How to Hang a Wreath on a Screen Door


Many ways can be implemented to hang a wreath on a screen door. But before that, you need to measure the weight of the wreath. This is important because the hanging object’s weight limits are a core issue for the door and the hanger. For this, you can easily apply a simple technique. 

At first, you have to start by standing on a weight machine and taking your weight. You have to stand with the wreath in your hand; then again, you must measure the weight. Now you have to subtract your weight from the present one, and you will obtain the wreath’s weight. It will help you to buy the hanger. Some of the most widely used hanging techniques are discussed below.

Method One

This method will discuss an easy technique for hanging a wreath using a suction cup. These are common materials found for storm doors. You will get this from your nearest departmental store. But before buying the product, make sure to adjust the weight limit of your wreath. After you have purchased the exact suction cup that will support your wreath, you have to clean the suction cup.

You have to immerse the cup in warm water, this will clean all the dust in the suction cup, and it will get easily attached to the door. After this, you must mark the suction cup’s placement area. For this, you have to take a measuring tape, and then you have to measure the door’s total width. This will allow you to mark the middle point of the entry, and then you have to use tape to confirm the position. 

Next, you have to use a standard glass cleaner and wipe the place clean glass. This step is crucial because you must have a clean surface. A surface with debris will reduce the adhesion of the cup with the glass. After the glass is clean, you can easily attach the suction cup and hang the wreath, and this is the most common technique used for hanging the wreath on the storm door. 

Method Two

This method involves materials explicitly used for wreath hanging. You will get wreath-hanging magnets in your nearest departmental store. These are small hooks with magnetic pads that have adhesive on one side and interest on the other side. You have to attach the adhesive portion to the door and easily hang the wreath. The process is quite similar to the previous one. You have to clean the door on both sides before attaching the hanger.

After the door is cleaned correctly, you have to stick the adhesive portion on either side of the door, and then you have to place the magnetic hanger on the opposite end. The magnetic action between them will hold the hanger in place. The hanger’s positioning is the same as before, and you must measure the weight limit. After this, you must hang the wreath and make the attachment permanent.

Method Three

This is another common technique that uses removable adhesive hooks for hanging the wreath. These are available in the stores, and most of them come with an adhesive patch that is removable. But before buying the hook, you must check for the outdoor use option as you are going to hang the wreath in the storm door, so you must purchase the hook which can be used outdoor. 

  • First, clean the door with a glass cleaner or alcohol rub.
  • Next, use the hook to attach the wreath to the door.
  • Make sure to hang the wreath in the middle of the door.
  • Be careful to read the instruction on the packaging before applying.

So it is better to wait for the door to get dried properly for about an hour. Another essential aspect you must keep in mind is that you should never attach the wreath between doors. The wreath must remain on the front storm door facing outside. In this way, you will get an aesthetic look.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, we hope the methods we have described will help hang a wreath on your storm door. We highly prefer to check the quality of your door’s glass before deciding on the application process. This will allow you the best possible solution. Thank you for your time. Have a good day.

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