How to Keep Rug Corners Down on Carpet

The corners of carpets are often the most prone to curling, and the best way to keep them down is by using a rug pad. The rug pad prevents your carpet from bunching up at the edges and makes it look neater. These blog posts will cover how to keep rug corners down on the carpet.

how to keep rug corners down on carpet

However, there are some things you should know about these pads before buying one. Rugs are not always more comfortable to lie on, particularly if they’re thinner. Rugs can be made from different materials. They also come in many thicknesses.

You need a thick enough rug for your carpet, and there are many types of rug pads. Some people avoid using rug pads because they think it will create. Read on to know more information.

10 Steps to Follow: How to Keep Rug Corners Down on Carpet

Step 1:

Push and pull the rug in the opposite direction of the corner.

To keep the corner of the carpet down, first, place your hand on one side near the corner for leverage. Then, push and pull the other side away from it.

Step 2:

Set something heavy on top of the rug corners.

Pots, buckets, or anything else that is heavy enough can be used to hold a corner of a rug down flat on the floor so it doesn’t curl up again. If you do not have any heavy items nearby, try placing heavy books on top of each corner.

Step 3:

Tape the corners down with double-sided tape.

This type of adhesive is easily found in hardware stores and can be purchased for a low price. It will work to keep your carpet rug down for as long as you need it to, making it more convenient than other types of tape.

Step 4:

Loop Velcro and Apply  It to One Corner of a Rug

Use car Velcro to keep corners from curling up.

Cut a small strip of hook and loop Velcro and apply it to one corner of a rug. Then, take another small piece and affix it to the other side so that they will stick together when pressed against each other. This will work on most carpets; you can remove it just as easily when it’s time to replace the carpet.

Step 5:

Use a rug gripper to make sure corners don’t curl up again.

This is an especially helpful technique for rugs placed on hardwood floors because it will keep the carpet in place and keep it from curling back up. The carpet’s grip will also help keep things like furniture legs from sliding around and scratching your floors.

Step 6:

Take a staple gun and shoot staples into the corners

You can do this by kneeling on the floor with one knee raised to hold down the corner while you use your other hand to line up the staple gun and shoot long staples through it into your floor. These staples will sit flush against the floor, so you will not have to worry about them coming out and making holes.

Step 7:

Make a hem in the rug corners.

To keep your carpet corners from curling up, start by unzipping the bottom edge of the carpet. Then, fold the carpet under itself and sew along the edge with strong thread. Repeat this process on all four corners of the carpet.

Step 8:

Use weighted corners curling up.

Some weighted corners are sold by companies specially made to keep rugs down and prevent them from curling up at their edges. All you need do is buy a set online or search for them at a store and affix them to your carpet. They will keep all four of the corners flat so that it doesn’t curl up again.

Step 9:

Unstaple a wrinkled rug corner with a water

This method should only be used on non-organic rugs, as heat may damage certain kinds of fibers. Grab a spray bottle and fill it with warm water. Spraying one corner should cause the rug to shrink back enough that you can take out the staples or any other items holding it down. Then, reverse your previous method to keep the corners flat on the floor.

Step 10:

Use a lint roller to keep carpet corners steamer.

Steam can help soften tough carpet fibers so that they may be pressed again in the opposite direction without tearing or damaging them. Fill a steamer with water and hold it several inches above the wrinkled corner of your carpet while you push down on it repeatedly until the wrinkles are gone. Be careful not to steam it for too long, or you may damage the rug fibers.

Safety Measures and Precautions:

You Can Check It Out to Make High Traffic Carpet Look New

Could Lead to Mold Growth  Beneath Your Rug
  1. Do not attempt to use a steamer or iron to steam your carpet. You could burn the rug and damage or melt the adhesive securing it to the floor.
  2. If you choose to use wax, such as Vaseline, on the corner of your rug, Never apply it directly to the rug’s fringes. It will damage and discolor the fibers.
  3. Do not use rubber bands, paper clips, staples, or nails to secure your rug corners. Though they may seem like quick and easy solutions to keep your rug in place, these materials will damage your rug’s delicate fibers over time.
  4. Using large amounts of glue or adhesive near the edges or corner tassels will damage your rug over time. Also, be careful not to saturate the fibers during the application, as this could lead to mold growth beneath your rug.
  5. Never drag your Oriental rug over a surface that may cause it to slide off the carpet pad. This can damage the back of your rug.
  6. Never place a heavy piece of furniture directly on your Oriental Rug without a carpet pad underneath to protect it from damage, discoloration, and soiling.
  7. Keep pets off your new rug until you have cut the adhesive tape or glue, holding it in place at the corners and edges so they don’t damage it.


When you’re finished vacuuming, use a rug buffer to get rid of any remaining dirt. For corners that are too difficult for the vacuum cleaner to reach, try using a corner brush on your vacuum or purchase an attachment specifically designed for this purpose.

If these approaches don’t work and the carpet is new enough that it’s not yet rooted into the flooring below it, consider hiring professional cleaners who can easily handle tricky situations like these. We hope this blog post on how to keep rug corners down on carpet has been helpful. If you have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to comment below!

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