How to Clean Leaves from Rocks

As the season of Fall approaches, you will have many leaves lying around your backyard, door footsteps, lawn, and everywhere. While in some places, it will be easy to simply wipe away the leaves into a pile and throw them out, but it can be hard when it comes to the decorative rocks around your house. But no need to worry as there are many ways to know how to clean leaves from rocks, and we will tell you everything.

how to clean leaves from rocks

Learn: How to Clean Leaves from Rocks

As we have said, there are few ways of how to clean leaves from rocks. Some methods may not be that efficient, and some of them are. So, let’s start learning.

Way #1

For this, you will need to buy a leave blower. According to us, it is the best and the most effective way of how to clean leaves from rocks. Take the blower and blow away the leaves from one direction into a pile. Throw out the leaves after that. If few leaves are remaining, pick them up with your hand.

Way #2

You Can Use Another Device for  Cleaning the Leaves From Rocks

You can use another device for cleaning the leaves from rocks, and it is a leaf vacuum. You can pick up all the leaves lying around your rock decoration and through them away with the leaf vacuum.

Way #3

As for the last one, you can use a rake to collect the big pieces of leaves. After you are done collecting, you may find a few leaves lying around. For that, you can wear gloves and pick them up with hand and threw them away.

Final Thoughts

These are the most efficient ways of how to clean leaves from rocks. Hopefully, you will find our tips useful and clean up all the leaves coming in the way of your decorative rocks.

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