How to Fix a Stripped Windshield Wiper Arm


The part of the windshield wiper you grip onto to push forward is a wiper arm. The end opposite from the gas pedal has a curved section with two springs (one has a wire attached) and are usually lined up over each other on the shaft when they are off your car or truck. Your wipers use this area, which can get worn out over time from it rubbing against your windshield, for leverage on your glass, gearing the blades so that they slide across smoothly without gathering too much dirt and grime.

How to Fix a Stripped Windshield Wiper Arm

In this article, I will discuss how to fix a stripped windshield wiper arm. So let us get started.

What Causes Stripped Wipers?

Stripped wiper arms are a common problem. As wipers age and the wiper arm’s plastic heats up, the plastic weakens and becomes more susceptible to stripping. This is not the end of your windshield wipers by any means: pop down to your local auto parts store and pick up new ones for 10-20 bucks.

If you don’t have that kind of money lying around right now, try to find some spray lubricant or other sort of lubrication solution that can be sprayed onto the car windshield wiper before use, and that should solve your problem (at least temporarily).

It’s important not to make a habit out of using these temporary fixes, though, because they will wear down just like the original wiper arm did. Make sure to take your car to a professional as soon as possible to avoid another episode of stripped windshield wipers.

Step-wise Guide on How to Fix a Stripped Windshield Wiper Arm

Step 1

Find a replacement for the stripped arm; you can buy any new wiper arm and head separately. It is advised that you replace broken or worn parts before they cause further damage to your windshield wipers. If there is no need for the base, eliminate it to reduce weight.

Step 2

Identify the parts of the original wiper arm that you will fix to remove any rust if necessary using a wire brush or sandpaper. Wash all parts with soap and water, then dry them thoroughly before re-assembling them together to not allow rusting from forming on those areas where two different metals come into contact with each other. To avoid corrosion between steel and aluminum parts, use WD-40.

Step 3

Fix the broken parts together with new ones using rubber cement or epoxy glue. Use clamps to hold everything in place until it dries up. If the arm needs to be shortened, you need to cut it at the same length as the other side of your windshield wiper blade so that both sides play synchronously in wiping the windshield clean.

Step 4

The last thing you must do before reattaching the wiper arm back onto your vehicle’s body is sanding down any rough surface around the hole where a screw holds it into position with a bench grinder until smooth and rust-free; spray paint all sections with undercoat paint to restore them from corrosion causing agents, then finally apply an epoxy coating for protection.

Precautions While Performing How to Fix a Stripped Windshield Wiper Arm:

  • While you fix the windshield wiper arm, ensure that your car is on the level surface. If it is not, then try to adjust it correctly. However, if you can’t do so, then follow the instructions given below.
  • Before fixing a stripped windscreen wiper arm, make sure it is fully stopped and the engine has gone off completely. This prevents any accidents due to the moving of left or right side windows and also ensures safety from injuries by broken glass or other objects coming from outside as a result of sudden movement of windowpane while fiddling with external links of windshield wipers system which might have become stiff because of rusting over time.
  • Never attempt to strip a small slot in place of a bigger one, which can cause more trouble than providing an actual solution to the problem.
  • Try fixing the stiff external links gently as forcing them might make matters worse and lead to further stripping of screws or other links. Therefore, you might have to replace the entire linked mechanism with a new one once they become unusable, even after repairing and cleaning it up thoroughly with the help of proper tools that are needed for doing so.

Car Maintenance Tips to Avoid Accidents

1. Tighten the Wiper Blades

Don’t keep driving with your wiper blades in a loose condition because it will affect your vision while you’re on the road. If you find that your wipers are loose, tighten them immediately and ensure that they function well.

Loose Condition 
Wiper Blades

2. Replace Wiper Blades

Replace those worn-out wipers with new ones to avoid accidents caused by this problem. Also, replace both of the arms if one is broken or stripped of its slot.

3. Adjust Windshield Washers

If your windshield washer doesn’t work properly, clean the nozzles using an old toothbrush and then remove all dirt particles from under the hood by spraying hot water on them. This will prevent them from clogging up and using the windshield washer.

4. Fill Windshield Washers with Water

If your wipers don’t clear off water spots, you need to check the reservoir for air leaks or not refilling after use. If that’s the case, remove both of them and then fill them with hot tap water so they will work and refill properly.

5. Lubricate Wiper Rubber Blades

Lubricate wiper rubber blades as needed. You can use a silicone spray to do it more effectively and make sure that you carefully read the instructions to avoid damaging the windshields. Silicone sprays last longer than petroleum-based lubricants. Don’t over oil as this may cause streaks on your windshield.

6. Apply Rain-X Wiper Fluid

Use Rain-X to ensure that your windshield wipers work effectively in all weather conditions by helping them remove debris from the glass and improving visibility even if there is heavy rain.

7. Replace Wipers regularly

Replace wiper blades as needed, not just during winter or when you’re driving through muddy roads but also replace them every year so they can be of maximum service for you.

8. Check Your Belts for Cracks/Damage

Check tires, belts, hoses, and other parts periodically starting from the top down (A/C belt, alternator belt, power steering belt, etc.) Keep your engine belts in good condition by replacing them every five years. Replace your serpentine belt if it’s more than a year old, and make sure that you use the right size to avoid damaging your engine.

9. Check Your Air Filter

A clean air filter ensures proper oxygen intake, which leads to maximum performance of an engine. A clogged air filter will reduce horsepower and fuel economy. You need to check if there are particles trapped in the element or on the side of its housing and remove these before installing fresh ones.

A Clean Air Filter Ensures 
Maximum Performance of an Engine.

10. Change Motor Oil Periodically

You should change oil according to the manufacturer’s recommendation for better performance but do this at least once a year. The average life of an oil filter is between six and eight months. So make sure that you replace your old filter with a new one.


As a final note, it is important to consider that the new wiper arm and head have the same weight as the original parts so that your windshield wipers continue working effectively without any added resistance to their motion; if you need help in choosing an appropriate component for replacement purposes, contact your local auto shop or vehicle dealer. I hope you have learned how to fix a stripped windshield wiper arm from this article. Thank you and have a nice day!

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