How to Get a Fingernail Out of Your Gums

If you’ve ever had a fingernail stuck in your gum, you know how painful and aggravating it can be. Fortunately, there are ways to extract the nail from your mouth without any pain or side effects. This article will provide some helpful tips on how to get a fingernail out of your gums if this unfortunate event should occur. 

How to Get a Fingernail Out of Your Gums

The first step is to find the end of the offending nail sticking out and use tweezers to grip it as close as possible to where it ends inside your mouth. Next, please take a deep breath and gently pull towards yourself until the nail pops free from its position within your gums. The key here is not yanking too hard because pulling too hard could cause more damage to your gum tissue. Read on to know more!

Why Should You Get a Fingernail Out of Your Gums?

The fingernail on the index finger is the one most often pushed down your throat when you gag on a piece of food. It tends to get stuck in the roof of your mouth between your molars, and that may cause some problems. The skin inside your mouth is more delicate than skin anywhere else on your body, and it’s also susceptible to trauma. This area has many nerves and is very close to your brain, so any injury in this area carries more risk than most other types of accidents.

The best way to prevent a fingernail from going down your throat is by being careful. If you have someone with their finger in your mouth, don’t let them push it too far back – they may only intend to tease you, but the reaction could push the nail into your palate. However, most people who have a fingernail stuck in their mouth usually don’t have it happen on purpose, so you should be prepared to know how to remove one if it penetrates too far.

10 Ways on How to Get a Fingernail Out of Your Gums:

1. Pull it Out:

Pulling a fingernail out of your gums quickly is probably the first thing you’ll want to do. Do not try to yank it up and down, as this move could push it further into the gums. Instead, simply pull straight out until it comes loose from your gum line.

Pulling a Fingernail Out of Your Gums

2. Use Your Hands:

One technique requires inserting one finger of the opposite hand into your mouth and pressing against the side of your finger with your tongue, which will force the fingernail out. You can also wrap your hand around your finger and pull it straight out.

3. Try Some Compressions:

Pressing on the fleshy part of your cheek near the damaged gum may also help dislodge the fingernail from its hiding place. This is most effective if you insist on the same side of your mouth where the nail is stuck.

4. Wash Your Mouth Out:

Rinsing your mouth out with warm water can help loosen the nail and make it easier to remove. Gargling with salt water may also aid in this process. While there is no benefit to applying soap or other chemicals to your gums, washing around the nail can encourage it to become dislodged by causing bubbles that will take away the liquid that keeps it stuck in place.

5. Try Using Tweezers:

Another method to use is trying to remove the nail with tweezers. If you can pry it loose, you should be able to grab hold of the fingernail and pull it out of your gums carefully. You can also try using small needle-nose pliers, earrings, or tweezers to pull it out gently.

You Can Check It Out to Get Something Out of Your Gums

6. Try Using Toothpicks:

If you don’t have any other tools around that can help remove the fingernail from your gums, you may be able to use a toothpick to pry it loose. Push the sharpened end of the toothpick underneath the fingernail and use it as a lever to lift it out.

Try Using Toothpicks to Remove Fingernail From Gum

7. Apply Some Pressure:

Place a cotton swab below the fingernail and apply some pressure. This can help stick it back down so you can pull it out more quickly. If this is something that works for you, you could store cotton swabs in your bathroom and keep them handy whenever you might need to remove a fingernail from your gums.

8. Try Using Glue or Toothpaste:

Some users have recommended using clear nail polish to adhere the fingernail to your gums. Nail glue can also work similarly, but it may be more difficult to apply since you cannot see where the nail is. If you are not worried about getting your fingers messy, using some toothpaste to your gums may also help hold the pin in place until you can pull it out.

9. Get Some Help:

If none of these methods work for you, try other remedies. For example, you can try asking your dentist for assistance or speaking with a medical professional to see if they know of any different ways to remove the fingernail that got stuck in your gums.

10. See a Professional:

If you cannot successfully remove the fingernail yourself, you should consider visiting your dentist. Dentists are trained to remove nails out of gums and will be able to get it done no matter how deep in your gum line that it is.


If you’ve ever had a loose fingernail and found it lodged in your gums, we know how frustrating the situation is. The good news is that if you can get to your dentist or an emergency room quickly enough, they’ll be able to remove it for you with little trouble. But what should you do if this isn’t possible?

Fortunately, some things at home will help dislodge the nail from its awkward position before too much time has passed. One of these solutions could work for you! In these blog posts, we have covered some techniques on how to get a fingernail out of your gums. So be sure to check that out if you haven’t already!

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