How to Break Down a Door Without Breaking It

A door is a barrier that must be broken down. It separates you from the thing you want to get at and protects those on the other side. Breaking a door down is usually hard work. That’s why we have gadgets like battering rams, explosives, or lock picks designed to make breaking down a door easier and less painful. And even without such tools, there are still several ways in which one can try to break through a barrier. This guide will explain some techniques anyone can use when they want to know how to break down a door without breaking it.

How to Break Down a Door Without Breaking It

Step-wise Guide on How to Break Down a Door Without Breaking It

  • Before you begin, check the door by lightly knocking on it if somebody is behind it. If nobody answers, proceed to Step 2.
  • Put your shoulder against the center of the door and brace yourself firmly against something solid to avoid injury from being pushed back or thrown off balance.
  • Get into a sideways lunge position next to the door, with your opposite foot forward, as if you were going to kick a soccer ball. Bend your knees and ensure your legs are straight but relaxed to have maximum stability and power transfer. Focus everything you’ve got into a single point in the middle of the door, and don’t actually kick anything yet!
  • Now, place your hands on opposite sides of the door and press inward as if trying to peel it away from its hinges.
  • Clench both fists tightly and pull your shoulders back as you swing your hips forward, and push with all the strength in your legs while pushing with all of your might against a point between your hands right around where your face would be if you weren’t over a foot away for added power transfer efficiency (and so that you can avoid getting hit by any flying pieces).
  • Don’t forget, Just before breaking down a door, always use another method first, such as calling 911 or knocking politely since there could be somebody behind the door who you didn’t hear.
  • If the door doesn’t break down on the first try, return to Step 1 and repeat until it does because, in that way, you are efficient with your efforts.
Pushing The Door By Hands To Break It Down

Precautions While Breaking Down a Door Without Breaking It

Before using the technique of breaking down a door without breaking it, certain precautions should be kept in mind.

  • Never attempt to break open the doors unless you have no other option. If possible, call for backup help as most houses are equipped with an alarm system that may go off while trying to open a door. You should also avoid any confrontation with criminals inside if at all possible.
  • Try and use your fists in the first instance because they are freely available and do not require any extra set of tools or equipment. In fact, they can provide more force than standard equipment. Also, remember not to punch with your bare fist but try using gloves or tape to save yourself from injuries. The first attempt should always be made with your bare hands, as breaking down a door without breaking it will require a lot of physical effort and might worsen the situation if an object is used in the first place and fails to break open.
  • If you have been attacked from behind, do not try to kick with your feet but instead turn around and use your fists because they are freely available and can provide more force than an object that may break off during a collision between two hard times objects.

How Do You Unlock a Door Without a Key?

You grab an iron bar or wooden pole and bash that door until it breaks down! The question is, how do you break the door without breaking it? In other words, how do you break a door down without doing any damage to the lock?

There are many techniques to unlock a door without using a key. If you follow these methods correctly, your chances of getting through that locked door significantly increase. It matters, though if what sort of lock the door has installed. Different locks require different procedures (but all can be broken). Below are some techniques:

Try To Unlock The Lock Without The Key

The first method to unlock a door without a key is by using brute force. This means you have to use the whole strength of your body to hit the lock (or if there’s no lock, then you have to break the handle and push it so that it breaks down). Do not forget about speed; hitting slowly will only worsen because the door won’t get damaged. Hitting too violently can result in pain or even death, ensuring that nothing gets broken but the door.

A good technique here would be a standing kick into the door, just like how they do it on TV. The kicker has to stand on one foot with his back facing away from the door while kicking really hard against its surface. When the door begins to crack, the kicker will jump forward and push it down with all his might. This method is great for doors with nails or metal parts. If you have a wooden door, this method might not work because a wooden door has solid components.

This method is applied when there’s no lock installed on the door but only a handle or knob. In this case, you’ll need to find something hard enough (like an iron pole) to hit the handle directly against the surface of the floor/ground until it breaks off completely. Again, solid floors can make this easier because your aim won’t be affected by furniture like chairs or couches in front of the door.

Grab an Iron Bar or Wooden Pole


Finally, remember when needing to break down a door: Don’t attempt to kick any doors unless they are unlocked or completely unpreventable for some other reason. And don’t use both legs even if there’s no furniture around since using just one leg is more stable, stronger, and ultimately less likely to injure you than two legs would be. But most importantly of all, always respect property rights. I hope you have obtained all the necessary information about how to break down a door without breaking it. Thank you and have a nice day!

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