How to Keep Leather Car Seats Cool

Summertime is a great time to be driving in your car with the windows down and the sunroof open. However, one downside to hot weather is making leather car seats quite uncomfortable. In this blog post, we will share some tips on how to keep leather car seats cool during the summer.

Leather car seats can be a pleasure to sit in on hot days, but they can also get quite warm. If you’re one of the lucky drivers who have leather car seats, then you know that they can be a bit on the cool side in more ways than one. We’ll show you how to keep your leather seats from getting too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. Read on to know more!

How to Keep Leather Car Seats Cool

11 Effective Ways on How To Keep Leather Car Seats Cool

1. Leave Your Car Windows Slightly Opened Or Cracked:

Leaving your car windows cracked or open can help keep your leather seats cool. The sun will be able to shine in without actually getting near you or your leather seats, but make sure it’s not too windy so the fresh air doesn’t damage anything else in your car.

2. Use Seat Covers:

Seat covers can be a great way to keep your leather seats cool and to look fresh for years on end. Several types of seat covers are available, such as cooling towers or ice packs that fit right under the car’s seat cover without taking up too much space, so it’s not uncomfortable to sit on. There are also seat covers that come with ventilation holes to keep cool air flowing through the car.

3. Use Seat Coolers:

Using seat coolers is a great way to keep your leather seats cool. These devices sit underneath the chair and absorb heat, so they can help keep the chair at a comfortable temperature – without leaving your windows open or exposing the seats to direct sunlight.

Use Seat Coolers

4. Install Solar-Powered Fans:

Solar-powered fans are great for your car seats, especially on a hot summer day. Some solar-powered fans even help the driver stay cool by blowing air back at them while driving. These fans come in different shapes and sizes to fit any vehicle, but make sure you install them properly so they don’t fall.

5. Use Your Car AC:

Using the air conditioning in your car will help cool down your leather seats and keep them from heating up too much. Of course, you don’t want the AC on all the time, but it’s good to turn it on for a few minutes now and then to let it cool everything down before you need to drive again. This way, you won’t have to worry about your leather car seats getting too hot even though it’s summertime.

6. Park In The Shade:

Picking a shady spot to park your car can help keep your leather seats more relaxed. Of course, it won’t ensure that they stay cool every time you get in the car, but it’s better than parking under direct sunlight. This is especially true if you won’t be driving your car for long periods, such as grocery shopping.

7. Use A Cooler For Your Car Seat:

If you have leather seats in your car, you can help keep them cool by using a cooler for your car seat. This will help keep the upholstery from getting too hot and help maintain its smoothness.

8. Use Windshield Sun Shade Or Window Visor:

Even with your windows open or cracked, direct sunlight can still come in and heat the inside of your car. Using windshield sun shades or window visors can block some sun to avoid getting to your seats. This will be especially useful if you park under trees where leaves fall because they can act as an umbrella for your car from the sun.

9. Install Tinted Windows:

Installing tinted windows in your car can help keep heat out and make the inside of your car cooler. If you live somewhere where it gets hot throughout the year, this is something to consider when buying new windows for your vehicle. However, darker windows will make it harder for others to see inside your car, so keep that in mind before deciding what to do.

Installing Tinted Windows in Your Car

10. Throw Blankets Over Your Seats:

This might seem strange, but throwing blankets over your car seats can help keep them cool. They won’t do anything for heat that comes in through the windows or cracks, but they will help combat heat from being absorbed by direct sunlight. Of course, you’ll have to remove them when you need to get out of the car, but throwing them in the trunk can do wonders.

11. Clean Your Leather Seats:

Cleaning your leather seats will help keep them looking and feeling cool in the summer, or hot in the winter, depending on what you want. You can have them professionally cleaned so they look clean and new without any stains or cracks. Or, if you’d rather not spend the money to get them cleaned, there are sprays and other products you can use to keep them looking and feeling their best.

Some Tips to Keep Your Leather Car Seats Cool

Here are some tips and suggestions on how to keep leather car seats cool.

1. Place a large plastic bag filled with ice underneath the front seats.

2. Place several fans in the car to circulate the air around your body and face, not just at your back.

3. Keep all windows up for as long as possible until you must open one window to let some heat out.

4. Add ice cubes to any cup holder that will hold them.

5. Put a wet cloth underneath your rear end for maximum relief.

6. Don’t use the floor AC vents to keep cool; instead, use the dashboard AC vents closer to your face and head.

7. Use sun-shields on your side windows, don’t leave them flipped up.

8. During the nighttime, keep your AC on to keep cool and cover the seats with blankets or a thick cloth.

How to Care for Leather Car Seats?

Keeping your car’s leather seats cool in the summer months is a good way to help protect their appearance and maintain high resale value. Leather seats are a great choice, particularly in hot climates, but they’re expensive and need special care. Here’s how to avoid some common problems and use a few simple maintenance tips to keep the leather seats in your car looking great.

Step 1: Clean and Condition Them Regularly. 

Leather requires both cleaning and conditioning because it is porous, allowing dirt and sweat to soak into the material while drying out quickly. In addition, conditioning helps rehydrate the leather and reduces cracking. The best way to clean leather seats is with water mixed with a mild soap or detergent using a soft-bristled brush.

Step 2: Use Seat Covers.

If you don’t want to clean and condition your leather car seats regularly, at least consider using seat covers to protect them from major damage. You can choose any seat cover, but the best ones are made of breathable fabric such as cotton or mesh, which provides some protection without trapping heat inside like a more impermeable material.

Using Seat Covers to Protect

Step 3: Get Seat Covers with Cooling Technology.

At the high end, there are seat covers that come with a special cooling technology that helps maintain a comfortable temperature in your car and reduce sweatiness on hot days. These seat covers incorporate built-in fans or unique materials such as bamboo charcoal to keep you cool while driving on hot days.

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What Should I Do if My Leather Car Seats Get Too Hot During the Summer?

There are several ways to keep leather car seats cool. Unfortunately, there is no magic solution, but you can try a few things. To protect your skin from intense temperatures, read these tips on how to keep leather car seats cool this summer. One of the simplest ways to protect your leather car seats is by placing a towel between you and the seat.

Don’t forget that you should still wear sunscreen. Cover your entire seat with a light sheet or blanket if this method proves inefficient. You can use an old bed sheet or even buy one for this specific purpose. If you need more protection, you can invest in an acrylic cover that goes over your entire seat.

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To keep your leather car seats looking and feeling as good as new, you will have to clean them regularly. You can use a damp cloth or sponge with mild soap or detergent mixed in warm water. Wipe the seat from top to bottom before rinsing off any soap residue on the surface with clear water.

Use a dry towel to absorb excess moisture, then buff until completely dry for best results! We hope this blog post on how to keep leather car seats cool has been helpful for you! If you follow these steps every few weeks, your vehicle’s upholstery should stay relaxed and comfortable all summer long without getting too hot underfoot due to perspiration stains.

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