How to Get Water Out of Car Carpet


When it rains, you never know what might happen. It could mean a day spent indoors or even an emergency evacuation if the rain is heavy enough. But one thing that’s not so easy to predict is whether your car will get wet. You might think that nothing can penetrate the thick exterior of a car, but this is unfortunately not true. If you live in an area with frequent downpours, then you should always take precautions to protect your vehicle from water damage, such as installing windshield wipers and window deflectors which can help reduce visibility during storms and keep the rain out of your eyes at the same time.

How to Get Water Out of Car Carpet

Today I will be discussing how to get water out of car carpet.

Here’s how Water gets on Carpet?

Wet feet are one reason water gets on your car carpet.  All-day long, people with wet shoes walk around cars parked outside at home or work, tracking rain or snow onto a blanket that falls off their shoes onto the floorboard as they get out of their car.  In winter, snow melts from boots and drips onto the floorboards.

Besides people, pets and wildlife can be a culprit of getting water on car carpeting as well. For example, if your dog or cat has recently come in from a walk, they may have muddy paws that get all over your carpet when they climb around looking for their favorite spot to lounge.  Sadly, this happens more often than you would think.

In winter especially, melting snow or ice gets onto the floorboards and turns into an icy mess, which sometimes squeezes up between seat cushions. Hence, it’s not noticeable until summertime when someone sits on the cushion and suddenly feels cold wetness underneath them.  The same thing happens with melted snow dripping off boots as a person steps down from a car.

When you park your car outside, it is exposed to all manner of weather troubles.  Rain can gently seep through the seats or pour in torrents as a downpour or flood soak the carpeting.  Even water that collects and pools inside your rain gutters can drip onto the floorboards when leaves block those channels.

Step-Wise Guide on How to Get Water Out of Car Carpet

Step 1:

First of all, you have to remove the water from the car carpet by using a squeegee. This will help remove excess moisture from the carpeting if you can find a car rug drier and use it after having removed as much water as possible with the squeegee. The next step is to vacuum up any remaining particles of dirt or debris that have been loosened up through this process. Again, remember not to touch anything wet as that may cause blisters on your hands when the material used for making the car carpet gets moist.

Remove the Water From the
Car Carpet by Using a Squeegee

Step 2:

You can also try drying out carpets if they are not too dirty and wet using towels or rags but only when there is no other option for removing excess water present in the carpeting. If there is no alternative to it, then you should definitely resort to using a towel or rag if the carpeted area is not too big. This can be done by sliding the wet cloth over the car carpets and wipe away any flaking material that may have been deposited on them through this process.

Step 3:

After getting rid of as much moisture as possible from your car carpeting, leave it exposed to air out till all traces of moisture are removed from its structure. At this stage, do not even think about drying it off with a conventional dryer or by other means because this will cause shrinkage and might damage your car’s material used on making its upholstery.

Step 4:

Following step three is to use a vacuum cleaner to wipe off all kinds of particles accumulated on your upholstered interior, like dirt or mud, etc. This can be done with the help of an appropriate attachment that will fit into the vacuum cleaner’s hose. Again, this effective way to get out any unwanted particle present in your car’s carpeting without causing any further damage by using an ordinary towel or anything else made from cloth material.

One important thing you should keep in mind while trying to dry these carpets is not to leave them exposed to sunlight for a very long period because this might cause fading and drying out issues, especially if there is some other material type over it like rubber mats or things of the sort. But, again, this is because some materials are not heat resistant and might shrink after excessive exposure to sunlight.

Step 5:

If you want to dry off your car carpeting, then you can use a hairdryer to do so, but only if there is no other alternative for removing water from it first by using a squeegee or an appropriate vacuum cleaner attachment that will fit into its hose. The best way to go about this is by doing it in steps without leaving any step, just like we have explained above in detail.

So, these were some easy tricks on how to get water out of car carpets but always remembered not to take chances with wet surfaces as they may cause harm if handled carelessly, especially when they have been exposed to moisture for too long.

Step 6:

You will need a steam carpet cleaner if you cannot dry the carpets through all these steps provided. The process involved in removing water from your car’s upholstery using this equipment is similar to the one used for cleaning carpets in homes and offices but still quite different from the way it is done in ordinary vacuum cleaners. With this machine, you can easily clean and restore your car carpeting and also leave behind a fresh smell that might be mistaken as one left by new car manufacturers.

Precautions While Performing How to Get Water Out of Car Carpet

Do not start pumping the water unless it is removed from the car carpet. If you pump in, there are chances that it will make your carpets wet and full of water as well.

If any item is stuck on the sticky part while cleaning, then place a rag over it and use duct tape to keep it fixed in one place. This precautionary measure will help restore the position of your items after the cleaning process finishes.

You must clean out all items that contain the water first. After removing them, wipe out excess water with a cotton towel or any soft cloth, which should loosen up some more excess water from its surface. You can also use this step if you don’t want to spend time trying to dry out every section of the carpet.

Once you have removed all water from this part, clean out the source that caused leakage, such as loose hoses or other damaged parts, etc., if possible, to avoid using high-powered blowers for cleaning purposes as they can blow away some important items that are kept on that area.

High-powered Blowers for 
Cleaning Purposes Can Be  Doing
 Leakage, Such as Loose Hoses


Many tricks can be used for cleaning your car upholstered interior. These include using a towel, wet vacuuming, drying with a hairdryer, and using steam cleaner solutions. Keep in mind that you must take precautions to avoid problems when cleaning out excess water from your car carpets. This area is prone to leakage issues even after it has been repaired by professionals, which means that some repair work might still be left undone at its core. I hope this article has provided you all the information on how to get water out of car carpet. Thank you and have a nice day!

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