How to Make River Rock Look Wet All the Time

Adding river rocks to your yard can give your house an enhanced look. But if you want to make the appearance more interesting, you have to make sure the stones look wet. This can be difficult to do if you don’t know the right techniques.

In fact, you can’t keep them wet all the time; the heat of the sun will dry them up. What to do then? Don’t worry; I have got good news for you. In this article, I am gonna discuss some simple techniques and show you how to make river rock look wet all the time. So, let’s get started.

How to Make River Rock Look Wet All the Time

How to Make River Rock Look Wet All the Time

For this project, you’ll need a can of Polycrylic protective finish water-based spray. I’ve brought my own from the nearest shop. I recommend not using an oil-based spray because it will discolor your stones into yellow over time. Make sure to apply it outside in a well-ventilated area.

If you want your rocks to look shiny and have lots of details, you can put resin on them. It’s easy to do, you just need to put a little bit of resin on the rock and it will look great!

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 They can offer a shiny look on your stones. They are also super easy to apply. Just take the required amount and put it on your rock.

Painting the rocks with resins can also give you a great finish. So, you can also use them if you want. Just make sure to apply the resin at a certain place where you want to show the resins. These are the simplest techniques. Apply this process on as many rocks as you want.

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