How to Fold a Chinese Take Out Box

Chinese take-out boxes are the cute mini wonders that will save you from spending hours wrapping up a small present while struggling with scotch tapes. If you have some hard paper and know how to fold a Chinese take-out box, you will never have to worry about having a box or wrapping your present again. And here, we will tell you all about how to complete this mission without spending any dime.

How to Fold a Chinese Take Out Box

So, what is a Chinese take-out box? If you cannot understand the name, we will tell you that you have already seen it. When you go to some restaurants and bring some take-out food home, you will find the food wrapped in a perfect paper box that can be unfolded within a few seconds. That folding box is called a Chinese takeout box. It is not only to wrap food, but you can use it when trying to give someone a gift.

A great idea is when you want to give your friends some homemade cookies, you can make one of the boxes and write down some messages on the body to make the gift look special. And that is why we are here to tell you how to fold a Chinese take-outbox. 

It does not take some rocket science to figure out how to fold the box. You do not have to worry about working hard to find the materials. Everything you will need for this project can be found at your home. You are going to need

Crafting paper

• Template for the boxes

 • Scale

 • Papercutting knife

How to Select the Template

To learn how to fold a Chinese take-out box, you first must know that you need to have a template for the box. The template is fundamental to making the box as you will not be able to do it with plain paper.

Learn How to Fold

Many websites offer free templates to download with all the required measurements. All you have to do is find the one you need. You will benefit greatly if you already know how to make the template.

You will find out that for making the box, the paper has to have some cutting and designs that will make it easy for you to fold them into the right shape. Also, another important thing is the measurement. You will have to know the right size to get the right side of the box.

A medium-size Chinese take-out box will require you to have 12 inches on all sides of the paper. And if you want bigger or smaller, you can customize the size according to your need. But make sure the size is square. When you select the desired template, you can print it out and trace it on the paper, or you can see the measurement and cut the craft paper accordingly. So, before doing anything else, you have to prepare your box template.

Step for How to Fold a Chinese Take-Out Box

How to Fold a Chinese Take Out Box

Step 1: Now that the template is ready, you can start with the folding. The first thing you have to do is fold from two sides of the paper. And then to the same thing from the other sides. What this will do is make a rectangular shape in the middle.

Step 2: After folding the middle portion, you will need to fold the top parts of the paper. The top part should be cut out into a smaller portion that will be used a portion to seal the box. One piece of advice is that when folding, you can use a ruler to make the line straight and creaseless.

Step 3: After you are done, you can see that the box has the shape for folding into a box, but the corners are not ready. So, you have to fold the corners diagonally; after that, you can close the box, but you will find the corners sticking out.

Step 4: Now, you will have to make the sticking-out corner fold to make the box look like it is folded properly. You will have to take two sides and fold them close to one another on one of the sides. You may feel that folding a certain side will be hard. That is when you have to fold it on the other side. After folding them, you need to glue both the portion together, so they will not fly out. Do it to the other sides as well.

Step 5: You are almost done with the box. Now you have to make sure that the sealing portion of the box is okay or not. For that, you need to cut out a hole in one of the top portions and put the other portion through the cutout to seal the box.


The decoration of the box depends on what you will use it for. Whatever occasion you are using it for or not, you can add some stickers or draw something on the box or another piece of paper to glue it down on the box. You can add many other decorations to it. You can use different kinds of paper as long as they are hard enough to hold the present. This will make the box more suitable for putting a gift on it.

Use Different Kinds of Paper

Final Thoughts

That was all for how to fold a Chinese take-out box. Now, you can make small cute boxes and put on the gift on them to give as a present to your loved ones. We hope our instruction will be good enough for you to learn the process.

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