How to Clean Outdoor Brass Light Fixtures

We know that a clean environment is always beneficial for leading a healthy life. For this reason, we always try to keep all the surrounding elements clean. It can be the interior components of the house or the exterior components. The exterior details are quite intricate to clean because they are always exposed to dust and sunlight. Direct exposure tends to create maximum debris on these components.

How to Clean Outdoor Brass Light Fixtures

It is easy to clean the element which is kept in the ground. You can use a broom or vacuum cleaner to clean these, but you have to prefer different techniques for hanging objects like light fixtures and other decorative elements. For this reason, today, we will discuss a useful process for cleaning outdoor brass light fixtures.

Required Materials

Before starting a task, we need to gather all the necessary elements for performing the work properly. At first, you will need a ladder, which will help you climb to the fixture. You will need hand gloves, which is highly important for safety. You will need an old brush, screwdriver, old towel, and utility buckets.

These should be in good condition because you have to use them to check the elements’ quality regularly. To clean the light fixture, you will need some hot water, dishwashing soap, soft cloth, and glass cleaner. And for polishing the fixture, you can use non-abrasive polishing paste or liquid wax. After you have gathered all these elements, you can start the primary process.


How to Clean Outdoor Brass Light Fixtures

The first step of cleaning the light fixture is turning off the electricity connection. This is highly important because if the electricity connection is still online, there is a high possibility of getting electrocuted. So you must turn off the house’s main electrical line; for this reason, it is better to clean the outdoor lighting fixtures in the daytime.

Cleaning the Light Fixture

Next, you have to check the ground below the fixture and then set up the step ladder. The floor beneath the ladder should be flat, and for ensuring proper safety, you must include another person as a helping hand for holding the ladder steadily. After this you have to wear hand gloves, it is better to wear goggles because sometimes the debris can get into your eyes.

You should also wear a safety mask in case you are prone to dust allergies. Now you have to climb the ladder, and then you have to open the bulb carefully. This will make the cleaning process more manageable. You have to take the brush and start cleaning the spider webs and other debris from the fixture. Now you have to take off the decorative grills or shields using a screwdriver.

You can take a soft towel and then place the screws and other essential parts to keep it safe. You have to take two utility buckets and fill them with water, and then you have to put some soap in the bucket and mix it. After this, you have to place all the materials from the towel inside the bucket and let them be immersed for some time. After they have been submerged for some time, you can take out the parts and let them dry for few minutes.

Then you have to take a soft cloth and start rubbing them. The soapy water will make the debris fragile, and you will easily clean the using fresh material. After these are cleaned, you can again immerse them in normal water and lastly wipe them. Then you have to place them in the sun and let them dry properly.

Take a Soft Cloth and Start Rubbing Them

If there remains water attached to the metal parts, it might harm the product’s quality. When all the fixture parts have dried, you can take polishing materials and start using them. You can use a small soft cloth that is clean and devoid of dust, and then you have to apply a small amount of polish on the metal and start rubbing them.

In this way, after some time, the elements will begin to look shinier. After this, you have to put them safely until they are adequately ready for installation. Using the adder and screwdriver, you can reconnect them to the hanger and then install the bulb. In this way, you can easily clean a hanging brass light fixture.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we hope that the process we have described here will be highly beneficial for cleaning metal fixtures. For the best possible result, you must use the materials as directed, and you should always wear safety goggles and gloves for having a perfect working experience. Thank you, have a good day.

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