How to Transport a Riding Lawn Mower Without a Trailer

So you have a riding lawnmower that needs to be moved from one location to another, but you don’t have a trailer. You may think this is the end of your gardening days, but there are ways around it. Follow this blog post for tips on how to transport a riding lawn mower without a trailer. 

Many people don’t know this, but if you have a truck with an open bed, you might be able to load up your riding lawn mower and take off. Make sure it is securely strapped down to not fly around during the drive home! Stick with this blog post to know more!

How to Transport a Riding Lawn Mower Without a Trailer

10 Ways on How to Transport a Riding Lawn Mower Without a Trailer:

1. Hitch Mounted Lawn Mower Holder

This is a great option for people who don’t need to do major landscaping projects, but just need to ride their mower around their yard easily. You can also use your hitch-mounted lawnmower holder to transport other things like bikes and trailers. You just need to buy an accessory kit with the right installation hardware.

2. Tow Behind Lawn Mower Trailer

This requires the purchase of a trailer, which you will tow behind your vehicle. This is great for individuals who have larger lawns to mow each week and need extra storage space. It also helps to save some money on gas and reduces mower noise pollution.

3. Pickup Truck Mounted Lawn Mower Holder

If you have a pickup truck, this is a great option for transporting your lawnmower from place to place. It sits in the back of the bed, and when not in use, it can be attached to your tailgate with an arm that comes out from underneath its base. This alternative only requires some hardware and a wrench.

4. Trailer Hitch Mounted Lawn Mower Holder

This is an alternative to those who do not need as much storage space for their trailer. You can purchase the hitch-mounted lawnmower holder that attaches directly to the ball mount rather than having it connect underneath your frame. This requires less room but does not provide as much stability.

5. ATV Mounted Lawn Mower Holder

If you use your ATV to mow your lawn, this is an excellent option for transporting the lawnmower without having to do any strenuous lifting or pushing. You can easily attach it to your rear rack and secure it using two straps that come with the product. This requires some hardware and an easy-to-follow instruction manual.

6. Wheelbarrow Lawn Mower Holder

Wheelbarrow Lawn Mower Holder

This wheelbarrow-like appliance attaches directly to your wheelbarrow in place of its wheel. You can store the lawnmower underneath the wheelbarrow for easy transport when needed but can easily switch out the mower for an actual wheelbarrow when ready.

7. Stroller Lawn Mower Holder

This attaches directly to your stroller if you need to easily transport your lawnmower through a check-out lane or around busy streets. This will also save room in your garage, bathroom, bedrooms, wherever you are keeping your lawnmower for storage.

8. Lawn Mower Trailer

This is an excellent option for transporting the mower to remote worksites or large projects that take multiple days to complete. The trailer provides sufficient space for storing your equipment and other tools simultaneously.

9. Truck Bed Mower Trailer

Similar to its trailer counterpart, this provides additional storage space and can be utilized for multiple tools simultaneously. If you do not need the extra space in your truck bed, you can detach the trailer when you are finished.

10. Lawn Mower Pull Cart

This provides an alternative to those who only have a small area to mow. It provides sufficient storage space for additional tools or personal belongings and can easily be attached or detached from your lawnmower when needed.

Precautions and Safety:

1. Ramps are not recommended for unloading a lawn tractor. They can be unstable, and you may lose control of your tractor during the unloading process.

2. Unloading the lawn tractor onto a trailer (flatbed, boat, etc.) is another option but requires removing the mower deck and wheel assemblies first.

3. Know how to operate your vehicle on different surfaces, especially off-road surfaces like gravel. This way, if anything happens while transporting the lawn tractor, you’ll be able to pull over and maintain control.

4. When driving on roadways, keep speed to a minimum and listen for traffic.

5. If you’re not comfortable with the unloading process, ask someone for help who is experienced with procedures like these.

How Do You Load a Riding Lawn Mower on a Pickup Truck?

How Do You Load a Riding Lawn Mower on a Pickup Truck

Riding lawn mowers are heavy and awkward to transport. If you own a truck, there is no need to worry about loading your riding lawn mower because you can easily attach it to the back of your truck bed for transportation. However, if you do not own a pickup truck, you still have plenty of options available. You can use a trailer, a roof rack, or even a dolly to transport your riding lawnmower.

Riding Lawn Mower Attached to the Truck Bed with Rope and Bungee Cords

Attach ropes from each side of the handlebars to the front bumper of your truck. Make sure the rope is tight enough not to allow the lawnmower to sway when you are driving.

Bungee cords can also be used instead of rope; however, ensure that you use an adequate number of bungee cords so they do not snap during transportation. You should use two or three bungee cords on each side to secure the lawnmower in place.

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With the proper knowledge and a little practice, you can know how to transport a riding lawn mower without a trailer. If this sounds like something that interests you but transporting such a large item is intimidating, we have some tips for doing it safely and efficiently.

The following methods help take a riding lawn mower across the country or just up the street to your neighbor’s house. These tips will likely work for any kind of riding mower. If you follow some basic safety precautions, using any of the following techniques for hauling a riding lawnmower by car or truck long distances should be fine.

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