How to Sew Zipper on Homemade Bag with a Lining

Sewing is considered an art because of the exotic creation that can be obtained through it. The people who have mastered this technique have a good hold over their imagination. They can portray their vision in the cloths in which they sew-in. And many techniques are associated with sewing, which creates a variety of designs. For the people with a creative mind, sewing will be much innovative to flourish creativity. Today you are gonna learn about how to sew the zipper on the homemade bag with lining with easy steps.

Sew Zipper on Homemade Bag

In leisure time, people try to make their time productive by doing various things. Among them, making household things are much dominant. People make DIY furniture as well as bags for regular usage purposes. These bags are designed using many decorative accessories to make them look more attractive. But the safety of the things kept inside the gab is much more necessary for the users. In this case, using a zip will be much helpful.

People have different opinions on sewing zippers onto bags to make them more durable. Some people believe it is essential to sewing the zippers on correctly, while others feel it is unnecessary. Today, we suggest the exact method to sew the zipper onto a homemade bag with a lining. This will be much beneficial for beginners and also provide excellent rigidity and longevity to the product.

Required Apparatus

To sew the zipper to the homemade handbag, the first thing required is a functional quality zipper; the zipper must be smooth for easy opening and closing. Moreover, the zipper should also be durable and tear-resistant. Then you will need a sewing machine which will be a lot of help, making the work easy for the beginner.

But if the sewing machine is unavailable, you can manually sew the zipper using the needle and the yarn. The yarn must match the color of your bag, it will look quite bizarre, and the color contrast will not match, and lastly, you will need a scissor to cut both the ends of the yarn. These apparatus will be required for the proper sewing of the zipper.

How to Sew Zipper on Homemade Bag with a Lining


Sewing a zipper to the homemade DIY bag is quite easy. And for beginners, we will give a step-by-step breakdown of the whole process with alternatives so that the best output can be obtained from the process. Two methods can accomplish this sewing process: the automated approach and the other is the manual approach. Both of the processes are stated below distinctly.

How to Sew Zipper on Homemade Bag with a Lining –Automated Approach

The automatic approach is accomplished by using the sewing machine, which is available in the market. They take much less time to sew the zipper, making the bag firmly attached to the zipper. For this process, you need to take the yarn and install the thread in the sewing machine. Then the device should be started, and thus the yarn will get into the main compartment from where it will sew the zipper to the bag.

Next, the bag and the zipper should be placed parallel, and the zipper should be aligned appropriately to the container. If it is not aligned correctly, then the sewing will not be exact. After this is done, the machine should be started, and the zipper will start getting sewed-in. It would be best if you were much gentle while using it, and both ends might be adequately tightened. Lastly, the form both ends the scissors should cut the extra yarn, and you will have your desired DIY bag with zipper.

How to Sew Zipper on Homemade Bag with a Lining-Manual Approach

In this case, the traditional way of sewing the zipper with hands should be followed, and it is quite time-consuming, but it is perfect for showing a person’s creativity. The persons who use the sewing machine are much more likely to finish the sewing in less time, but the hand sewing people are more aesthetic in this case. The first step in this manual process is to put the yarn inside the needle properly so that it gets tightened.

Then, the one end of the zipper should be out on the edge of the bang and start sewing gently so that the needle does not affect the user’s hands. Next, the stitching should be continued form one end of the zipper towards the other end. But for both sides, the sewing should be accomplished separately. In this manner, the zipper will get attached to the bag firmly. Thus the standard approach for sewing the zipper to the handbag will be made.

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Things to Keep in Mind While Performing the Task

Sewing the zipper to your homemade bag is not all a hard task to accomplish for the beginners, and following our techniques and manuals, this will also be much easy to get used to the process. But there are some aspects that, as a beginner, you should keep in mind while performing the task. Following these essentials will make the sewing much easy and proper for you as a beginner. These aspects are stated below in brief.


When you go for the old-fashioned way of sewing, you must ensure that the yarn is correctly fixed with the needle. A needle is a sharp object, so when sewing the zipper, ensure it does not hurt your finger. This will be much more drastic for beginner when they get pierced by the needle. So you must maintain personal safety while sewing.

How to Sew Zipper on Homemade Bag with a Lining


The zipper you want to install in the DIY bag should have some intrinsic features that will make the zipper the right quality product. The first thing is the smoothness of the zipper; the zipper should easily be able to slide over the bag, which is much needed for smooth opening and closing. Another important thing is the durability of the zipper, which makes it long-lasting.

How to Sew Zipper on Homemade Bag with a Lining

Frequently Ask Question About How to Sew Zipper on Homemade Bag with a Lining

What is the Need to Put a Zipper in a Handbag With a Lining?

Handbags made in the home are much likely to be long-lasting, and you can also use it for regular purposes. This product can use the zipper with lining because it will keep the things that you keep inside the bag safe. Also, the kit will become much more long-lasting and can be used for many days at a stretch.


Lastly, we would like to conclude that our discussion on how to sew the zipper on a homemade bag with a lining has been advantageous for you as a beginner to proceed in the art of sewing. The process discussed will provide step by step guideline to you and will result in a perfect DIY bag. Happy stitching! Have a beautiful day!!

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