How to Fix A Dried Out Highlighter

How many times have you found out that your highlighter has dried out right before the night of examination! Even though it is probably new or you have not used up all the ink inside! This problem seems to persist in every student’s life once at least. And it happens mostly when you have no time for buying a new one for immediate use. That is when you would want to know the solution of how to fix a dried out highlighter.

How to Fix A Dried Out Highlighter 1

A highlighter is quite important when you are making notes or doing some last-minute revision. You would want to highlight the important lines on your books or notes with colorful ink so that they will stay visible to your eyes when you are going to look through the pages right before you enter your examination hall or the night before. But keeping the highlighter’s company when you need them the most is challenging. If you do not know how to fix a dried out highlighter, you will have no choice but to buy a new one. But fear not, as we are here to help you figure out the basics.

DIY: How to Fix a Dried Out Highlighter

It does not take rocket science to get your dried out highlight work again. If you have not used the highlighter a lot and you are using that there is ink left inside, then it is no doubt that the ink has dried down inside. You do not have to go and buy another new highlight for your next revision; rather, you can use some simple tricks to get the highlighter work again.

How To Fix A Dried Out Highlighter

First, shake the highlighter pen vigorously. By shaking the pen, you may mix the liquid ink with the dried out one, and it will help the dried out ones to activate again. Sometimes all the ink inside the highlighter may not be dried up. But only some area, especially the tip of the highlighter, may have some dried up ink due to exposure to the air outside. This will help the product to be cleared up to use just like before. Keep scribbling on a paper until the ink starts to come out, and you will have the highlighter working again.

The next option of how to fix a dried out highlighter is the most suitable and trustworthy one. For that, you will have to ready a bowl of water. What you are going to do is take off the cap of the highlighter and put the nip on the water. Keep the nip inside the water for a few seconds. After that, you have to wait at least ten seconds. In between the time, you can use some towels to dry the pen out if the whole thing got water on it. Also, you have to be careful not to waste any ink on the water either.

What it is going to do is, when you put the nip inside the water, the ink holder will start to absorb the water as it is made out of a sponge. The water will help the dried up ink to soften and become liquid light before. Once the ink is softened, the highlighter will start to work like before.

You need to be careful not to dip the nip in water for too long. As longevity will make the sponge absorb too much water, and the liquid will be damaged by the excessive water. Also, this solution might not be that long-lasting, and you may have to dip the highlighter a few more times after you start using it.

But if you want a more long-lasting, effective way to make the dried out ink work, you can use vinegar or acetone to do the same. You have to use a decent amount of liquid for that. You will also need to dip the highlighter for more than thirty seconds before you can try out the highlighter. But you have to be careful about using them as they may make the ink lose its color or harm the highlight in many ways that you would not want in this dire situation.

 Fix a Dried Out Highlighter

Final Thoughts

There you go; that was a few of the ways of how to fix a dried out highlighter. Now, with these solutions available to you, you will never to worry about ink drying out on your highlighter unless you have used up everything inside the highlighter. You can at least now save up some trouble before your exam.

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