How To Fix Glasses Without A Screwdriver

If you wear glasses, you know the difficulty of finding a screwdriver. When your glasses break and need to be fixed quickly, don’t worry. Here’s how to fix glasses without a screwdriver or any other tools! This is an article about fixing broken glasses without needing additional tools like a screwdriver.

How To Fix Glasses Without A Screwdriver

Directions: How to Fix Glasses Without a Screwdriver

Step One: Gather Some Scissors

You should have some scissors in your home. If not, you may be able to find them around the house or yard.

Gather Some Scissors

Step Two: Grab a Piece of Paper and Cut Around Your Glasses Frame

Cut a piece of paper into the shape of your glasses, and then cut around them. This will make sure that you get all parts of the frame when cutting off the broken pieces. Carefully take away any remaining broken pieces until there is nothing left on the top or bottom half. You may need to use both hands for this step to prevent injury!

Step Three: Take Off the Sides

Take off one side of the glasses frame at a time with the piece of paper still on it. You’ll want to make sure the shape matches up as best as possible so that all sides are symmetrical when they’re done being cut.

Take Off the Side of the Glasses Frame

Step Four: Fold Up One Side of the Paper

Take one side of your paper that’s been cut off, fold it over, so you have a crease in the middle. Then tape this piece onto just one side of your glasses frame. This should be close enough together to where you can then fit another half on top and make sure they’re symmetrical.

Step Five: Fold Up Another Side of Your Paper

Once again, take one more side from the paper, which has also now been cut off, fold it up like before with a crease in the middle, but this time stick it onto both halves of what would look like two sides if there was no glass.

Step Six: Add Some Tape for Support

The last step is to add some tape for support. You can either do this with clear sticky tape on the back of your glasses or by cutting a piece of masking tape in two and then folding it up into thirds so that you have four pieces of tape to stick onto your frame.

Some Tips & Tricks

Tip 1: Before you start, make sure to have the two pieces of cardboard which are going to support your glasses.

Tip 2: To prevent scratching up the glass lenses on your frames, cut a piece of clear plastic from an old CD and place it between them when you put everything together.

Tip 3: To ensure your glasses are aligned properly, place the edge of a credit card on the nosepiece (the straight piece that connects to both sides) and push down until you feel/hear it snap into place.

Tip 4: Once everything is in order, put one side of the frame over top of the cardboard, then cover with another side, so they fit together snugly. Take care not to grip them too tightly as this could cause stress fractures or even breakage.

Tip 5: If all else fails or if this isn’t working for some reason, try using washers instead so that they can be screwed back in with any object that might fit into their indentations like a screwdriver or even by hand without one!

Precautions To Take

  1. Wearing glasses for long hours can lead to a number of different problems like headaches and eye strain, so be sure to take breaks from wearing them.
  2. Don’t place your glasses on top of something rough or hard where it could scratch the lens; otherwise, you’ll need a replacement pair!
  3. If you’re stuck with screws that are too big for the hole, make sure to buy new ones! You can find replacements at any hardware store.
  4. There is no need to take off your lenses. If it’s just one screw that broke, just drill out from the outside edge first, then remove what’s left inside with pliers.
  5. Remove excess glue by gently scraping away material around edges using a blade before removing frames and replacing lens (on plastic frames). Gently scrape along glass side of frame only as not
  6. If adjusting your glasses doesn’t work, consult with an optometrist as they will have more tools that may help.


If you’re in a bind and need to fix your glasses, there are plenty of options mentioned In this blog post. We’ve provided some easy ways for how to fix glasses without a screwdriver that can help get you back on the road quickly. You never know when these quick fixes will come in handy!

I hope this article has been helpful to you and that it helps fix your glasses. If you found any other methods that work well? Share them in the comments section!

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