Plastic storage bins are quite common in our household. You will find it everywhere, and we know the importance of bin boxes. Sometimes it becomes difficult to open and close the lid of the box. For this reason, we often try to make a hole in the plastic storage bin. This makes the work more straightforward, and you can also clean the box easily.

For making a hole in a plastic storage bin, you will need some essential elements. You will need a piece of the object which is circular. It is better to take the lid of a circular container. Then you will need an Exacto knife, and this is highly useful for cutting into plastic. You have to make the tip sharp you have to learn the proper manner of using this.

You will also need a marker, and for making the edges smooth, you have to use ordinary sandpaper. After you have managed all these elements, you can start the process. You have to start by marking the territory of the circle. You have to place the container lid on the top of the plastic bin; then, you have to draw the box’s circle. After you have marked the ring, you have to start cutting the box with the Exacto knife’s help.

You have to trim through the circular line, and then you have to take off the unnecessary portion. Now you will observe that the edges around the cut are quite sharp and uneven. You have to take sandpaper, which will be of minimum grit, and then you have to make the circular portion smooth. After you can take a piece of cloth and rub the opening, this will clear off the small plastic pieces. In this way, you can easily cut a hole in a plastic storage bin using straightforward tools.

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