How to Fix a Broken Headlight Cover

Headlight covers are an innovation in the car industry that has had an amazing impact on driving safety. Headlights provide light to illuminate the road ahead so drivers can see what is coming and prepare their stop or avoidance maneuvers accordingly. Still, headlights also produce glare for other drivers, which makes it difficult for them to see. 

The use of headlight covers eliminates this problem by reflecting light away from oncoming traffic while still illuminating the road ahead of you. They also reduce overall lighting needs and therefore save energy. But sometimes, these covers get broken, which becomes an issue for the user. For this reason, I am going to discuss how to fix a broken headlight cover.

How to Fix a Broken Headlight Cover

How Headlight Covers Get Broken?

You can experience damage to your headlight covers in many ways. For example, sometimes the traffic light is not properly set up, and your car might bump into it when you are turning or cross-checking, causing you to get scratches on either the light lens or cover. Or maybe some thieves have broken into your car, forced open the front part of your vehicle, including the headlights, and tried to steal them.

If the thieves did a good job of breaking in, then their efforts must be successful because they broke off one side or both sides of the headlight covers; even worse if those things got stolen completely.

If you changed or have adjusted your wiper blades recently, that might also lead to a simple breakage like where you press too hard against the headlight covers, scratching off the lens.

Most of these damages are not acceptable because they look bad on your car or truck. If you don’t get them fixed momentarily, then water will eventually enter through the cracks and cause rusting inside, which is even worse than a simple broken headlight cover. You’ll need to spend more money too to get it replaced again than what you needed for the first time around, especially when you repair a cracked LED light instead of getting a replacement that’s already new in the package. And you know how much those things cost nowadays.

A Procedure on How to Fix a Broken Headlight Cover

Check for Water Penetration

If you find that your headlights are not working anymore and there are several rust stains on them, then you must check to see if water has entered the cover first before you take it off. If so, get a towel or paper towel and wipe out all the moisture inside. You have to make sure that the surface of your headlight is dehydrated before you apply any stuff found in this article. Otherwise, they won’t stick to each other.

One great thing about LED lights is that they don’t need electrical contacts like conventional bulbs, but they still work the same way. A metal contact board at its backside acts as both a power supply and signal receiver with the engine’s engine electrical system.

We’re going to use a contact adhesive here, so make sure that the surface where you will apply it remains dry and clean. Next, check if your headlights have contacts already or not by opening their covers and take a quick look inside the reflector area with a flashlight. If you can see a gold-colored metal board there, it means you don’t need an extra pair of contacts for the power supply, make them stick to each other with the same adhesive found on every other part of your LED light (you know which one that is). Well, if they do have contacts already but are still damaged, then try using the same type of glue sold to repair those things, too, although it might be quite tricky to apply it on the cracks thoroughly enough.

Reflector Headlight

If your headlights don’t have any electrical contacts, then you will need to get one pair of those to make them work again, and these things are usually sold at local automobile shops or parts supply stores; however, they can be quite pricey if you go for latest models and designs that came out after 2010. They are also helpful when you wish to replace a headlight lamp with a newer model LED bulb, as we will see later but still, it’s not really cheap because of its connection board which acts as a power distributor.

How to Prevent Headlight Covers From Breaking?

First of all, the best way to prevent a headlight cover from breaking is to keep it from cracking in the first place. Poor handling or dropping your bike can cause small cracks that later develop into bigger ones. Also, it’s important to ensure good load distribution when carrying heavy loads on your vehicle to avoid stressing one part more than others. And always use foam padding when packing breakable items for transport.

When Should You Replace Your Headlight Covers?

If you find there are stress fractures on your motorcycle headlight cover where the light housing meets, repair work is necessary before further damage occurs, and you run a risk of getting blinded by broken glass while riding at night. Signs that your headlight has structural weaknesses include pushing on the cover until it bends slightly.

What Are the Risks of Not Fixing Your Headlight Covers?

There are many risks associated with driving around town with a broken headlight cover, such as potential complaints from other motorists and possible criminal charges if your poor visibility leads to an accident.

It’s also important that any damage to your vehicle is repaired quickly as there could be safety risks due to water entering the housing and drying out or cracking the electrical connection, which can result in sudden failure of headlights or complete electrical system failure when electrics short out while driving at speed.

To add insult to injury, any unpaid parking tickets you may have will no longer get collected by parking enforcement officers—you must take care of them yourself. 

The repair costs can also go up if there is damage to the front end of your car when a second party files a claim against you and obtains a judgment in their favor; then, they proceed to collect on that award through your insurance company.

In this case, it would have been better for everyone involved if you had fixed the headlight cover before someone else’s negligence damaged it.


In conclusion, I hope that the process stated here will surely help you with questions on how to fix the broken headlight covers. It would help if you always kept the covers clean for better visuals. Thank you, and have a good day.

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