How to Build a Motorized Beer Cooler

Think, at a summer gatherings-together, you’re getting short on meals and drinks because it’s a long way to travel to refill products. You might not want to hold a massive cooler, because it’s too big for the truck to hit where you’ve been headed. There’s now a way to any dilemma and Jake has risen with the proposed response!

A rider cart is the perfect option for delivering draft beer on-the-go. Compared to a kegerator, it doesn’t need any fuel to work, and the beer remains sharper and better-tasting. Activities like celebrations, concerts, and commercial tastings are perfect for large volumes of beer.

how to build a motorized beer cooler

You could go out and buy a jockey box, but building your own is a much more satisfying and inexpensive choice. Just get a good cooler (you probably have one sitting around) and you can turn it into a beer-tapping cooler for DIY jockey boxes.


Holes for Measuring & Drill. Line in which you’d want to punch the gaps from either section of the cooler with a sharpie as well as a tape measuring device. And holes are drilled wide sufficient to match both the beer punch (front of unit) and the cooler connecting (straight of the component).

Link a front shank & faucet. Connect the shank securely to the container with the lead screw against the cooler’s layer. Apply the spanner key to the faucet. Topped the faucet, the tapping knob would be screwed on. Link to the rear cooler connecting.

Align the Cooler Connection  Tightly With the Lead Screw

Tightly align the cooler connection with the lead screw – this is where the beer row would be attached. When your jockey box is mounted, you might like to run several glasses of water into it to check for leaks. If everything is working correctly, then the bottle, beer rows, and CO2 are ready to be attached. You can consult the handy jockey box guide on how to run the jockey box until you start spilling.

Take a huge step forward with your DIY jockey box plan and modify the cooler’s exterior with the preferred brewer or sporting club’s emblem or make a jockey box cover to put out over.

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