How to Hang a Dry Erase Board Without Nails

A dry-erase board has a greater amount of usefulness in every classroom and home learning environment. Whether you want to use them for teaching your students in your classroom or you wish to leave a quick message for your family member, this board will be your most favorite companion. But the problem with these boards is that they need to be hung on the wall, for which you may have to create some holes. Well, that’s really an annoying task. No one wants to ruin their beautiful wall, neither will you. As now you are here, you won’t have to worry. I am here to show you how to hang a dry erase board without nails. So, let’s dive in!

How to Hang a Dry Erase Board Without Nails

Step 1

First of all, choose a place where you want to hang your dry erase board.

Step 2

Now, take a small nail or plastic anchor and position it against the wall at 45 degrees. Make sure to keep the wall at eye level and choose a secure portion of the wall.

Step 3

Now, take a hammer and put the nail halfway into the wall.

Step 4

Once you complete that, prop the dry erase board on it. Most of the board comes with a hole in the top frame. So, you can use them to hang the board with the nail. Picture hooks also work great for this purpose. If you find no holes at the top section, simply use the edges of the frame to hang your dry erase board.

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