How to Make a Knight Helmet Out of Tin Foil

Did you know that a knight helmet is just two pieces of tin foil? You can make this excellent craft with the help of these instructions. All you need to do is grab some tin foil, shape it into a cone, and cut slits in the sides for your eyes. This article will show you how to make a knight helmet out of tin foil.  

The steps are easy, and the materials are inexpensive. You’ll also need some tape, scissors, and glue. From start to finish, this project should take an hour or less! Then all you have to do is fold over the top piece to cover your eyes, and then tape or glue it in place on either side. Read on to know more information about making a knight helmet.

How to Make a Knight Helmet Out of Tin Foil

Can You Make a Knight Helmet Out of Tin Foil?

Yes, You Can! A knight helmet is a classic and ornate symbol of the middle ages. Although many knights wore metal helmets, you can make one out of foil. It is not difficult to do and will look good on display over your fireplace or decorating your mantle during Halloween. So get some tin foil and get started.

What You Will Need?

  • Two sheets of tin foil
  • A piece of string or a rubber band
  • Scissors
  • Stapler or tape
  • Pliers and wire cutters
  • Paper towels for polishing if desired

Instructions: How to Make a Knight Helmet Out of Tin Foil

 secure it with string or a rubber band.

Step 1: Get the Right Size for Your Helmet.

You will need to use your head as a guide for the size and shape of your helmet. The first thing you should do is make a pattern out of paper, poster board, or another stiff material. Next, measure around your head above your eyebrows and place the design on top of that line.

Cut out two circles from a piece of paper, and position them on either side of the pattern. Cut out the design, and test its fit by placing it on your head. If it is too loose, add another layer of paper. If it is too tight, take a piece of material off. You can also use a circle template to ensure even sizing.

Step 2: Shape the Foil.

Next, you will have to shape your tin foil into a cone. The front of the helmet, it should be flat and more expansive than your circle because it is cone-shaped, tapering to a peak at the top. The back should match the size of your circle exactly. If you have trouble with this, trace your circle on some aluminum foil and cut it out. You can also use plastic wrap if you do not have any foil available.

Step 3: Secure the Foil Together.

You can make a helmet out of tin foil to protect your head. First, make sure the helmet looks the way you want it to. Then, use tape or a stapler to secure the two pieces of foil together. The helmet should have a slight curve, but if you want it to be a more exact shape, you can wrap the foil around a large book. Finally, secure it with string or a rubber band.

Step 4: Make the Chin Strap.

In order to make a chin strap for your tin foil helmet, you will need to cut out a piece of string that is about twelve inches long. Once you have done this, tie one end of the string around the middle of your tin foil helmet where you want your chin strap to be sewn on. Secure it with tape or a staple. After that, take the other end of the string and wrap it around your chin to test out how tight you want the chin strap to be. Once you have done that, mark where you will sew it on with a pen or marker.

Step 5: Smooth Edges of Foil.

You should rub the edges of your aluminum foil helmet until they are sharp and clean. You can also smooth out any dents, creases, or marks on the surface of your helmet. If you want, you can use a crumpled-up paper towel wrapped in aluminum foil to make indentations on the surface of your helmet.

Step 6: Add Decorations to Helmet.

You can use sharpies or other permanent markers to decorate the surface of your tinfoil hat any way you like. This is an excellent opportunity for children to make unique designs and patterns if they create this as a costume piece with their friends! Once you are done, finish it off by polishing the helmet with paper towels or cloth until it shines.

Step 7: Decide How You Want to Wear It.

Make sure that you wear your tinfoil helmet correctly! If you wear it like a crown on top of your head, you might hurt yourself if you fall over. The best way to wear your helmet is over your forehead with the point in the middle of your head.

Step 8: Show off Your Handiwork!

Now you are ready to show off your homemade tinfoil hat! Wear it around the house or incorporate it into a costume for Halloween. The best part is that if you accidentally get it dirty, you can wipe it clean and start over again. You can also decorate your helmet with markers or other small pieces of fabric to make a more detailed design.

Tips to Make Your Tin Foil Knight Helmet Realistic:

Tips to Make Your Tin Foil Knight Helmet Realistic

1. Paint your helmet with silver spray paint. Make sure you have an even thick coat before moving on to the next step.

2. Outline different areas of the helmet in the black marker for details separating each section. You can also fill some sections in if you’d like, but it isn’t necessary unless you want realism.

3. Outline some sections of the helmet in a silver sharpie for added detail.

4. Go back and fill in any black parts you may have missed with a black marker.

5. Take a sheet of aluminum foil and carefully cut out holes for your eyes, mouth, and front visor area if your helmet has one. Use a thin sharpie to color the places you have cut out black for added realism.

6. Finally, attach your visor if you have one using some silver duct tape, fold it over to cover the front of the helmet, and there you have it! You now have a realistic-looking tin foil knight helmet.


To make a knight helmet out of tin foil, you will need to start by measuring the size and shape of your head. Once you have this information, cut two sheets of aluminum foil in half so that they are both approximately 6 inches wide.

Next, fold one sheet over onto itself long ways until it is about 3-inches tall, then use scissors or a Xacto knife to trim off any excess material that might be sticking up around the edges.

Next, take the other piece of foil and fold it in thirds vertically so that when laid flat on top of itself, there aren’t any creases or folds visible along its lengthwise axis. Then place both pieces together at their folded ends, and trim the ends to flush with each other.

Next, hold the cut pieces together along their loose open edges, then fold them back on themselves to form a closed tube. We hope you now have a clear idea of how to make a knight helmet out of tin foil. Now go and enjoy your creation!

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