How to Fix a See Through Shirt

It’s the worst feeling in the world when you put on your favorite shirt, and it is see-through. How can such a simple mistake happen? Well, there are actually many reasons why this may have happened. In this post, we will talk about different ways on how to fix a see through shirt so that you don’t have to go out and buy all new clothes!

How to Fix a See Through Shirt

Summary: In order to fix a see-through shirt, one must first determine the cause of the problem. If the shirt is sheer, the problem is likely with the fabric itself. If the shirt is see-through due to thinning or transparency in the fabric, then the problem is with the seams or construction of the garment. In either case, there are several solutions. If the shirt is sheer, the easiest solution is to purchase a more opaque fabric. If the shirt is see-through due to thinning or transparency in the fabric, then a solution may be as simple as using a thicker thread in the seam or construction.

What is See Through Shirt?

If your shirt becomes see-through in some areas, you can try to fix it at home by using an iron at low temperature with a cloth placed over it; using mild dishwashing liquid such as Palmolive; or rubbing toothpaste directly onto the area where the transparency lies before washing it off after one minute.

To keep your clothes looking new, use Woolite white when cleaning stains. For best results, wash garments at 40 degrees Celsius with gentle detergent. If you want to show off your body, find a shirt that won’t be see-through. The easiest way to tell if something is transparent or sheer is by holding it up against the light.

Reasons Why See Through Shirt Happens

The first reason a see-through shirt happens is the fabric of your clothing is too thin. The second reason for this issue can happen if you wear clingy fabrics or clothes that don’t have enough weight, like silk, for example.

Your body shape can impact your wardrobe choices in ways you may not realize. For example, an hourglass figure may require you to layer with something underneath, so that skin isn’t always showing from under your shirt. Pay attention to these details when getting dressed in the morning to ensure a flattering look.

If you know you’ll be exposing bare skin often, consider using sheer clothing. Sheer fabrics are like your regular clothes, but made from a lighter, transparent material.

Required Materials

  • Ironing Board or Towel
  • Clothes Iron
  • Water Spray Bottle
  • Non-Stick Spray
  • Seam Ripper & Thread Needle
  • Tape

Procedures: How to Fix a See Through Shirt 

Step One:

Use an iron with the cotton setting on your shirt. Make sure it is unplugged and shut off before you start using it. If there are wrinkles, don’t press them down. Do not use steam settings because they will make the fabric look wetter than usual and run the risk of getting a damp shirt.

Use an Iron With the Cotton Setting

Step Two:

Get your ironing board out and lay your shirt on top of it. Iron from the bottom up, making sure there are no wrinkles or creases in the fabric. Hold down both sides as you do this to prevent fringe from forming on the edges.

Step Three:

Turn your shirt inside out and iron from the top down to get all of those pesky wrinkles straightened out.

Step Four:

Turn back right-side out and make sure there are no creases or wrinkles that need to be dealt with before hanging it up. I personally use a clothes hangar, but you can also use a towel bar or even just the back of your door.

Step Five:

Iron your shirt again from the bottom up, just to make sure that everything is completely smooth.

Step Six:

Iron one last time, starting at the top and moving down to avoid any wrinkles that might have formed in your shirt. Use a fabric shaver to trim down any bumps or creases.

Step Seven:

Hang your shirt up somewhere out of the way. Wear and enjoy! It’s as easy as that. You now have a lovely, fresh dress shirt without any of those pesky see-through issues!

Things To Consider Before Wearing  See Through Shirt

  1. Layering is by far the most effective way of avoiding being seen in public with your underwear on display like it were some kind of fashion show. Simply wear a long top that covers past your navel or mid-thigh, whichever is longer than what you’re wearing below. This will ensure that even if anyone happens to lift your arm unexpectedly, they won’t see your undergarments.Things to Consider Before Wearing  See Through Shirt
  2. Avoid wearing thin, loose clothing, so it doesn’t cling to the body and show all of what’s underneath; this includes tank tops or anything fitted tightly around the waist.
  3. Wear a tight-fitting bra if you need support for long periods of time and avoid low-cut shirts that only amplify any cleavage shown on account of a bad fit.
  4. Get some dark-colored clothes to hide stains that are inevitable from spilling food, drinks or getting caught out in the rain unexpectedly.  It also might be good to buy pants with an elastic waistband because when they go up, they won’t fall back down on their own accord, leaving everyone at home free to admire how tidy you are.
  5. Avoid wearing thick tights or anything that stretches across the middle of your stomach because it will only show everything underneath in a more embarrassing manner than if you were to wear nothing at all. This includes leggings as well.
  6. If there is too much breast exposure and/or cleavage showing, then try not to expose your chest area by either crossing one arm over the other, saving yourself from any unwanted attention, and also use some fashion tape on the inside hem of your shirt so that once it’s tucked into whatever bottom piece you choose to wear for modesty purposes, no skin should be visible whatsoever.
  7. Don’t forget about plumbers’ crack, which looks like when someone has an issue with their zipper and lets their pants sag below their rear-end.

Tips To Avoid See Through Shirt

  • Wear a push-up bra or no bra at all if you don’t have one.
  • Don’t wear see-through shirts with thin fabric, especially in the summertime when it’s already hot enough without having to show off your nipples!
  • Always wear a bra if you’re going to be wearing any type of sheer shirt, especially in the summertime
Wearing Any Type of Sheer Shirt
  • If you don’t have access to either of those options, check out your local thrift store or look online for cheap bras. You definitely won’t regret it!
  • Make sure that there is enough fabric on the top half of your see-through shirt to not expose anything when bending over, and make sure that it’s an appropriate length, so no skin is exposed from behind.
  • It should never ride up too high and show off more than what would usually be shown in public.
  • If you have a transparent shirt, don’t wear any revealing bottoms, or else it will make your outfit even more, see-through.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Find a See-through Shirt?

You can find see-through shirts by browsing the internet for clothing stores that sell them. You will be able to view pictures of these products and read customer reviews on whether they are worth buying or not. If you need one right now, try your nearest department store.

How Do You Find a See Through Shirt

There is a good chance they have something in stock! To get this done as fast as possible, simply ask someone at the counter what type of tank tops, blouses, etc., are available and if they happen to carry any see-through skirts or dresses.

How Do You Wear See Through Clothes?

See-through clothes are often dresses or blouses with nothing underneath. When worn this way, there is no problem with being see-through! However, if one wears something underneath (a skirt) but still has an issue of their clothing being transparent, we recommend purchasing clothing in at least two sizes larger than what would usually fit doing so ensures that your clothing provides enough coverage while also a lot of the excess material to be cut off and used for other projects.

What Do You Wear Under a See-Through Dress Shirt?

A see-through shirt is always a problem. There are many different ways of solving this issue depending on the coat one has to wear or what they have in their wardrobe. One way that works for most coats and jackets and wears a lightweight, long sleeve undershirt, but it may be too warm for some people’s tastes.

See-through Shirt is Always a Problem

Another solution would be grabbing an extra button-down shirt from your closet (make sure it fits you), adding some strategic clips to the chest area so that each layer can cover up the other when needed! With these tips in mind, you should no longer suffer from frustrations like those associated with being seen while wearing clothes that were not made for such things!

Why Are White Dress Shirts See-through?

One of the main causes for this is that most people do not have enough fabric to fill out the shirt. The more fullness there is, then the less likely it will be seen through. Having a fuller breast area also makes a difference! Another factor would be that in some cases, one might use too much starch or ironing which may shrink and cause the material to become more transparent.

In these instances, simply using water and vinegar instead of detergent can help stop any shrinking from happening! Lastly, you should consider adding an extra button-down shirt on top just so your skin has something else to hide behind when needed. This way, you won’t need to worry about wearing a jacket to cover up! In conclusion, know what causes white shirts from being see-through is largely dependent on the size and how full it is.

What Color Undershirt Should You Wear for See Through Clothes?

The color of the undershirt you’re wearing can make or break how see-through your shirt is. This is a matter of personal preference and will need to be tested out depending on what colors suit you best! It doesn’t really seem like there are many different options, but that’s not true at all. How dark the undershirt has impacted whether it appears more opaque than light-colored ones with similar opacity ratings because they’ll provide less contrast for people to see through.

The color of the undershirt you're wearing can make or break

Is See Through Clothes Bad?

It’s not bad; it just depends on what you need. If your clothes are see-through and you’re in public or a place where people can see that right away, then that may make some people uncomfortable since they’ll be able to see the outline of your body.

If your shirt is too transparent, there are three things you can do: first thing would be to change the color of an undergarment by wearing either white or black depending on which best suits your skin tone; the second option is adjusting how loose fitting it is with alternating between looser and tighter layers; last but not least wear attractive underwear underneath to avoid any more embarrassment.


The human body is a beautiful thing, and it should be celebrated. But there are some situations that call for a little too much exposure – like when you have to wear an outfit with a sheer top or dress. Fear not, though because this blog post will teach you how to fix a see through shirt, so they’re wearable again!  

If the issue is only at the chest, then all you need to do is add one more layer underneath the offending piece of fabric (a camisole works wonders). This fixes both issues: it covers up what was showing and adds support where needed. We’ve also got tips on fixing see-through clothes that have popped up at the waistband or on your bottom.

To fix a see-through shirt from the waist, go to one of those cheap elastic corset belts and wrap it around your torso until there’s enough coverage for your modesty. If our How to Fix a See Through Shirt article was helpful to you, then please comment below with any questions or suggestions! We always love hearing feedback from our readers.

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