How to Identify Whiting and Davis

Many luxurious brands around the world do not make a copy of their design. But the thing about today’s fashion world is that there are too many duplicated and replicas. If you are not careful enough, you can end up buying one of the replicas with the same amount of the original. One of the known brands for handbags is Whiting and Davis. If you want to know how to identify Whiting and Davis, keep reading ahead.

To know how to identify Whiting and Davis handbags, you need to know what is so special about them. The bags are created by Charles Whiting and Edward Davis since 1876. Many celebrities and prominent personalities have since been using those bags for creating fashion icons.

So, how to identify Whiting and Davis?

When the question arises, you need to ask why they are so popular and demandable. It is because the designing of those bags has some uniqueness to them. The design for these bags is mostly with metal patterns that look like a mesh. The pattern is so well made that you can confuse the bag as made of fabric.

The material for the bag’s outer portion is created with real aluminum, brass, and stainless steel. Other ones are made out of lambskin, satin, and snakeskin leather. So, if you want to find a real Whiting and Davis bag, you need to know the materials. And that is one way of how to identify Whiting and Davis.

You will have to look at the zipper of the bag as well. The zipper always has the name on them.

As for the last thing, you need to see the inside of the bag to know how to identify Whiting and Davis. The interior of the bag will have the same pattern and material as the outside.

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