How to Make Leather Wrap Bracelet With Charms


Making homemade ornaments are always attractive. Many people around us make such ornaments and use them for business purposes. Apart from business purposes, you can also make them and match them with your dress. Making a leather wrap bracelet with charms is very easy. You will need some elements for this process.

How to make leather wrap bracelet with charms

At first, you will need two strips of leather wraps. You will also need some silver rings. Next, you can use glitters and other adorning elements. Then you will need some metal clasps for attachment of both ends. Then you will need a pair of scissors and metal glue. After you have gathered all these elements, you can start the primary process.

Required Materials

  • Leather cord
  • Scissors
  • Jewelry pliers (Jeweler’s Pliers)
  • Jump rings, size 11 or 12mm
  • Charms of your choice

Processes on How to Make Leather Wrap Bracelet With Charms

Process One

Step One: Cut your leather cord into the appropriate lengths. The length will depend on how big you want the bracelet to be. For a small, medium, or large size wrap bracelet, measure at about 23″, 26″, and 29″. You can cut more if needed, but this should give you an idea of what is necessary for each size. We recommend measuring before cutting so that it doesn’t end up being too long!

Step Two: Thread one jump ring onto either side (it doesn’t matter which) of both pieces of leather cording, then thread them together with another jump ring and close tightly with pliers. This creates a loop in between the two pieces of leather cord.

  • Repeat this step with the other two jump rings and the remaining piece of cording to create another loop on either side (again, it doesn’t matter which).
  • Take one last long strip of leather cord and thread it through both loops you just created
  • These will be your ‘ties.’ Make a knot at each end to keep everything from coming undone. Now you have finished your bracelet!

Process Two

You have to take the leather strips and cut them into equal lengths with a scissor’s help for this process. Before cutting the leather strips, you need to measure the wrist. After this, you have to three leather strips in which two of them will be the same color, and the other one will be a contrasting color. Now you have to cut them according to the measurement.

Now you have to take the three leather strips and attach tape on the top. This will keep them in a chain formation and keep them stiff. Next, you have to insert a silver ring through the three leather strips and insert another silver ring keeping a safe distance between them. For inserting the second solver ring, you have to follow a simple procedure.

You have to insert the ring through the middle leather strip, and the two corner leather strips will form a knot with the ring. In this manner, you have to insert all the rings in the leather strips, and a wave-like shape will be obtained. Lastly, you have to take off the tape and, using metal glue attach the metal clasp at both ends. Now your leather wrap bracelet is ready to use, and you can also add other designs for this product.


  1. When cutting, go slow. You want to make sure that you have a clean and even cut on both sides of your leather cord for wrapping around the charms. Cutting too quickly can cause one side of the bracelet strap to be longer than the other causing it not to lay evenly with an uneven look when wrapped together.
  2. Always use pliers or tongs when melting beads onto metal clasps because they are boiling, which could lead to burns if touched directly by hand without protection like some gloves or oven mitts.
  3. Make sure all knots are tight enough before putting any pressure on them as this might loosen them while wearing later down the road and will need to be tightened again. A good way to test if they are tight enough is to grab one end of the bracelet and try sliding it up and down. If you can move it without any resistance, then it’s not done yet.
  4. Avoid using a lighter or match because this could start a fire – for some people, omitting these steps might be an option but make sure that you know what you’re doing so as not to cause any harm or injury while making your leather wrap bracelet with charms!

Final Thoughts

This project is perfect for men, women, and children. It’s a fairly simple pattern that includes many variations to make it more difficult or easier depending on the skill level of the crafter.

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