How to Hem Curtains Without a Sewing Machine?

Curtains and drapes make complete room design. It also makes the room warm and cozy. That’s why I love these items. The usage of these household items varies according to different users. But most of the people struggle hard while hanging them, especially when we try to hem without a sewing machine. So, how to hem curtains without a sewing machine? Don’t worry; in today’s tips for hanging the curtains, I will find some useful tips. I am going to show you some easy and simple tactics to hem the curtains properly so that you can hang them without any complications. So, without any delay, let’s dive in!

Honestly, I also had complications before, and due to that, I had to pay additional money for calling the experts. Even though it didn’t sometimes work because you won’t be able to acquire your desired design without hem a curtain, that’s why I took a step forward and perform in-depth research. After a few try, I was able to figure out the exact way to hem the curtains without any use of the sewing machine. That’s why I am going to share these methods.

How to Hem a Curtain with Iron-on Hem Tape?

What do you think is it going to be easy or hard? Well, it is going to be the easiest way because you can simply use a fabric tape on your curtain. Yes, with just a simple fabric tape. Never wondered about them, right? These user-friendly items will allow you to maintain your style and hem the curtains without the need for any type of sewing. The best thing about these tapes is that it doesn’t have any elements that can harm the fabric of your curtains. You can simply get these items from your nearest shop, or you can buy them from online stores, like Amazon, E-bay, etc. In fact, you won’t even have to pay a huge amount of money for that. These items cost a little amount of money only.

On the other hand, you can also buy those curtains which are already equipped with fabric tapes. One of them is the IKEA curtains. The curtains from this brand include SY fabric tape, which can be used easily for covering bedroom closets or different door closet. So, if you can purchase them, you won’t have to worry about anything else.

However, let’s see the manual process of putting a hem tape and iron them to complete the process.

How to Hem a Curtain with Iron-on Hem Tape?

How to Hem Curtains Without a Sewing Machine?

Step 1 – Measure the Curtain

At first, you have to measure the curtain and ensure the accurate measurement based on your preference. The curtain can be measured in two different ways. You can use a measuring tape, or you can mark the length according to your preferred length. In my case, you preferred to mark the section instead of measuring it because the measurement can be a tricky process. Fold the curtains to acquire your desired length and then use a binder lock, pin, or other tools to secure it in one place. You can do that while keeping the curtain hanging, it is not a big deal.

Step 2 – Iron a Crease and Insert It Into the Curtain

Take the folded curtain over to your iron board and start ironing it. Now pull the curtain tightly and iron in a crease.

Step 3 – Cut off the Excess

When you accomplish the previous process, there might be some excessive curtain. I had seen that when I was about to do that. But I used to cut it off to ensure its better looking. You should also follow this. Leave enough spaces to drive your iron over the hem tape.

Step 4 – Iron the Hem Tape

Now, you have to iron the hem tape and sandwich it inside the flap. You should start it from one end to another and heat the hem tape thoroughly. Make sure to hold the curtain tightly so that you can get a straight clean hem. If there remains any excess tape, it will simply pull away; you won’t have to cut it down.


Have you learned how to hem curtains without a sewing machine? Hopefully, the above tips are going to be helpful, and you won’t have to ask the question again. If you are still confused, let us know through the comment section below.

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