How to Fix All Circuits Are Busy

When you see the “circuits are busy” message, it means you need to wait a little while before making another call. But it’s hard to know how long to wait, so sometimes people get impatient and try again too soon. Our article will show you how to fix this problem so you don’t have to keep seeing that message.

Busy Circuits Of Mobile Phone

Reasons Why You Get All Circuits Are Busy Message:

  • The device is out of battery and needs to be charged
  • Signal strength might be too low, try moving closer to the network coverage area or restart your phone.
  • You might be in an area where you have no signal
  • Your SIM card may have been rejected by another carrier’s system because it was previously reported as stolen or lost.
  • Your account is not yet active or has been suspended.
  • The phone number you’re trying to reach is currently disconnected, out of service, or needs a new SIM card before it can receive calls.

Methods: How to Fix All Circuits Are Busy 

Method One: Turn off Airplane Mode 

Turning off airplane mode is probably one way to get coverage back. However, you should be careful because there is a chance that the battery will run out quickly. I suggest that you turn airplane mode off and then find a place where you can get a good signal. Once you have a good signal, you can turn airplane mode back on.

Method Two: Restart your Phone or Device

Restarting your cell phone can fix problems with coverage and signal strength. Usually, restarting fixes any software issues on your cell phone and any connection problems between networks.

Method Three: Turn on Airplane Mode

This is not a very good solution, but if your device has other problems and restarting doesn’t fix them, then turning it into airplane mode might. One thing that can happen when you turn on airplane mode is that the phone won’t have any signal or coverage, so make sure to get a data plan if you are going to use this technique. Turning airplane mode on and off is a pretty simple process. Just go to Settings, then Cellular, and then turn on Airplane Mode. Once it’s on, you can turn it back off the same way.

Method Four: Check the Coverage Map

You can check the map to see if there are any areas with better coverage near you. If your phone has been dropped in water, make sure not to use it or turn on airplane mode until you have dried it off and taken out the battery. There are also ways you can boost your signal by using a network extender or booster. These need to be installed properly and you will need to check with your carrier to see if they are compatible with their network.

Method Five: Reset network Settings

Resetting the network setting will delete all of your stored network settings and allow you to reconfigure them. For example, if your phone is running out of battery, it’s best not to turn on airplane mode because it will drain the battery faster. The network settings reset process is different for all.

Method Six: Remove Phone Battery and Put it Back Again

If you have tried all of the steps and your phone is still not working, one last thing to try would be removing the battery and putting it back in. This will force the phone to restart and hopefully reset whatever is wrong. If the phone battery is not removable, you need to find a way to turn off the phone.

Removing The Battery

Method Seven: Take out SIM card and then Put it Back in

If you have a working SIM or SD Card, try removing the other to see if there is still a coverage issue. If this works, contact your carrier as soon as possible and ask for assistance.

Take Out The Sim Card

Method Eight: Contact a Mobile Phone Repair Shop Near You

Contacting a mobile phone repair shop will depend on what’s wrong with your device, so make sure to ask them first before taking it in. Repair shops can be found on your carrier’s website or Google Maps for local repair stores.

Tips To Prevent All Circuits Are Busy:

Here are Some Tips for Preventing this Problem from Occurring:

  • Turn off the features you are not using on your phone.
  • Try restarting the device. It may be time to power down your device for a while. Do not try restarting it with the power switch, as this will result in a hard reset that deletes all data on your phone
  • Turn on Airplane Mode and then back off. Disable any features that are not being used, such as Bluetooth or other Wi-Fi networks, to free up space and improve your data speed. 
  • Remove any apps running in the background by pressing the home button twice and swiping up to remove app previews. To open an app, just tap it from this screen.
  • Try using Wi-Fi or data instead of cellular.
  • Restart the phone. Do not try restarting by pressing and holding the power button, as this will result in a hard reset that deletes all your data, apps, and settings.
  • Check for updates to installed app versions from their respective home pages or stores. Updates can sometimes fix bugs on devices.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How Do You Fix a Circuit Busy Error on Your Phone?

A: If the problem is that all circuits are busy, or if you get an “all circuits are busy” message or error tone when you are trying to place a call, there is likely an overload of demand on the particular line.

Q: Why Do I Get Verizon Circuits are Busy?

A: Phone circuits that are busy can be caused by a number of issues. Maybe you have too many simultaneous phone calls, or the line has been severed for some reason from your service provider’s side.


If you’ve ever been frustrated with how to fix all circuits are busy messages from your phone, then reading this blog will be helpful for you. The problem only occurs when there is a circuit overload in one of the phone exchanges service in your area. Unfortunately, this problem is a frequent one and can be frustrating to deal with. Luckily, there are some simple solutions that you can try before resorting to your phone company for help solving the issue.

One option would be turning off or restarting your router by unplugging it from its power source and then plugging it back in. You could also check if other devices on your network have an internet connection while trying to access WiFi on your laptop. This may indicate that the issue lies elsewhere instead of with you. If none of these options work, call up customer service for more guidance!

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