How to Get a Replacement Lawn Mower Key

Lawnmowers are necessary tools for maintaining a beautiful lawn. But, the key to the lawnmower is usually lost or misplaced. This blog post will teach you how to get a replacement lawn mower key to keep your yard looking its best. The first step is finding the type of keys on your current machine.

For some machines, just one key unlocks it all, while others need different keys depending on their function (e.g., blade). If you’re unsure about what type of key you have, consult with an expert who can help determine that information. Once this has been determined, there are still more steps! Read on to know all the processes.

How to Get a Replacement Lawn Mower Key

Summary: If your lawn mower key has gone missing, don’t panic! There are a few easy ways to get a replacement. You can try contacting your manufacturer or dealer, or search online for a replacement. If you can’t find a replacement key, you can try a local hardware store or home improvement store.

Some Ways on How to Get a Replacement Lawn Mower Key:

1. Ask Your Neighbor If You Can Use Theirs:

If you and your neighbor have the same lawnmower and lost their key, you can borrow theirs. This way, you don’t have to spend extra money on buying a new key.

2. Pick One at Random:

If no one around you has a key, there’s always the option of picking a random one from your local hardware store. There will probably be an extra fee, but it can be cheaper than buying a brand new lawnmower.

3. Ask Your Local Hardware Store:

Some hardware stores carry different types of keys for other uses. For example, if you’re looking for a replacement lawnmower key, your hardware store might have one that will work with your mower.

4. Look on the Internet:

When all else fails, there’s always the Internet. For example, if you need a replacement lawnmower key as soon as possible, the Internet is probably your best chance at finding one fast and for an affordable price.

5. Contact Your Local Locksmith:

If you still haven’t found a key that works after looking on the Internet and browsing your local hardware store, you might have to bite the bullet and contact your local locksmith. Generally, they charge more than other options for their services, but it’s probably worth it if they can help you out.

6. Use Pliers:

Sometimes a replacement lawnmower key is not an option at all, especially if you’ve broken the only one you have. If this is the case, using a pair of pliers can be an effective and easy way to get your lawnmower started again without the key.

Use Pliers to Get a Replacement Lawn Mower Key

7. Search Craigslist:

Sites like Craigslist can also be great for finding a replacement lawnmower key. Just make sure you look through the ads thoroughly before making any purchases. Read their description and send them a message if necessary, just so that they know what type of key you’re looking for.

8. Look in Your Garage:

A lot of times, a replacement lawnmower key is hiding right in your garage. For example, you might find a spare lawnmower key that someone gave to you but you don’t remember when or where. Sometimes moving things around can help jog your memory and lead you to what you need!

Some Tips and Suggestions:

1. You will likely not be charged for a replacement key if you show proof of purchase. For example, if the mower is brand new, it probably came with at least one key.

2. When ordering online, make sure that you order the correct kind of lawnmower key. Your manufacturer’s website should have a list of compatible models.

3. When in doubt, call the company before placing an order. Most companies have specific ordering requirements, including model numbers for their keys.

4. Most manufacturers use specific sizes and shapes of keys, so ensure you acquire the correct key when ordering online. If you leave the key blank (the part without teeth, which can attach to the mower), you may be able to get any size.

5. If the key has teeth, in addition to looking it up in your manufacturer’s compatibility list, consult a locksmith or hardware store in case they have a matching blank that is compatible with your machine.

6. Specialty keys (especially those that are “coded” to prevent duplicates) may require you to go through the dealer or manufacturer for replacement.

7. If you doubt your key’s identity, bring it to a locksmith. The locksmith can attempt an impression of the key for you to know what kind of machine-specific key you have.

What Do I Do if I Lost the Key to My Lawn Mower?

What Do I Do if I Lost the Key to My Lawn Mower

Losing the key to your lawnmower seems like a minor inconvenience. However, it cannot be easy to operate this machine without one. The cutting blade on some models is held in place by a tightly wound wire that needs to be unlocked with the correct key before the engine will start without key.

Fortunately, most keys are not specific to any make or model, and you can usually get a replacement at any home improvement or hardware store.

1. Identify the type of key that is on your lawnmower.

2. Take your old key to your local home improvement or hardware store for comparison; the employees will be able to help you find an exact replacement. These stores usually carry the same types of keys like those on lawnmowers and can even duplicate a key if you bring it in.

3. Alternatively, if you have lost your key and no one else has a copy, you can purchase a replacement ignition switch at most home supply stores or online retailers. The part will come with directions for installation, which should be pretty straightforward.

4. If the above methods fail, you may need to contact a locksmith or your lawnmower’s manufacturer to get a replacement key made.


You need to contact the manufacturer to get a replacement lawn mower key. Typically they will charge a small fee for this service and may require proof of purchase from the original owner.

However, if that does not work or is too expensive, other methods include having a locksmith make one for you at an hourly rate with no upfront cost. We hope this blog post on how to get a replacement lawn mower key has been helpful. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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