How to Dispose of Lava Lamps

Lava lamps have been an item for aesthetic decoration for a long time. Till these days it hasn’t lost its popularity. People like to have the lamp sitting at a show corner and have its own lighting show. Especially when the room is dark, and the only thing is lighting is the lava lamp with its lava. But it’s outstanding to get bored with this lamp and want to throw it away. If you’re going to do that, we will tell you how to dispose of lava lamps.How to Dispose of Lava Lamps-1

This lamp is mostly popular among the students living in dorms. They like to put it around their table to have some decoration. So, it is understandable that once they move from the dorm, they will want to throw it away. But it could be dangerous to throw the lamp with the chemicals in them. That is why you need to know the right way of how to dispose of lava lamps.

Learn: How To Dispose Of Lava Lamps

The manufacturer company of lava lamps assures that the chemicals are not explosive. There has been an incident where the light exploded, but it is due to the owner putting the lamp on a stove, and it overheated. But just because it does not explode means that you should be throwing it anywhere as the chemical could cause environmental problems. So, you need to learn the way of how to dispose of lava lamps.

The best way to dispose of the lava lamp is by wrapping it properly in the newspaper and throw it in the trash. You should never pour the chemical out of the lamp. The chemical inside contains wax. In case you throw it around the sink, the wax will cause hard. As for the electrical parts, you can dispose of it like any other electrical items. If you really want to empty the container, pour the liquid into a safe container first. Then you need to wrap the wax materials in a newspaper and throw it away. To get the liquid out, you can put a hole in the plastic container and pout them off.How to Dispose of Lava Lamps-2

If you are planning on reusing the container and not throw it away, you can do that. After washing the container properly, you can put your fish in them or use them for other purposes. We will warn you not to use it for food, at least.

​Safety Concerns

When you are using a lava lamp, you should know some fundamental safety concerns regarding the lamp. The liquid inside the lamp should never be consumed. And if an accident happens, you need to contact the doctor. If the liquid gets into the eyes, wash the eyes with water stream for at least 10 to 20 minutes. And if the liquid touches skin, clean the area thoroughly with soap and water. As for the clothes, take them off and wash them properly before using them again.

When You Are Using a Lava Lamp, You Should Know Some Fundamental Safety Concerns Regarding the Lamp

​Final Thoughts

That was all for how to dispose of lava lamps. We hope our tips will help you figure things out.

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