjustments to the bed frame. You don’t want to damage the frame or injure yourself.
  2. Make sure that the bed frame is sturdy and stable before using it.
  3. When using the bed, be aware of your surroundings and make sure that there is nothing around that could potentially fall on you or the bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Put a King Mattress on a California King Frame?

If you have a California king bed frame and want to upgrade to a king-size mattress, you may be wondering if the two are compatible. The good news is that they are! While a California king frame is slightly smaller than a standard king frame, it can accommodate a king-size mattress with no problem. King and California king mattresses are actually the same widths (76 inches), so all you need to do is find a long frame to accommodate the extra length of a king mattress (which is 80 inches).

Can I Put a King Mattress on a Queen Box Spring?

You bet! A king mattress on a queen box spring is a pretty common setup. The main thing to remember is that you’ll need to use some extra support in the form of plywood or a board to make sure the mattress doesn’t sag in the middle. Other than that, it’s really just a matter of making sure the frame is big enough to accommodate the larger mattress.

A Queen Box Spring

If you’re not sure, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and go with a bigger frame. Of course, you can always make it smaller with some creative bedding arrangement, but you can’t make it bigger once it’s in your room!

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In this article, we have gone over how to adjust bed frame from queen to king. We have also discussed some tips and warnings to keep in mind when making this adjustment. By following the steps in this article, you can successfully adjust your bed frame.

When it comes to making the switch from a queen bed frame to a king, there are a few things you need to take into account. First, you’ll want to measure your bedroom and make sure that the new king bed frame will fit comfortably in the space. Next, you’ll need to purchase new bedding that is appropriate for a king-size mattress.

This includes both a fitted sheet and a flat sheet, and two pillowcases.  Finally, you’ll need to adjust the bed frame itself. Most queen beds use headboard and footboard brackets that attach directly to the frame; however, kingsize mattresses require wider brackets in order to span across the extra width of the

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