How to Attach Deer Antlers Together

Deer antler is a piece of luxury that gets space in our living room. Among all the luxurious decorative products found in the market, deer antlers and deer leathers are much prominent. For this reason, these are handled with much sophistication. The processing of these antlers is much critical. For this reason, today, we will discuss an easy technique on how to attach deer antlers together. This will help the persons who are keen to learn the complete procedure from initiation to completion. The steps involved in this process is simplified below.


This is the most widely used method for attaching deer antlers together. You will need some essentials for these methods. At first, you will need a steel bowl and some water. This will be used for seasoning the antler. Then you will need a stove for the seasoning process. You will need a sandstone and wood saw for this process, and then you will need a table saw and a file for making the edges smooth. Then you will need some ordinary plaster. This will be used to connect the pedicle to the wood you want to mount the antlers. You will also need a knife.

Then you will need some white mud for providing texture to the antlers. Lastly, you will need some necessary woodworking instruments like a nail gun and hammer. You will also need some wooden planks, metal fasteners, and leather. After you have managed all these, you can go for the main steps for performing the technique. This method will start from scratch, so you have to the antler and then detach all the flesh connected to the pedicle. For this, you have to do seasoning of the antler, and you have to take a steel bowl and put some water in it.

You have to be much sincere about the bowl’s size because the antlers are generally massive in size, so you have to choose the bowl accordingly. Now you have to fill the bowl with water and then immerse the antler in ti. Then you have to cover the bowl and start heating the antler. In this way, you have to keep seasoning the antler for one hour, and you will observe that the color of the pedicle will start to fade. This is a clear indication that the flesh connected to the pedicle has begun to get lost. Then you have to take out the antler from the bowl and let it get cold.

How to Attach Deer Antlers Together1

You have to take a piece of a knife and use the blade, and you have to detach the flesh from the middle of the pedicle. Once you have separated the flesh, the stinking smell of the antler will be eliminated. After you have removed the meat, you have to place the antler again in the bowl and then boil it for one hour. This will allow the total seasoning of the antler. There is a way that can help you understand the time to stop boiling. You have to observe the antler, and when the pedicle’s full color becomes whitish and there will no blackish vibe on the pedicle, you have to stop the stove and then take out the antler and let it dry for some time.

Then you have to assess the precise nature of the antler. The pedicle might get imbalanced due to the antler’s uneven cutting while detaching from the deer’s head. So you have to take a saw and make the portions even. You have to cut off the extra portion form the antler pedicle, and then using a file, you can trim the edges. You have to use sandstone to scratches off all the excess portions and pedicle a near symmetrical shape. Once you have prepared the antler and the smell is totally off the substance, you can go for the process’s subsequent steps.

Now you have to take a white page and then fold it in two halves. You have to place the antler on the paper, and you have to align it with the middle of the paper. You have to mark the pedicle’s total boundary on the paper, and then you have to draw the design of the wood centering the pedicle boundary. This will help you to get the exact shape that will fit appropriately to the antler. Now you have to attach the paper with a piece of wood, and then you have to cut the pattern using a table saw. After you have cut the outline, you can sand the wood to give it the desired shape.

Procedure to Attach Deer Antlers Together

After you have prepared the wooden back part of the antler, you have to start the attachment. Many techniques can be used for attaching the wood to the antler. But we prefer a hybrid process that will hold both the antler and the wood firmly. For this, at first, you have to drill a hole in the middle of the antler. This will be done using the minimum diameter based drill bit. After you have prepared a hole in the pedicle, you have to make a similar hole on the wooden back part. You have to make sure that both holes are lined in the middle of the elements.

Then you have to use a small screw to connect them. This will hold the antler to the wood, and now you have to use plaster on them. You have to use the ordinary plaster which is available in the market for this process. For this, at first, you have to take plaster in your hand, and then you

After the plaster has dried, then you have to start applying mud above the plaster. For this process, you will need white mud. You can quickly obtain it form a pint shop. Then you have to apply evenly on the entire surface of the plaster. Then using a thin metal strip, you have to make the total surface smooth. In this manner, you will apply another protective layer on the pedicle, and the base of the antler will get a shiny texture. Then again, you have kept the antler in safe for drying. You have to let the total mud dry, and it will take approximately one day to get the exact texture.

Take a Drill Machine 
and Make Holes

There is a high possibility that after drying, the mud can quickly get melted due to moisture. For this reason, you have to apply a covering on the surface of the pedicle. In this case, you can use leather. You have to take some leather and then wrap it around the total base of the antler. You have to take a nail gun and use the nail gun, and you have to pin the edges of the leather. You have to take a scissor and then cut the excess part of the leather from the back of the base. Once the spare part is eliminated, you have to use a small metal piece and then insert the leather around the antler.

Now your antler is ready for hanging on the wall. But before turning it on the wall, you have to prepare a suitable background for the entire antler. For this, you have to take a piece of wooden plank and then draw the shape that you want to cut the wood. You have to put the wood in a table saw and then cut the real wood into the desired shape. Then you have to take the wood and sand the edges. You can also apply paint on the wood. But before applying the color, you have to apply primer on the wood, but it is better to use standard wood burnish for obtaining a realistic vibe.

Now you have to take a drill machine and make three holes at the back of the wooden plank, and then you have to make a hole in the center of the wood attached to the pedicle of the antler. Then using a screw, you have to connect both the wood and the antler. Then you have to take a piece of string and attach the two corner screws. Now the antler will be balanced between the string, and it is ready to mount. You have to place a screw on the wall and then hang then mount the antler.


In conclusion, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to our readers. We hope that the process we have stated here will surely help prepare then antler and then mount it on the wall. The steps mentioned in this process are straightforward to follow, and this process can positively influence the beginners. The people interested in DIY activities will get an excellent opportunity to learn new things from this process. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!

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