On a cold winter evening, when you have a friend’s layover in your house, and the weather is so quivering that you cannot go outside of the house, you must find some ways to entertain the folk while staying inside the home. In such situations playing board games or card games are the best solutions. Because it will take up much of your time to play them, and the whole session will also turn into an enjoyable way to pass the leisure.

In such cases, it is evident to know the exact rules of the games. Poker is such a card game that will intrigue the minds of the players, and this is a game which will be joyous to everyone that is participating in the game because the rules of the game are designed in such a manner that all the participating players will be able to play their turns with full access to the game. But as a host, you should always know the rules of the game.

When you plan to host a full-length poker game in your house, the primary thing you should be concerned about is the number of players playing and the distribution of the stakes or chips between them. A good game of poker is highly dependent on the process of distributing the chops by the host. This will make the other players create their own decisions and get a good turnout.

Assessing this situation today, we are going to instruct the process of how to distribute the poker chips, which will be much beneficial for the beginners to learn about the game and also make a good impression as a host of the competition among the players. This process will be much descriptive, so the learners will not have to worry about raising any confusion. So without making any more significant delay, let us go through the process of proper chip distribution.

Required Apparatus

Poker is a game of intellect, and the players can portray their intelligence through this game. This game is a process of circumventing from descension to ascension. And the first thing that is required for the players to play this game is the stack of cards. These stack of cards should be designed appropriately, and there should all fifty-two cards present on the table, and each hand of poker will be played using five cards.

Next, you need to have the chips; these are the key elements for playing this game. Because you can smoothly perform any types of cards game with the stack of fifty-two cards, but for playing poker, the exceptional aspect that you will sincerely require is the chips. There are many kinds of chips available in the market, and they have their values. Generally, in basic poker, we use the disks assigned values from twenty-five to one thousand.

The next thing that is most required is a pen and paper. Because you have to keep track of the whole game, and this is only possible while you are keeping instant notes for the entire process. But in recent days, their many mobile applications in both the android and IOS platforms will help lessen the hassle of writing and keep the total track of the individual players throughout the game. This will be much beneficial for the players to have a great time.

How to Distribute Poker Chips - 2


When you are deciding to host the poker game for the first time, then there are a couple of things that should be determined beforehand and which are the number of players that are attempting to play the game, the type of gameplay that you are expecting to have, the total duration of the game that you want to play and the number of chips that you should possess for having a decent game. Today we are going to give a briefing on the three types of game modes that can be easily played by the beginners. These are stated below chronologically.

Slow Tournament Mode

For the slow tournament mode, you must consider the number of players in the game. The game’s duration generally depends on the total amounts of chips that you have distributed among the players and the buy-in that has been called. There is a stipulated time duration for each hand in poker, which will help you control the total time. For the slow tournament mode, we distribute more chips and have a high amount of time for each hand of poker.

For example, when you have almost twenty to twenty-five players and want to conduct a poker game that will go long for nearly nine hours, you can efficiently distribute three thousand chips among the players. But for this type of game, you have to possess an enormous amount of chips. Now the blinds are to be set up in such a manner that they increase very slowly. A blind level often will easily do the job for you in this case.

In this case, the starting blinds should be taken as 25/50, in which the small screens are twenty-five, and the big blinds are fifty. The duration for each hand will be set up at thirty minutes, and after every four hands of poker, there will be a break for thirty minutes. This will allow the players to revive their energy and make a good come back. In this manner, you will continue to play the game for twelve rounds easily.

We have to remember that the chips should be distributed with the smallest denominations. You should place the chips of ten or twenty or two hundred because the first two are much less, and the third one can be prepared by emerging other chips. For the slow tournament, we prefer you to distribute the chips having one chip of thousand, two of five hundred, eight of hundred and eight of twenty-five. This will be even distribution, and the game will also be much easy to continue.

Medium Tournament Mode

In this case, there will be fewer players, and all the values will be slightly decreased than the slow mode. But there will be no significant change in the main rules of the game, just the stakes will be altered, and the blind levels will increase fast. For this reason, the first thing we have to do is to decrees each hand’s time for the poker game. For the medium mode pf the tournament, you can keep the duration within twenty minutes.

This will allow you to increase the blinds much fast and finish the game a bit quicker. Now the blinds that are needed for the game should be set up as usual 25/50. And the blind level will be kept at ten. The whole game will comprise almost five hours, and the chips will be distributed on about 1500 per player. They will get two chips of five hundred, three chips of one hundred and eight chips of twenty-five. The need for the chip of thousand is null in this format of the game.

Fast Tournament Mode

In this mode of the game, the game will be finished much quicker than the previous ones, and the whole game will be completed within three hours. Mainly when you have a dinner party at your home, you can arrange this format of poker to pass the time while the dinner is getting prepared. For this format, we have to lower the stakes more, and the blinds will be increased at a higher rate. The duration for each of the hands of poker will be brought down to fifteen minutes.

This will allow us to make the call the blinds at a level often, and the first blinds will be as usual 25/50. Almost twenty-five players can participate in the game, and there is also a forfeiting option in the game. For the chips, we suggest that you distribute a total of thousand valued chips among the players in which there will be one five hundred chips, three hundred chips, and eight twenty-five chips. This will make the game much interesting and enjoyable.

Things to Keep in Mind While Performing the Task

Playing a poker game is quite enjoyable, but as a host and a beginner, there are certain aspects that you should always keep in mind while playing. This will be much beneficial for you because having a consideration in these aspects will enable you to have a smooth game. Some of these aspects are stated below in brief.Playing a poker game is quite enjoyable, but as a host and a beginner, there are certain aspects that you should always keep in mind while playing. This will be much beneficial for you because having a consideration in these aspects will enable you to have a smooth game. Some of these aspects are stated below in brief.

• PlaytimeThe first thing that you have to be much sincere about the game is considering the game time. The game time will allow you to decide on which pattern you want to play the game, and all the related distribution swill be done based on this aspect. You will call the blinds and distribute the chips based on the number of players and the game time you want.

• Game ProspectAnother essential aspect that you should keep in mind while playing the game is the prospect that you want to continue the game. In this case, there are two ways, which are the tournament mode and the cash mode. Both of them have quite similar rules, but there are still differences that you must know. We suggest you take up more studies to allow you to have profound knowledge about these individual game types.


Is there any way to forfeit the game without finishing?

This is the best advantage if the poker game that you can leave the game whenever you want. When you have had your hand full of poker, you can quickly leave the game with the chips without placing them at any more stake. This will allow you to forfeit the game without any questions asked. You do not have to wait for any particular point in the game to leave the game.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we would like to infer that the process we have mentioned about distributing the chips for the poker game will be useful for learning the preliminary aspects of the poker game for the beginners. By this, they will be able to host their own poker game with their friends and have an excellent time. Happy playing! Have a beautiful day!!