How to Keep Pizza Warm Without an Oven

Pizza is a favorite food at parties and get-togethers. However, if you don’t have an oven or microwave, it can go cold quickly. So, if you’re looking for a way on how to keep pizza warm without an oven, then this article is perfect for you!

It provides tips and tricks on how to do just that. Pizza is great when freshly made, but it can get cold quickly, especially if there’s not enough time before the party starts. This article will show you how to keep your pizza hot and fresh until the last slice has been eaten!

How to Keep Pizza Warm Without an Oven

10 Methods on How to Keep Pizza Warm Without an Oven

1. Microwave Method:

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to keep your pizza warm without an oven, try using paper towels. Simply cover your pizza slices between two plates and microwave for 30 seconds when you’re ready to eat. Keep in mind that this method may result in dried-out leftovers.

2. Wrap It Up:

Wrap your leftover pizza in aluminum foil, paper, or microwavable plastic wrap, and then heat it for about two minutes. Keep the leftover pizza as flat as possible; this method works best if you’re trying to keep the crust from drying out.

3. Warm Oven:

If your oven heats unevenly, place the pizza directly on the oven rack and leave it in for about five minutes. You may need to flip it over because microwaving will make the bottom side crispy, while heating from beneath will make it soft.

4. Grill Method:

Grilling your leftover pizza is a great way to bring back that crunchy crust that’s lost when you microwave. Preheat your outdoor grill or indoor broiler to about 400 degrees Fahrenheit and let the pizza sit directly on the grate for about five minutes.

5. Electric Grill Method:

An electric grill works well for reheating pizza because you can choose a temperature setting and leave it there until your pie is toasty warm again. Electric grills are also great for heating sandwiches or paninis.

6. Pizza Box Oven Method:

Don’t discard that old-fashioned metal box that came with your last delivery. While you may not want to cook a whole pizza in there, it can keep individual slices of cold pizza warm and crispy until everyone is ready to eat. Of course, if the first person who wants to eat grabs a slice and sits down, the pie will quickly go from hot to lukewarm as those waiting patiently for their turn at the pie.

7. Toaster Oven Method:

Using toaster oven to keep pizza warm

Toaster ovens are great for keeping pizza warm because they tend to be larger than standard microwaves, giving you more room to spread out your slices of leftover pizza. If the door doesn’t open all the way, place aluminum foil on top of it to reflect some of the heat onto your pizza. If your pizza is soggy from microwaving,

lay it across a piece of aluminum foil and cook at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for five minutes or so. This method will also work with a regular oven if you have a convection setting.

8. Dutch Oven Method:

If you don’t mind making a bit of a mess, try cooking your leftover pizza in a cast-iron Dutch oven. You can find pre-seasoned Dutch ovens or season them yourself and bake them the same way you would in an oven.

9. Electric Skillet Method:

An electric skillet is great for reheating anything from leftover pizza to French fries. Be aware, though, that the bottom of an electric skillet will be much hotter than the rest of it, so you’ll either need to use a fork or spatula to flip your pizza over or carefully slide it onto part of the pan with less heat.

To protect your hands before flipping your pizza, you can also place aluminum foil on the electric skillet and use that to help get more leverage on your pizza.

10. Pizza Stone Method:

The tried-and-true method for keeping a crust crispy, a pizza stone is great at keeping a leftover slice of pizza warm without drying it out or overcooking it. First, preheat your oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, place your stone inside, and let it sit for 20 minutes. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit if the leftover pizza is cold for 10 minutes before placing the pizza on the stone.

Some Tips and Suggestions:

1. Pizza stones and plates warm up nicely in a preheated oven before going on top of it.

2. You can place a pan filled with hot water under the pizza to help distribute heat evenly. However, don’t put it directly on the pan, as you don’t want to risk water seeping into the dough or other parts of the pizza.

3. If you have a pan lid, place it over the pizza to help trap heat and moisture so that your pie doesn’t dry out or get too cold.

4. Another alternative is to use a clean kitchen towel under the pan to prevent excess water from seeping into your pizza.

5. Don’t store your pizza in the pan. This will lead to soggy crusts and mushy toppings. Instead, let it sit on a wire rack for a few minutes before removing the pan so that excess moisture can drip off.

6. If you take your pie to go, place it inside an insulated container or wrap it loosely in aluminum foil before packing it in your bag.

7. If you don’t have any plates or pans to spare, you can fashion a makeshift pan out of aluminum foil. Just fold over the edges and ensure they are tightly secured, so no water seeps through.

8. Keep in mind that not all types of pizza taste best when reheated. This is particularly true for those with meat and vegetable toppings. If you prefer to reheat your pie, put a paper towel between the pizza and aluminum foil so that it doesn’t dry out, and use a low oven temperature (around 300 degrees Fahrenheit or 150 Celsius).

Can I Put a Pizza Box in the Oven to Keep It Warm?

Put a Pizza Box in the Oven to Keep It Warm

Yes, you can put a pizza box in the oven to keep your leftover pizza warm. The heat from the oven heats the inside of the pizza box itself, transferring that heat to your cold slice of greasy goodness.

So first you want to preheat your oven as high as possible, usually between 400-500 degrees. Then, while the oven is heating up, take your pizza out of its box and put it on a plate.

Taking off the box allows more heat to get into the pizza itself, rather than just the crust underneath. Next, place your slice(s) in the oven for around two minutes or until they start to become hot.

After heating in the oven, you want to store your pizza in a Tupperware container or any other type of sealable plastic so it can retain its heat. Some people suggest using aluminum foil, too, but I don’t like the taste of storing food in aluminum foil.


One of the best ways to keep pizza warm without an oven is by placing it on top of a metal pan filled with ice. Next, place another metal pan or cookie sheet over this one, and then put your pizza on top. Thanks to the insulation, the air space between each pan will help maintain heat inside the food while keeping outside temperatures out.

If you do not need a stove-free way to reheat your meal, other methods can work as well, such as using a microwave if you have one available or putting the pie into a cooler full of hot water for 15 minutes at 170 degrees Fahrenheit. We hope this blog post on how to keep pizza warm without an oven has been helpful to you. If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section below!

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