How to Make Paper Hard Like Plastic


Many processes can be applied to make paper look like plastic. All the techniques are comfortable and do not require much proficiency. To better understand our readers, we will discuss two methods that will be easy for beginners to perform. These steps should be followed chronologically to obtain the best result. The process is discussed below with a proper explanation.

How to Make Paper Hard Like Plastic 1

Summary: If you want to make paper as hard as plastic, all you need is some starch and hot water. Mix a small amount of the starch with enough hot water to form a thick paste. Apply the paste to the paper and wait until it cools. The paper will be hard as plastic!


 Method One

• Step One

This method includes the use of white glue and paper. You will need some accessories; these are much important for making your process work properly. You have to manage some papers. You should be aware of the paper’s thickness because the paper with more thickness will be hard to bend. Then you will need a scale; this is much needed for marking the paper. You will need some white glue or paper glue for this process.

• Step Two

Now you need to take a piece of paper and put it on a cutting board – this will keep the glue from getting on the table. Be aware of what you’re wearing while doing this, as you don’t want to get glue on your clothes. Take a ruler and mark the middle of the paper, then fold the paper in half. This will make the length of your paper half, and you can join it using regular white glue. The paper’s dimensions will be reduced in this process, so we suggest you use a double-sided piece of paper.

• Step Three

Once the paper is folded into halves, you have to take the white glue, and you have to apply the glue to half of the paper. You have to take a piece of hardwood or plastic, which will help you spread the glue all over the page. You must apply glue properly around the edges. Once the adhesive is used, you must fold the other half and join it with the glued part. This will allow you to make the paper double-layered, and once the glue is dried, the paper will become hard. 

• Step Four

How to Make Paper Hard Like Plastic

But this is not enough to make your paper hard like plastic. You have to add more layers to this. It is better to add at least eight double-layered papers, one above the other. You have to use white glue to attach every piece of paper. Then you have to let the paper dry for at least one day. And it is better to keep the paper under sunlight, accelerating the drying process. In this manner, you can easily make paper hard like plastic.

 Method Two

• Step One

This process will be useful for stacking small-sized paper. When you want to make small-sized dimension paper look like plastic, you will need some essential accessories. In this case, you will need super glue. Then you have to manage some color paper with lower dimensions. There is no specific limit on the paper’s measurement, but we suggest keeping the size between sixteen square inches. You will also need fabric gloves for this process.

• Step Two

As the paper’s measurement is low, you must use the super glue because the white glue is more fluid so the paper will get easily dissolved. Now you must take the paper and place it on a cutting board. Then you have to wear gloves and open the super glue. You have to spread the super glue throughout the paper’s surface, then take another piece of paper, place it on the glued paper, and let it dry for some time.

• Step Three

In this manner, you must stack the papers one after the other using super glue. You must ensure the proper spreading of the adhesive along the edges of the paper. If the edges are not properly maintained, then there will be lacking stability among the papers. And the rigidity will be lessened. Another thing you have to keep in mind is the drying of the papers. For a sober plastic look, you must let the paper dry for a day.

Use a White Glue


In conclusion, we would like to state that the process we have said here will surely help make the paper look like plastic. The paper’s stability will be enhanced, and you can always use them to decorate your house. You can also use them as a paperweight. This process will benefit beginners, and the persons interested in DIY activities will undoubtedly be advantageous in this method. Thank you for your precious time. Have a nice day!

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