How to Clean Split AC Drain Pipe

To start cleaning out the drainpipe on your Ac Unit, turn off the power supply before opening any panels or doors so it does not come alive while being worked on. Read on for more information on how to clean split ac drain pipes so that your AC can work properly again! 

One of the most common plumbing issues is clogged or split water pipes. The best way to fix this issue is by cleaning the pipe with vinegar and baking soda. This can be done by mixing both ingredients in a pot, heating it until it boils, and pouring down the drainpipe while running hot water over it to rinse off any remaining residue.

Make sure that you do not pour boiling liquid into your sink, as this could cause severe damage! Instead, you will need dish soap, baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water.

How to Clean Split Ac Drain Pipe

7 Reasons Why You Should Clean Split AC Drain Pipe:

1. It is safe to assume most people dread cleaning drain pipes because it’s what you have to do when your ac drain pipe splits or leaks water.

2. The dangers of having a clogged drain pipe are that it can cause water to leak inside your home. Being undetected can lead to damage and mold. It could also cause rusting on the motor, which will bring down the overall performance of your ac unit.

3. The benefit of cleaning a split or leaking drain pipe is that you can prevent water from leaking into your home and causing further damage, such as rusting the motor or rotting out your feet. You will also prolong the life of your ac unit with regular cleaning.

4. To clean a split ac drain pipe, you’ll need a lye-based drain opener.

5. To use the lye-based drain opener, pour it into your AC unit at least 1 hour before turning on the ac.

6. You should brush the drainpipe with a wire brush to help remove any buildup left behind.

7. You should also use your vacuum cleaner to clean inside the ac unit. This will suck out any dirt or dust that may have fallen into the drainpipe or drainage hole.

10 Ways on How to Clean Split AC Drain Pipe:

1. Use a wire:

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Use a Wire to

You can use a wire to remove hair or any compacted dirt. You will have to bend the wire into a hook and then insert it into the pipe opening. Make sure that you can get all of the hair out. Afterward, use soap water to clean up your drainpipe properly.

2. Use Baking Soda with Vinegar:

Firstly, pour vinegar into the drain. Afterward, add baking powder to it and then close the surface with a cover to let it set for some time. You can use this mixture to clear out any hair or dirt that has accumulated inside your pipe. Then pour water in the drain to rinse all of the debris away. This method works well for both plastic or metal drainage systems.

3. Use Bleach:

Mix bleach in the water and then pour it into your drain. Let it set for at least thirty minutes before you flush it out with water. Ensure that no active bleach solution is left inside the pipe to prevent corrosion or rusting metal parts.

4. Use A Plunger:

A plunger works excellent for a slow-running drainpipe. You can use it by putting it over the drain opening and then pouring water to cover the rubber bulb part of the plunger fully. Afterward, press down on the plunger repeatedly till you see some clearance in your drainage system.

5. Drain Cleaning Machine:

A drain cleaning machine works well for clearing out any hair or other compacted dirt that might be stuck inside your drainage system. You should use this tool as per the instructions provided and then pour water into the pipe to rinse all of the debris away.

6. Use a Flat Wire:

You can use a flat wire with squared teeth that will help you scrape off any dirt or grime that might have accumulated within your drainage system. Afterward, pour water into the pipe to flush out all of the debris through your drainage system.

7. Use Steam:

Steam is a great way to clean out the debris inside your drainpipe. You will have to pour water into your pipe and then introduce Steam into it to deep clean the drainage system. Afterward, you can flush out your drainage system using water.

8. Apply Soap and Hot Water:

You can use a hosepipe to pour hot water and soap into your drainage system. Afterward, let it sit for some time and then flush the debris away with more hot water. This method works well for both metal and plastic drainage systems.

9. Use a Toilet Plug:

A toilet plug can be used to flush out any dirt or debris that is stuck in the drainage system. This method works well when your pipe is clogged with hair or other fine debris. You will have to put the plug into your drain opening and then pour water over it until all debris has been washed away.

10. Use a Rope:

You can use a rope to clean out any hair or debris that is stuck in your drainpipe. Firstly, tie a knot at the end of the rope and then put it deep inside your pipe so that it catches any loose debris that might be stuck in there. You can then pull out the knot by using the rope.

Tips to Maintain Split AC Drain Pipe:

Do Not Use Harsh Chemicals or Acids for Cleaning.

1. If the drainpipe gets clogged due to dirt, flush it with water after cleaning.

2. Do not use harsh chemicals or acids for cleaning.

3. If the drainpipe gets clogged due to falling debris, replace the section of the pipe which has fallen.

4. If the water leakage occurs through drain pipe joints, tighten the joints with a brush.

5. If you find holes on any section of the drainpipe, replace that particular section.

6. Never flush hairpins and other such items through the drainpipe to avoid clogging.


In this blog post, we’ve shared a few tips on how to clean split ac drain pipes. You can use these simple steps in order to avoid costly repairs and keep the outside of your home looking great! However, when your split ac drain pipe is clogged, it can lead to a major headache.

The best way to clear the blockage and avoid having this problem in the future is by hiring an expert for help. If you have any questions about the process or if you need assistance with other plumbing projects around your property, please contact us for more information.

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