How to Paint Blonde Hair Acrylic


Hair color is a personal, defining element of one’s appearance. It can also be an expression of individualism and self-expression. For all these reasons, it should only be done by someone who knows what they are doing.

That’s why this article aims to teach you how to paint blonde hair acrylic alone, without needing help. So let us get started.

How to Paint Blonde Hair Acrylic

Guide on How to Paint Blonde Hair Acrylic:

Hair is usually brown or black because melanin colors the hair to dark shades. Blonde hair occurs naturally in people with less pigmentation in their hair, so there are no other colors mixed up with the yellow pigment, which colors blonde hair.

Blonde hair can also occur due to chemical processes like bleaching, which removes darker stains from the hair. There are many different types of blonde, ranging from strawberry blond, ash-blond, golden blond, etc. The first step is to choose your shade before you start painting your model’s head.

Remember that these steps are guidelines for teaching beginners or younger children who may not yet be familiar with how acrylic paint works. It’s important to remember that most brands are not created equal. Used correctly, one brand of paint may produce drastically different results compared to another.*

Step 1: Gather all of your materials together before you begin painting.

The items needed are as follows:

  • Gold
  • Acrylic Paint – tone down with white if necessary
  • Clear Nail Polish/Top Coat
  • Paint Brushes
  • Paper Towel(s) and an Exacto Knife for a clean-up (optional).

Step 2: Fill a plastic cup halfway with clear nail polish.

The paint should be the same consistency as skim milk. If it’s too watery, add more nail polish to make it thicker. If it’s too viscous, add a few drops of distilled water or acrylic paint to make it thinner. The paint should be able to glide on easily without clumping up.

Step 3: Two coats of nail polish mixture must be applied over the blonde hair.

With this design, Three different hair colors are used; base, highlight, and shadow. Base Coat – Paint on hair that is closest to the dark or original tone. Highlight – Apply on top of the base coat in certain areas where more light is expected (i.e roots).

Shadow – Apply on top of the highlight where there’s less light (i.e., tips). Allow each coat to dry completely before moving on to the next step, or else you’ll risk ruining your work by applying too much at once, making everything runny!

Step 4: Dip your paintbrush into the acrylic mixture and paint on the blonde hair.

Start with a base coat, then move onto highlight, finishing off with shadow. When adding highlights to dark hair like this, try not to make it too bright, or else it will look orange instead of blonde!

Step 5: Seal the paint by applying two coats of precise nail polish mixture over the entire head.

Sealing in color prevents the acrylics from rubbing off quickly when dry, making clean-up much more manageable! Let them sit for about 10 minutes before touching anything if you want them even more durable!

Step 6: The final step is simply applying a top coat to protect all that hard work!

Make sure it’s scorched before doing anything!

Precautions While Painting Blonde Hair Acrylic:

Precautions While Painting Blonde Hair Acrylic

1. Do not apply the paint onto your skin because it causes discomfort and redness.

2. When you are painting blonde hair acrylic, put old newspaper on the floor to avoid getting paint here & there.

3. Wear old clothes while doing this activity as they can change into yellow if any paint is dropped on them.

4. Always shake the bottle before using the color so that the color settles down properly. Lumps may form in between, which is very annoying, so please remember this tip when applying colors for painting blonde hair acrylic. Also, keep the bottles closed tightly after each use so that one does not carry out unnecessary waste of material consumed during artwork sessions at the childhood level!

5 . After completing the activity, do not forget to clean the brushes.

Is Acrylic Paint Harmful to Blonde Hair?

The simple answer is yes. Acrylic paint can be very damaging to hair, whether it’s blonde hair or not. To understand how acrylic damages hair, you must understand what happens when acrylic paint sits on the surface of your hair for extended periods.

To begin with, many people won’t realize that their blonde hair has turned green until after they’ve left the salon or after they admire themselves in a mirror at school or work one day.

Why? The reason is that the damage begins from underneath and works its way outwards toward the tips of your hair strand (similar to using an eraser on pencil markings). This damage typically occurs before any discoloration becomes visible.

Once it becomes visible, however, you will know it reasonably soon as your blonde hair gradually takes on a greenish hue.

This happens because the chemical properties of acrylic paint are very similar to those of plastic. If you look at the ingredients list on almost any bottle of acrylic paint, you’ll find listed plastic resin or plastic polymer.

While this acts as a binding agent for all the other components in the mixture, it also acts as a “glue” to your hair strands and can cause irreparable damage over time if left untreated. The good news is that it’s easy to treat at home with everyday household items such as dish soap, shampoo, and warm water.

Is Acrylic Paint Harmful to Blonde Hair

Which Paint is A Good Alternative to Acrylic Paint for Blonde Hair?

You can use just about any type of paint for hair. However, acrylic paint is the best choice if you are looking for an accurate color representation of your model’s hair without spending too much on high-quality paints. This is because it has an opaque quality that allows light to reflect on each strand while giving it depth and tone.

Artists choose different acrylic brands based on their preference in texture, opacity, smoothness, color intensity, drying speed, and consistency. Depending on what you are painting or who you are painting for (child or adult), some may work better than others.


I hope you have obtained all the necessary information on how to paint blonde hair acrylic. Thank you, and have a nice day!

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