How to Keep Cats Off Your Lawn Furniture

Cats love to dig up your lawn furniture, scratch it full of holes, and use it as a toilet. Many cats are also allergic to grass, so they’ll scratch at the fabric on the sofa or recliner until chunks are missing.

This article will show you how to keep cats off your lawn furniture using everyday household items. Cats can be very territorial creatures who mark their territory by urinating on objects to establish ownership over them.

If you have an outdoor cat coming onto your property, try spraying urine from other animals onto the spots where he usually sits or lays down with his litter box if possible. You can also purchase commercial repellents that contain substances. In addition, there are some other things that you can do to stop this from happening. Read on to know more!

How to Keep Cats Off Your Lawn Furniture

Reasons Why You Should Keep Cats Off Your Lawn Furniture:

1. Cats can hurt their backs while jumping on or off your furniture. While they may not show any signs of pain at the time, you don’t want them to develop an injury that doesn’t go away.

2. If you enjoy outdoor activities like sunbathing and tanning yourself, keeping cats off your lawn furniture can help prevent cat scratches and bites.

3. Cats can pick up ticks, fleas, and other parasites while lounging outside; it’s in your best interest to keep them off your patio furniture, so you don’t accidentally transfer these unwanted pests into your home.

4. Sometimes, cats use your garden or lawn for a litter box; they may go there to use the bathroom and end up soiling your beautiful furniture.

Cats Use Your Garden for Litter Box

5. Cats can leave debris such as fur, saliva, or even droppings on your furniture, contaminating your food if you’re snacking outside.

6. If you have children, they could be petrified of these living creatures when they suddenly jump out at them.

7. Outdoor cats also carry diseases that can transfer to your indoor cats and cause them to become ill as well.

10 Ways on How to Keep Cats Off Your Lawn Furniture:

1. Scare Them with Water.  

Cats dislike water. Spritzing them with a water bottle when you see them will scare them away. You can also spray your lawn furniture with lemon juice, vinegar, or another unpleasant liquid if you don’t want to use water (you’ll need to reapply after rain).

Spritzing Them With a Water Bottle

2. Get a Motion Sensor Sprinkler:

Motion-activated sprinklers, like Scarecrow Sprinklers or Yard Sentinel, can help keep your lawn furniture cat-free when they’re in the right place at the right time. The motion detector emits a short burst of water to startle cats who come too close and interrupt their litter habits.

3. Use a Water Jet:

Water jets are similar to motion-activated sprinklers, but they don’t rely on the presence of a cat to activate. Instead, instead, aim the jet at any animal that’s making its way toward your furniture, and you’ll send it packing without needing to be home or even awake!

The Scarecrow motion-activated animal Deterrent Water Jet is a popular choice for this method.

4. Use a Cat Repellent:

As the weather warms up, be sure to keep your lawn furniture cat-free with a commercial product designed for this purpose. No-Scratch Wild Bird and Pest Repeller are safe for use in your yard and around pets and people, so it’s one way you can rid your neighborhood of cats without harming them.

5. Keep Cats Out with Natural Pest Repellents:

Cats have a keen sense of smell, so anything scented with citrus or vinegar will be less inviting to them. You can also try a sprinkling of cayenne pepper or chili powder around your furniture to keep cats from showing up in the first place.

Keep Cats Out with Natural Pest Repellents

6. Plant Catmint:

Catmint is a member of the mint family. It contains nepetalactone, which repels cats, moles, mice, and rabbits. Plant some in your garden or near your patio furniture can help keep cats away while still being attractive to butterflies.

7. Keep Pets Indoors:

Cats are more likely to use your yard as their litter box if they have other options. By keeping your pets indoors, you’ll stop them from bringing any of their mess onto your furniture in the first place.

8. Check Under the Furniture:

Cats may be looking for shade under your patio furniture, where they won’t be disturbed by people or pets walking nearby. Put some of your plants into pots that can also act as cat deterrents they’ll provide the shade cats are seeking without being an inviting place to use as a bathroom!

Cats Are Looking for Shade Under Furniture

9. Make Your Furniture Unappealing:

You can purchase special tape at the pet store that cats don’t like to walk on. This can help discourage them from leaving their mark on your furniture. Of course, if you’d prefer not to buy tape, unappealing things such as double-sided sticky tape or lemon and orange peels will also work.

10. Use Ultrasonic Repellent:

This is a plug-in device that emits ultrasonic noise cats dislike. It’s completely safe for kids, the environment, and pets but can help keep your furniture cat-free when it’s in the right place at the right time.

Directions: How to Keep Cats Off Your Lawn Furniture 

Step 1: Remove the Temptation.

Place a scratching post or cat tree on any bare patches on your lawn where your kitty has been leaving his mark on. Make sure it’s near a sunny spot so he’ll have a cozy place to lay down and relax. Your cats can also do their business in a litter box indoors, but of course, that doesn’t remove the problem of them destroying your lawn.

Step 2: Re-route Their Path.

Keep plants and flowers away from areas where you don’t want cats to defecate or lay on! Also, if a houseplant is causing an issue for a cat, then just move it into the garage or shed until the kitty’s done his business outside.

Step 3: Keep Them on a Schedule.

Make sure your cat is fed and watered at the same time every day to reduce their wandering around on lawns that you don’t want them on. This will also ensure they’re using their litter box, which can also help with keeping cats off your lawn furniture!

Step 4: Distract Them.

If you have a bird feeder, keep it near the house so cats stay off your lawn furniture and away from the plants and flowers. Just make sure to clean up properly or take it down when winter comes since leaving food outside for so long can cause animals and insects to get sick!

Step 5: Keep Them In.

If you’re gone for several hours during the day, make sure to keep your kitty indoors. If you let them out all day to roam around on your lawn furniture, they’ll have no problem doing their business there! Plus, cats are predators so letting yours run free puts other animals in danger of being attacked by him.

Make Sure to Keep Kitty Indoors

Step 6: Get Them Outside!

Take your cat for walks on a leash if you don’t want them defecating on your lawn furniture. This will also keep him healthy and give him more exercise than just laying around the house all day! It’s not unusual for cats to become overweight, which is unhealthy for their joints. Cats indoors are even more at risk, since they’re less active and are not using their muscles.

Step 7: Try Cat Repellent Sprays.

Try cat repellent sprays

You can spray a few things on the areas where your kitty’s been doing his business that will keep cats away from your lawn furniture. They won’t harm the grass or plants! But be careful when choosing them since some cat repellent sprays can harm pets and people.

Tips and Suggestions:

1. Cats are territorial, make sure to litter box train your cats so they treat your garden as their litter box. Litter training will keep the kitty’s bathroom off your yard and save you money on cat litter! If you provide a litter box in the house then in the garden, this may help decrease the number of cats using your yard as a bathroom.

2. One way to keep cats from digging in your garden is to place chicken wire along the bottom of flowerbeds or whatever area you want to protect. Cats don’t like walking on the wire and will avoid it if they can, giving you time to shoo them away from your flowers.

3. Cats like to drink from fountains. Keep the water in your garden fountain fresh, and you might be able to dissuade them from drinking, thereby providing a water dish elsewhere. If they do not drink, this will convince them that your yard is not a good place to use as a litter box, and they will go elsewhere! Also, you can buy or make your own fountains.

4. An inexpensive solution for protecting plants is to use foil pie pans in the garden; cats don’t like walking on them and will avoid it if they can. You can also put marbles or pebbles into the pans to attract more attention too!

5. To keep cats from scratching your lawn furniture, place double-sided tape around the areas you want to protect. Cats don’t like walking on the adhesive and will avoid it if they can, giving you time to shoo them away from your plants.

Frequently Asked Question

How Can I Keep Cats Off My Lawn?

There are a few simple steps that you can take to keep cats off your lawn. First, ensure your fence is high enough to keep the cats out. Second, install a cat deterrent such as a motion-activated sprinkler system or a loud noisemaker. Finally, keep the yard tidy and clean so that the cats don’t feel comfortable exploring it.

What Will Repel Cats From Furniture?

You can do several things to keep your cats from climbing up on your furniture and making a mess. One of the most important things is installing a cat fence. This will help to keep your cats in the yard and away from your furniture. You can also try using deterrents like motion-sensing lights or bells. These will make your cats think twice about climbing up on your furniture. You can also keep some kind of food or toy out for your cats in the living room so that they have something to occupy their time and keep them from scratching or making a mess on your furniture.

What Is a Good Homemade Cat Repellent?

It can be difficult to keep your cat safe when you are away from home, so what can you do to ensure he or she is safe? One solution is to make a homemade cat repellent. This can be a simple mixture of water, essential oil, and a pinch of salt that you can place where your cat likes to hang out. Make sure to change the mixture regularly to keep it effective.

Another solution is to install a cat fence. This will keep your cat inside and out of trouble. Also, keep food and water inside the fence, so your cat doesn’t get tempted to wander. Finally, keep an eye on your cat at all times and ensure he or she is wearing a collar and tags. These simple measures will help keep your cat safe while away.

What Smell Do Cats Absolutely Hate?

Many people think that cats hate the smell of garlic, but this is not entirely accurate. In fact, cats actually have a strong dislike for the smell of onions and garlic. This is likely due to the presence of a chemical called allicin, which is responsible for the onion and garlic’s odor. Allicin is also found in other plants and foods that cats may eat, including those that humans eat, such as apples. So, if you are cooking with onions or garlic, be sure to avoid putting them near your cat.


If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution to the problem of how to keep cats off your lawn furniture, we recommend following the instructions mentioned in this blog post. One way to keep cats off your furniture is by getting a motion-activated sprinkler.

The sound of the water will deter them from coming near, and if they are already on it, then this should scare them away. 

This way, they can’t get comfortable with their claws in the cushions and enjoy themselves too much! We hope this article has helped you find some solutions for keeping pets off furniture without having to chase them away constantly. Let us know how these methods work out for you by leaving a comment below.

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