How to Attach a Porch Roof to a Brick House

There are wide reasons for which you may need to add a porch roof with your brick house. But during the intersection, you may have to face a lot of complications. Without the proper steps and measurements, things can be quite difficult for you. Honestly, that’s why most homeowners prefer to use the help of an expert.

You can also do that, but that’s going to cost some additional money. If you are willing to give a little amount of effort and have a little amount of patience, I am going to show you how to attach a porch roof to a brick house. So, leave all your tasks for a while and concentrate on this article until the end.

How to Attach a Porch Roof to a Brick House

For starting the process, I have got all the components together and painted them properly. I just need to assemble them. I have got some corals at the upper portion of my brick wall as a support. I am going to lift the porch roof up there and set it all by myself. Then I will fasten it right to the tan line up there. Okay, I have explained my plan, and like me, you should also make the plan. So, let’s get started.

The Methods

Step 1 – I started the process by installing some legs with a single screw so they will pivot and let me hold the structure up alone.

Step 2 – Next thing I do is install the upper ledger there to beat three-quarters of an inch below the flashing that’s just below that shake style sliding up the gable. I do that to make room for the plywood and the roofing.

Step 3 – After completing that, I am going to install the posts and the beam. I cut them out previously according to the height of my roof and painted everything. Then I am going to fasten the rafter to the beam.

Step 4 – Now, I am putting a brace on there so I can walk around without it tipping over. It’s also an aid to square up that roof. I install the first sheet of plywood because they are suitable for this purpose. After setting the plywood at an accurate position, I secured it by using the screws. Then I checked the roof properly and screwed it properly so that the sheet doesn’t slip off from the structure.

Step 5 – Then, I move on installing shingle mold. In this case, I have used some cedar trims that are going to hold up the edge of the shingles. Once I have installed them, I had to cut the edges off so that the roof acquires the perfect look. Then checked the entire installation properly. In my case, the installation was completed within the first attempt. If you need additional installation, make sure to do that for the sturdiness of the project.

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