How to Levitate a Pencil

If you are looking for something to entertain the kids, then I have got a cool magnetic trick for you. Have you ever tried out the levitate pencil trick? It is cool magic that’s going to amaze your viewers. Generally, it is a trick of magnets, where they create a floating like an illusion in front of the audience.

how to levitate a pencil

This trick is also essential when you want to explain to your students how does magnet actually work. In both cases, you need to first learn how to levitate a pencil. So, if you have set up your mind and really willing to learn the process, I am gonna show you the exact ways right in this article. Let’s dive in!

How to Levitate a Pencil

Step 1

First of all, take a base of Styrofoam and draw a straight layout holding your ruler on it. Then mark the equidistant point from both ends.

Step 2

Take another piece of Styrofoam and apply double-sided tape for attaching it on the base. Now, peel off the upper layer of the tape and attach it on the base. Remember, these pieces are needed to have the same measurement as the ruler, and you have to put them horizontally on the base. Take another piece of Styrofoam of the same measurement and place it on the base with double-sided tape. Make sure to keep some gap between both Styrofoam.

Step 3

Now, take two ring magnets and place it on the first Styrofoam piece. The magnets should be placed on their sided part. After that, take another two magnets and place them on the first piece again by following the distance that you have drawn earlier. Do the same for the other piece of Styrofoam.

Take Two Ring Magnets and Place  It on the First Styrofoam Piece

Step 4

Next, take half of the popsicle as a context and double dip the part of the pencil, whereas the magnets have to be placed. The magnet that you are going to put on the pencil should repel the base magnets. Now, insert the magnet in the pencil such that it isn’t facing the base magnets.

Step 5

Similarly, double dip the front part. The front ring magnet should attract the front base magnets. Inset the ring magnet in such a manner that it is slightly back than the base magnets. Now, leave the pencil over the magnet. You will now notice the pencil is floating over the pencil. That’s it; the levitating pencil is ready to use. You rotate the pencil a little bit to make it look more interesting.

Hopefully, you have understood the entire process. But if you are still confused and got stuck at some point, let me know through the comment section below.

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